Video: Q&A With ATVOD’s Pete Johnson at XBIZ EU

LONDON — Video footage of an interview with ATVOD’s Pete Johnson at XBIZ EU is now available on YouTube.

XBIZ’s Don Parret queried the CEO of U.K. regulatory agency ATVOD before a standing-room-only crowd last week at the annual London convention. 

Parret asked questions to Johnson on all aspects of the three-year-old authority that to date has made about 40 determinations against U.K. online adult distributors. Claims include breaches in Rule 11.

Rule 11 makes it mandatory that age-verification checks, using credit and debit cards, are employed by sites that operate in the U.K. The regulatory imposes massive fines for noncompliance, as well as fines for not registering video-on-demand websites, as well as TV, and not paying required fees.

Parret also asked Johnson to clarify ATVOD’s stance on foreign porn sites. The regulatory agency is exploring using its jurisdiction to enforce age verification on foreign websites by lobbying members of the U.K. Credit Association to come up with a voluntary plan. ATVOD will next meet with the association next week.