Kendra Lust Fucks Couples

Kendra Lust Fucks Couples

I’ll watch anything with Kendra Lust in it. The 37-year-old big-boobed, lush-assed, strikingly photogenic hot bitch from Michigan is, well, that hot. And “Kendra Lust Fucks Couples” is a grand porn entry, indeed, for those viewers who lust for Mrs. Lust, as our nuclear cougar is featured in each of the four smokin’ scenes, all of which include a threesome (girl-girl-boy), with one even being a foursome with three (count ‘em, three!) sexy sirens.

The first scene has Kendra getting pissed at her stepdaughter (tanned and wiry 20-year-old babe Janice Griffith) for screwing boyfriend Alex Legend when Kendra isn’t home, thus prompting the strict KL to fuck said boyfriend along with said stepdaughter on a soon-to-be-soiled-with-soggy-sex porn couch. Good stuff, especially when Kendra sticks her delectable rump in the air and takes it doggie style.

Our next terrific threesome has Kendra playing an escort who spices up the lives of juicy brunette Kimber Woods and her pony-tailed on-screen hubby T-Stone. Kendra and Kimber really get into the porking here, making it one truly torrid tryst.

Another superlative sequence has Kendra simply walking in and joining the sex between Venezuelan vixen Veronica Rodriguez and bald beefcake Derrick Pierce, with lots of great deepthroating and gagging from both ladies, as well as choice doggy from vamps Kend and Vera.

Lastly, Kendra arrives home with her shopping gal-pal Kristina Rose (glad this porn sweetie is back!), only to find Lust’s stepdaughter — sweet-looking, bespectacled Callie Klein — getting it on with her own beau (Van Wylde), with Lust and Rose teaching the ill-behaved Klein a lesson, as they hungrily screw the dude before the suffering Klein’s very eyes. Wish amazing cocksucker Klein had a bigger fucking hand in this scene. Still, Lust and Rose really barbecue this schmoe’s man-meat to the bone. Lucky prick!

The far-from-subtly-titled “Kendra Lust Fucks Couples” does not disappoint, as each scene is a fiery one, with this entire Lust parade being just as palatable for couples as it is for hardcore pervs.


The beautiful Kendra Lust is everyone's unicorn and fucks horny couples wanting that exciting threesome with a hot slut. Kendra shows these couples what they are missing and even cums hard herself, never surprised how much fun fucking can be!

Walter Paisley