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Leading Free Speech Groups File Brief Blasting Texas' Age Verification and Mandatory Labeling Law

Several leading free-speech groups, led by the ACLU, urged the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit on Thursday to block the Texas age verification law that requires adult websites to post anti-porn propaganda, contending that this violates the First Amendment.

EFF Podcast Explores How 'Safer Sex Work Makes a Safer Internet'

Electronic Frontier Foundation today released a new episode of its podcast “How to Fix the Internet,” titled “Safer Sex Work Makes a Safer Internet” and devoted to sex worker rights online.

Leading Digital Rights Group Urges Action Against EARN IT Act

Leading digital rights organization Electronic Frontier Foundation has issued a statement urging immediate action to defeat the revived EARN IT Act, which privacy and sex workers' rights advocates have unanimously identified as a serious censorship threat.

Future Internet Simulation Shows Dystopian Outcome for Porn

A new initiative by Archive.org — in partnership with many leading digital rights organizations — is sounding the alarm about creeping censorship by projecting a dystopian 2046 version of the internet, including severely restricted access to adult material.

Woodhull, EFF Issue Call to Action Against Apple iPhone Surveillance

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is organizing an action to convince Apple to reconsider incorporating a new surveillance technology into all its products, supposedly in the name of “child safety,” which will scan users’ photos and messages.

EFF Warns Against Giving Credit Cards 'Censorship Power'

Prominent digital rights advocacy group the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) published an editorial yesterday warning about the censorship power of credit card companies, after Visa and Mastercard cut off Pornhub from their payment networks.

Digital Rights Group Warns Against New 'Small Claims Copyright Court'

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), the digital rights group which closely monitors changes in legislation regarding freedom of speech and expression online, has called the Copyright Alternative in Small-Claims Enforcement Act (CASE Act) making its way through congress “disastrous” and has asked for people to continue lobbying against it.

EFF Wins Final Victory Over Podcasting Patent

Podcasters can now continue to engage in their work without legal threat from a Texas company that said it owned patent rights for the process technology.

FCC to Vote on Repeal of Net Neutrality; EFF Issues Call to Action

The Electronic Frontier Foundation today issued a call for action, urging internet users to tell lawmakers that a draft order to make changes to net neutrality rules is a critical threat for those seeking a free and open web.

High Court Ends Texas' Grip on Patent Infringement Cases

In a ruling that deals a giant blow to patent trolls, the U.S. Supreme Court today ruled that a company’s site of incorporation determines its residency for the purposes of being sued.

EFF Has 'Serious Concern' Over U.K. Age-Verification Proposal

The Electronic Frontier Foundation, troubled over a proposal to install a new regime in the U.K. to restrict access to sexually explicit material, said that a portion of the Digital Economy Bill introduced this week gives the organization “serious concern.”

EFF Seeks Rehearing in Takedown Notification Case

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has been asked to revisit the “dancing baby” case by the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

EFF Calls Haptic Toy Patent ‘Ridiculously Broad’

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has weighed in on the patent infringement suit against six haptic toy makers, and they’ve surmised that the intellectual property claimed by TZU Technologies LLC deserves to be called “stupid” and that the holder’s patent is “ridiculously broad.”

EFF Updates 'Know Your Rights Guide' on Searches, Seizures

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has updated its "Know Your Rights Guide," an online source that clarifies legal rights when law enforcement try to search data stored on your computer, mobile phone or other electronic device.

EFF Takes on Net Neutrality's Critics in Comments to FCC

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has reiterated to the FCC that it must reclassify broadband as a "common carrier" service so that ISPs face the same regulations as telephone service, allowing fair and equal access.

Woodhull, EFF Denounce MyRedBook, SFRedBook Seizures

This week's FBI seizures of MyRedbook.com and SFRedbook.com have created a dangerous precedent that could eventually impair the safe operations of all websites that include objectionable content, according to the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance.

ACLU, EFF File Amicus Brief in FSC's Appeal of 2257 Case

In an amicus brief filed Monday, the ACLU and the Electronic Frontier Foundation sided with the Free Speech Coalition and other co-plaintiffs, asking the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeal to reverse a lower court ruling finding the federal record-keeping statutes for adult producers constitutional.

Appeals Court to Hear Porn Piracy Case on Monday

The Electronic Frontier Foundation will ask a federal appeals court on Monday to prevent AF Holdings from obtaining the identities of more than 1,000 users who may have downloaded a copyrighted adult film via bit torrent.

Corbin Fisher Files Motion to Oppose EFF Filing in Piracy Case

Corbin Fisher this morning filed court papers opposing the Electronic Frontier Foundation's motion to act as a friend of the court in support of a pair of defendants sued for allegedly trading porn online.

EFF Blasted for Move Into Gay Porn Piracy Suit

EFF's amicus brief in the "Corbin Fisher's Down on the Farm" porn BitTorrent case is one in a number of moves by the 22-year-old organization that has made adult industry attorneys scratching their foreheads.