Bullet Bomb

It's the Bomb
Bullet Bomb

Now is the time for lots of self-care and believe me, this is the bath bomb that really keeps on giving. For those who enjoy a nice, hot bath to unwind, simply toss this baby in the water and watch the magic happen. The lovely purple hue and intoxicating scent draw you in, but it’s the surprise bullet vibe that eventually melts away from its case that keeps you hooked. The Screaming O bullet is truly top notch and helps to take a relaxing bath to the next level. The bullet bomb is a fun solo treat, great for partners, and even makes a great gift.

Manufacturer Description:

This erotic gift, under $20, comes with a 'Screaming O' Bullet vibrator inside at the core. The erotic vibrator packs a punch and is also water proof! Half way through your bath bomb, the Bullet will peek out. The vibrator comes ready to amp up your sex life while your in the bath-tub.

The fragrance is out best seller, soft, gentle & romantic. The color is a medium purple inside the black wrapper

These naughty bath bombs are made of baking soda, corn starch, epsom salts, essential scented oils, and natural food coloring. Make your shower-bath time fun with fizzles and body bubbles. Our vibrator appears around half-way through the bath bomb. It's ready to use for some erotic vibrating fun.

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Lucy Vonne