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ATVOD Report Reveals Continued Focus on Foreign Porn Sites

ATVOD today released its annual report for 2013-14, detailing actions taken against those U.K. porn websites that violated Rule 11 and explaining its stance that the payments industry should prevent transactions with offending foreign sites.

ATVOD Freezes Fees, Plans More Resources for Probes

ATVOD today said it has frozen fees for video-on-demand providers though March 2015. The U.K. regulator, in a statement on its website, also said that it plans on "devoting more resources to investigating potential breaches of statutory rules."

ATVOD: 29 U.K. Porn Sites Violated Rule 11

ATVOD, the authority that regulates video-on-demand in the U.K., said today that 29 adult websites were found to have violated Rule 11, a statute that requires operators make sure those under 18 can't access hardcore porn.

Economist, Media Policy Expert Joins ATVOD's Board

ATVOD today announced that it has appointed Robin Foster as an independent board member and director.

ATVOD: Femdom BDSM Site Violated Rule 11

ATVOD has disclosed that the operator of femdom BDSM site Urban Chick Supremacy Cell ( was determined to have violated Rule 11, a statute that requires website operators make sure those under 18 can't access hardcore porn.

ATVOD Proposes to License Adult Sites for Age Verification

Under a new ATVOD proposal, U.K. processors would be forbidden to handle credit and debit card fees for premium services from U.K. citizens to sites that aren’t registered and licensed.

U.K.'s Backlash Hosts 'Moral Panic Film Club' on Feb. 7

U.K. sexual expression resource group Backlash is hosting the "Moral Panic Film Club" on Feb. 7 to raise funds for the "increasing amount of court cases" that the organization has been asked to assist with.

ATVOD Picks Board Member for Seat Once Held by Adult Biz Rep

ATVOD has found a replacement to fill an empty seat on its board previously held by an adult entertainment industry representative. TV veteran Alexander Kann will take over for Chris Ratcliff of Television X.

FSC, ASACP Release Report at ATVOD Conference

The Free Speech Coalition and ASACP released a report, titled "Protecting Children in the Digital Age," prior to today's ATVOD conference, which drew about a dozen speakers discussing possible regulatory enforcement affecting domestic and foreign porn sites.

ASACP Joins ATVOD for 'Adults Only' Policy Conference

The ASACP has announced that its Director of European Outreach, Vince Charlton, is participating in a session hosted by ATVOD and the CCLS in London tomorrow.

Sex & Censorship: Anomalies With ATVOD Speaker Lineup

Jerry Barnett, who leads, the U.K.-based free speech and sexual freedom group, says that anomalies in an upcoming ATVOD conference lineup have led to questions as to whether the event is about child protection or Internet censorship.

U.K. Regulators Order Porn Site Closed

ATVOD for the first time has used its powers to suspend an online adult website — — under the U.K.’s Communications Act.

ATVOD Slates 'For Adults Only?' Conference

The Free Speech Coalition's Diane Duke and ASACP's Vince Charlton are among speakers scheduled to attend an ATVOD-hosted conference on online child protection in December.

ATVOD Begins Talks With U.K. Processors Over Foreign Porn Sites

The top U.K. processors on Monday said that last week's summit hosted by U.K. video-on-demand regulator ATVOD provided a "starting point" discussion on a plan that could effectively block revenue generated by foreign hardcore porn sites.

Video: Q&A With ATVOD’s Pete Johnson at XBIZ EU

Video footage of an interview with ATVOD’s Pete Johnson at XBIZ EU is now available on YouTube.

ATVOD to Hold Informational Seminar

U.K. video-on-demand regulator ATVOD is holding a seminar targeted for small businesses titled “What you need to know about video-on-demand regulations” that will combine presentations from senior ATVOD staff with Q&A sessions.

10 Additional U.K.-based Porn Sites Broke Rules, ATVOD Says

Ten additional adult websites have been determined to have breached rules requiring age-verification, U.K. video-on-demand regulator ATVOD said.

ATVOD Board’s Only ‘Adult’ Representative Leaving Position

Chris Ratcliff, the programming director for Portland Broadcasting Ltd., operator of the U.K.’s Television X, next week will be leaving ATVOD's board after serving an 18-month term.

ATVOD Slates Summit With Credit Card Companies

A summit between financial institutions and video-on-demand regulator ATVOD reportedly will take place next month in an effort to hammer out an agreement that could effectively put a crimp on revenue generated by foreign hardcore porn sites.

ATVOD Seeks Comment on Revised Guidelines

ATVOD, the U.K.'s video-on-demand regulator, is seeking responses from the public on a proposal to adopt revised regulatory guidelines to determine whether a service falls under its jurisdiction.