U.K.'s Backlash Hosts 'Moral Panic Film Club' on Feb. 7

LONDON — U.K. sexual expression resource group Backlash is hosting the "Moral Panic Film Club" on Feb. 7 to raise funds for the "increasing amount of court cases" that the organization has been asked to assist with.

The program at the Hackney Attic in London will consist of talks and roundtable discussions by a panel of notables in the arena of erotica, including censorship expert Julian Petley, fetish performer Ms Tytania; Jerry Barnett, former operator of adult web brand StrictlyBroadband; and Sarah Harman, a member of the Porn Studies project. Obscenity attorney Myles Jackman will moderate the event.

"The current moral panic has resulted in Backlash’ solicitors’ expertise being increasingly on demand to advise and often, represent, people charged with crimes that go from the possession of extreme images of consenting adults, to OPA charges of creators of artistic content and sexual discrimination at employment tribunals," the group said.

The Moral Panic Film Club event will include drinks at the bar until closing, as well as music, and the screening of two videos — "Video Nasties: Moral Panic, Censorship and Videotape" and "The Devils,"a film on the witch trials in 17th Century France that has never been shown uncut in any country where it's been distributed.

Tickets for the "Moral Panic Film Club" are £15 and available on the Hackney Attic website here. The Hackney Attic is located at 270 Mare St., London E8 1HE.