EFF Updates 'Know Your Rights Guide' on Searches, Seizures

SAN FRANCISCO — The Electronic Frontier Foundation has updated its "Know Your Rights Guide," an online source that clarifies legal rights when law enforcement try to search data stored on your computer, mobile phone or other electronic device.

With the guide, the EFF offers a primer on how searches and seizures work in the real world, and what you should do if law enforcement officers show up at your door and want to search your computer.

The guide is up to date as of October and includes useful case citations relative to the law of the land and the 4th Amendment.

"While the Constitution stays the same, there are constantly new court opinions interpreting the law in light of new technologies," EFF staff attorneys say. "Since we first published a 'Know Your Rights' whitepaper in 2011, state and federal courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court, have issued key opinions that affect rights around search and seizure."