Finding the Right Toys for Safe, Fun Shower Sex

Finding the Right Toys for Safe, Fun Shower Sex

How many people actually have sex in the shower? It’s so slippery! If you take too long, the water runs cold. And besides, how fun can it be with none of your sex essentials nearby? As inconvenient as shower sex may seem on the surface, statistics tell us it’s quite popular. A recent survey by kitchen and bath design company Hansgrohe found that 47 percent of adults surveyed prefer showering in pairs. With all this rub-a-dub going on in the tub, the market for shower-friendly pleasure products is understandably quite robust.

Shower-friendly Personal Lubricants

The shower is a perfect place to get messy. Cleanup after period sex or female ejaculation is a breeze, and bathing together tends to bring couples closer as well.

No matter what kind of sex you’re having, if it’s in water, lubrication is essential. Water is liquid, so one might at first assume the lube situation would be covered, but in actuality, water makes a terrible sexual lubricant. Water from the shower or tub can add more drag and friction because it washes away your body’s natural juices, and water-based lube is useless in the shower as it gets washed away, too. This is important to discuss with customers because it’s something they may not otherwise be prepared for. It’s also a perfect opportunity upsell water-compatible lube along with waterproof toys.

Silicone lubricant is ideal for sex in the bath or pool. Its long-lasting slickness doesn’t dilute when it encounters water; only soap will wash it away. One safety precaution to note: be careful not to spill silicone lube on the shower. It can create quite a slick spot and be a slip-and-fall hazard. Bottles that control the flow of lube are best for shower fun: Passion Premium Silicone Lubricant is ideal for bathroom use; it comes in a spill-proof bottle to minimize the possibility of losing its contents down the drain.

It’s also important to note that silicone toys aren’t always compatible with silicone lubricant. Hybrid lube is a great compromise in this situation. If this is a concern for your customers, opt for a water and silicone hybrid lube. This kind of lube gives you the best of both worlds; it stays slick in the water and is safe to use with silicone sex accessories.

Waterproof vs. Splashproof Vibrators

Looking at gender differences, the shower habits survey determined that 75 percent of women surveyed compared to 69 percent of men surveyed view the shower as a place of relaxation and solitude. This lines up with what we can observe in popular culture. Bath bombs are all the rage for good reason, and it also isn’t uncommon for women to exclaim, “Time alone in the shower the only peace and quiet I get!” It’s no wonder the ultimate solo recreational activity happens frequently here, too.

It’s important to stock a wide variety of waterproof toys customers can use during these moments of orgasmic solitude. Understanding the terminology used for shower-compatible vibrators is essential, too. The term splashproof means the toy can safely withstand a good washing but shouldn’t be submerged or come in contact with a large amount of water. Toys marked waterproof are best for the shower. Many are submersible, so they can be used in the bath as well.

The Finger Loop G-Spot Vibrator was made for shower fun. The ringed handle on this silicone dual stimulator makes it easy to hold on to in slippery situations. Alternatively, the Inmi Fiori Vibrating and Gyrating Silicone Wand is a versatile toy that can be inserted or used externally, and for some waterproof luxury, the Deep Velvet 18x Silicone Massage Wand from Wand Essentials offers a whopping 18 vibration functions to choose from in a shape that’s covered in silicone.

Shower Toys for Couples

Nearly half of all adults are getting it on with someone else in the shower. Why so many? The shower is a perfect place to get messy. Cleanup after period sex or female ejaculation is a breeze, and bathing together tends to bring couples closer as well. When it comes to spicing things up during a dry spell, adding a little novelty into the mix can do the trick. That change in location – out of the bedroom and into the bathroom – is sometimes all it takes. Lastly, it’s hard for couples to keep their hands off each other in the shower. Helping a partner wash their back can easily lead to wandering hands.

Of course, any sex toy can be a couple’s toy. Encourage partnered customers to use solo toys as treats for two. Additionally, items like the Bang Her Silicone G-Spot Finger Vibe can kick the ‘wandering shower hands’ scenario into high gear.

When assisting customers, don’t underestimate the popularity of shower sex. Whether going solo or with a partner, the vast majority need sex supplies that will hold up under water. Be sure to stock a variety of items that are waterproof, plus routinely bring up water use to customers. They may not know how to properly identify which toys are shower friendly, and you also don’t want to miss an opportunity to upsell lubes and bath-friendly accessories. Considering three out of four people get down and dirty in the cleanest room in the house, this is a sizeable segment you may currently be under-serving.

Morgan Panzino is the wholesale supervisor for SexToyDistributing.com, a full-service distributor with a comprehensive inventory catering to the unique needs of adult stores online and brick-and-mortar retailers.