Activated Black Charcoal Detox

It's the Bomb
Activated Black Charcoal Detox
Looking at this plastic jar of crumbled up charcoal, I thought, “How good can that be?” After sprinkling it into a tub of warm water, I can attest that it provided one of the most relaxing and calming experiences I’ve ever had during a bath. The blend of charcoal and detox ingredients work their magic as soon as I slip into the warm bath water. Don’t let the look of the jar fool you; it looks like volcanic ash and turns the water silky smooth to pamper your skin like no other bath softener. I think I’m going to stop writing now because my body is begging to use it again, and I don’t want to bring my laptop with me in the tub. Trust me on this one, it’s great.

Manufacturer Description:

Bubbling Bath Sea Salt Crystals. Activated Black Charcoal, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Bubble Crush, Aqua Sea Salt.

All of the fragrances are spa delicate and gender neutral. Everyone is sure to enjoy them. So many more benefits we can't mention them all. Bath salts are good for health and make a perfect gift as well.

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