Blaze of Glory — Stroker Dick Lighting

It's the Bomb
Blaze of Glory — Stroker Dick Lighting

If you are sexually adventurous and want to add something unique on your nightstand or other places, try the Blaze of Glory Stroker Dick Lighting by It’s the Bomb. It’s a night-light that holds an acrylic dildo on a rotating, color-changing base. It comes in various colors and sizes. It is sure to make a party fun or people talk.

Product Description:

Light up any boring room, bedroom, bathroom, man cave, powder or even those fun parties and get togethers, etc; with our brand new, never seen before, illuminated dick lights…

These naughty, best selling, lights/night lights sit on a rotating, color changing base and make a perfect Erotic gift or conversation starter every time. Looks like glass but isn’t.

Comes in 2 sizes. Both Include a turning, up lit, led light base with ever changing colors.

Plug in or battery capable.

Tamara Payton Bell