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Falcon Supports ACLU Drag Defense Fund With Christmas Merch Line

Falcon Studios has created a special merch line, Christmas Queen, a portion of the proceeds of which will go to the ACLU's Drag Defense Fund.

Leading Free Speech Groups File Brief Blasting Texas' Age Verification and Mandatory Labeling Law

Several leading free-speech groups, led by the ACLU, urged the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit on Thursday to block the Texas age verification law that requires adult websites to post anti-porn propaganda, contending that this violates the First Amendment.

ACLU, FSC Raise Objections to Senate's New Section 230-Busting Bill

An ACLU-led coalition of civil rights groups and groups representing LGBTQ+ individuals, sex workers, journalists and libraries issued an open letter to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer on Monday warning against the Strengthening Transparency and Obligations to Protect Children Suffering from Abuse and Mistreatment (STOP CSAM) Act.

ACLU Asks FTC to Investigate Mastercard for Discrimination Against Sex Workers, Adult Sites

The American Civil Liberties Union on Tuesday filed a formal complaint asking the Federal Trade Commission to investigate Mastercard for discriminatory practices against sex workers and adult content websites.

FSC Joins ACLU in Filing Amicus Briefs in Section 230 Cases

Free Speech Coalition has joined civil rights and sex worker rights groups in filing “friend of the court” amicus briefs defending Twitter, Craigslist and Omegle against FOSTA-enabled civil litigation alleging they profited from sex trafficking. 

ACLU: End Financial Discrimination Against Sex Workers

As part of this week’s public debate about OnlyFans blaming “banks” for its decision — later reversed — to ban sexual content, the Free Speech Coalition (FSC) highlighted today a June editorial by the ACLU. In it, the civil liberties group urges PayPal and Venmo to discontinue financially discriminatory practices against sex workers “that harm vulnerable communities by shutting people out without due process.”

ACLU Warns Against Biden's Latest Attack on Section 230

The ACLU sharply criticized President Joe Biden and his administration for his direct attack on Section 230 liability protections, which  the White House has blamed for a proliferation of misinformation.

New ACLU Report Calls for Full Decriminalization of Sex Work

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) released yesterday a comprehensive review of over 80 studies about sex work entitled “Is Sex Work Decriminalization the Answer? What the Research Tells Us.”

FSC Co-Signs ACLU Letter Questioning Expanded Surveillance Legislation

The Free Speech Coalition has co-signed a letter drafted by the American Civil Liberties Union that questions the U.S. Senate’s controversial renewal of PATRIOT Act provisions that would allow the U.S. government to spy on people’s online search and browsing histories without probable cause.

ACLU Challenges Arizona's Revenge Porn Law

The American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday alleging that Arizona’s recently passed revenge porn law violates the First Amendment.

ACLU, EFF File Amicus Brief in FSC's Appeal of 2257 Case

In an amicus brief filed Monday, the ACLU and the Electronic Frontier Foundation sided with the Free Speech Coalition and other co-plaintiffs, asking the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeal to reverse a lower court ruling finding the federal record-keeping statutes for adult producers constitutional.


Facebook Censorship Hits The ACLU – The Epitome Of Irony

<p>Between Google, Wikipedia, Bing, RedBook and the Ladies Home Journal, there aren't many mainstream media or tech outlets that haven't stuck an angry finger up the butt of Porn lately to supress it, take away its traffic and simply be annoying in a destructive way

Colin Rowntree ·

ACLU Has Big Win Over Cal-OSHA Protecting Performer Privacy

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Diane Duke ·

ACLU Wants Utah Anti-Porn Law Permanently Blocked

The ACLU, various artists and Internet service providers want a federal court to stop enforcement of a 2005 Utah anti-pornography law because they say it is unconstitutional.

ACLU Attacks FCC

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), along with a variety of other groups, has issued a statement to the U.S. Supreme Court, claiming that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) lacks the authority to regulate non-obscene speech.

Retailers, ACLU Sue to Stop Indiana 'Explicit Materials' Law

A lawsuit to stop enforcement of a new Indiana law regarding "sexually explicit materials" was filed yesterday in U.S. District Court. Plaintiffs in the suit included the Indianapolis Museum of Art, The Association of American Publishers, Inc. and the National Association of Recording Merchandisers.

ACLU Challenges Constitutionality of Law Aimed at Online Porn

Supported by the American Civil Liberties Union, a coalition of website publishers offered opening arguments today in their case against the 1998 Child Online Protection Act (COPA).

ACLU Seeks to Defend Virtual Child Porn

The American Civil Liberties Union has come under attack for seeking First Amendment protection for virtual child porn, in which actors or characters appearing to be underage are exhibited in a sexual manner.

ACLU Challenges Patriot Act

The American Civil Liberties Union went public with grievances over the constitutionality of the Patriot Act and a sealed court case involving the “National Security Letter” power, which authorizes the FBI to obtain sensitive customer records from businesses.

ACLU Challenges Child Porn Law

The American Civil Liberties Union went out on a limb this week to challenge a recently enacted child pornography law claiming that the sweep of the new law is far too broad