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Ofcom Reverses ATVOD Decisions on Appeal

U.K. communications regulator Ofcom has made another determination in favor of an online adult operator over an appeal that questioned whether the operator’s sites were subject to regulation.

Pandora Blake: Will Relaunch

Pandora Blake — the adult performer and director who operated before the fetish website disappeared from the internet after she was found by U.K. regulators to have violated rules over “prohibited material” — plans on relaunching the site after winning an appeal.

Consultation Survey Over U.K. Age Checks Concludes Next Week

The U.K. government, which in February introduced plans to enforce age checks on all porn sites, is closing its consultation period next Wednesday.

Ofcom Seeks Public Comment Over Proposed Changes

Ofcom, now the U.K.’s sole regulator for video-on-demand services, plans on procedural changes as it takes its reins.

ATVOD Soon to Hand Over VOD Regulation to Ofcom

In just a bit more than a week, ATVOD will be no more. As announced in October, ATVOD, known formally as the Authority for Television on Demand, will fold its operations into the grips of British chief communications czar, Ofcom, by the end of the year.

London Porn Protest Slated for Saturday

Organizers are gearing up for Saturday’s porn protest outside of Parliament in London.

Ofcom to Bring ATVOD’s Duties In-house

British communications czar Ofcom made it official today — it will start regulating video-on-demand under its authority starting Jan. 1.


Dispatch From the U.K.: Britain Aims to Take More Control of Web

A 15-year old cartoon shows Uncle Sam holding a box labeled, “Control of Internet Speech.” The “corporate media” asks “how would you like this wrapped?” The two wrapping options are “Anti-terrorism” and “Protect kids.” Porn and terrorism: both tried and trusted ways to frighten the masses into surrendering liberty.

Jerry Barnett ·

Ofcom Upholds ATVOD Ruling Against

U.K. communications regulator Ofcom issued an opinion today upholding a decision by video-on-demand authority ATVOD against adult entertainment site, which was hit with a determination that it must register as an on-demand service.

ATVOD Charges 21 U.K. Porn Sites

ATVOD, the British video-on-demand authority charged with requiring operators to make sure those under 18 can't access hardcore porn, said today that it has brought up charges against 21 U.K. adult websites.

ATVOD Seeks Role in New U.K. Porn Directive

ATVOD today issued a press release stating that it welcomes “forthcoming consultation” on how to keep under-18s from accessing porn websites in the U.K.

Ratcliff on Age-Verification Debate at Parliament

The U.K. government sees value in the development of an industry-sponsored route for age verification and the adult business should rally behind the Digital Policy Alliance and British Standards Institution in support of this, according to Chris Ratcliff, managing director of Portland Broadcasting Ltd., which offers pay-per-view and subscription TV services.

U.K. Debates Licensing Porn Sites

Foreign porn sites would be subjected to a license and to provide a robust age-verification system in order to process transactions in the U.K., according to a bill introduced in May that is wending its way through Parliament.

ATVOD Says Porn Enforcement on Rise

ATVOD said in its annual report released today that the British video-on-demand regulator saw a spike in the number of porn websites it took action against in the past year.

ATVOD Chair to Lead Payments Forum

The chair of ATVOD was tapped today to also lead the British government’s Payments Strategy Forum, which is currently being assembled to bring together the U.K. payments industry and representatives of all those that use payment systems.

Adult Industry Meets With ATVOD at Roundtable Meeting

Adult entertainment industry stakeholders met yesterday evening in a roundtable meeting with officials from British video-on-demand regulator ATVOD for a discussion over age-verification compliance and the new AVMS regulations.

Mistress R'eal Appeals ATVOD Decision

Mistress R’eal, the dominatrix whose scenes on were the subject of a recent ATVOD probe and determination, has appealed the U.K. video-on-demand regulator’s decision that she breached Rule 14.

ATVOD Makes 1st Decisions Over Rule 14 Violations

Two BDSM providers in the U.K. face fines after they were found to have breached the new Rule 14, which outlaws video-on-demand websites from containing content that would be denied a British Board of Film Classification certificate.

Conservatives Vow Strict Age Verification for U.K., Overseas Porn Sites

Internet service providers in the U.K. would be forced to block all online adult sites that fail to include effective age verification if the Conservative Party is returned to power at the general election next month.


ATVOD: Is It Time to Choose a Side?

You may have heard of an authority tasked with the regulation of video-on-demand content across the whole of the Internet. It is ATVOD, and it is from its basement offices in Windsor that the team of four permanent employees work to police video content on the web and enforce their regulations where they find breaches and violations.

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