Maia Toys Brightens Brand With Fresh Coat of Passion

Maia Toys Brightens Brand With Fresh Coat of Passion

When you step into a pleasure product boutique, what do you see? For Maia Toys, the power of color is their not-so-secret weapon to drawing consumers to their bright merchandising displays. Since 2010, this international brand has graced shop shelves with its classic toy designs in anything-but-typical tones.

“We started from a basic idea of doing something different from other people in the industry,” Maia Toys President Fai Chan said. “Every other toy design is basically done in purple or light pink colors, so we wanted to put a unique energy into our toys.”

I’ve been on the road getting customer feedback on what direction they would like Maia to go. Opening new doors, and seeing the positive reaction to our new packaging, products and direction, is amazing.

Using the healing art of color therapy, a concept that influences thinking and mood with exposure to particular hues, Maia Toys developed a following in the sexual wellness genre. Their body-safe silicone designs became quick favorites at the national Sex Expo (formerly Sexual Health Expo), accompanied by a similarly bright marketing look.

“Our target is when people walk into a store, our items are the first thing they notice,” Chan said. After years of success with his signature style, Fai decided it was time to refine Maia’s approach to the erotic rainbow.

“I feel like we are growing every day by going through all the ups and downs,” says May Chan, sales and marketing executive at Maia Toys. “But one thing I can say for sure is that we are finally going in the right direction.”

Maia Toys is keeping the colors that made it famous while modernizing its sales, marketing and development process.

“For the future, we are going to enhance our customer relationships and pay more attention to our new and old clients to suit their needs in their stores,” May said. “Our designer will also develop more colorful and powerful products for all our Maia supporters.”

Maia Toys stepped back from the spotlight for almost a year as it re-worked every aspect of their business.

“As a team, we are growing and becoming much more retail friendly,” Fai said. “We feel the need to re-brand ourselves to become more attractive and eye-catching to the consumer.”

Fai Chan is introducing Maia’s fresh aesthetic and mission with the hire of Nicole Talley, a pleasure product sales expert and well-liked, familiar face in the industry.

Talley has a few magic tricks up her sleeve for the veteran brand. When asked what talents she’ll be bringing to the table as Maia’s new vice president of sales, Talley gets right to the point: “How to make a vibrator disappear off your store wall in five days!”

As she takes the helm of customer relations, Talley says she aims to get Maia swiftly back on the map.

“We’re taking an active approach to partner with our customers and work one-on-one with them,” she said. “My focus within my new position is to provide exemplary customer service, merchandising options and more presence at the store level.”

Talley is more than qualified to field both B2B and consumer requests. As a former pleasure product distributor representative, Talley has seen the latest sex toy releases for close to two decades.

“I am excited to bring years of knowledge and relationships to my new role at Maia Toys,” she said. “Learning about the manufacturer side is very exciting.”

Talley has already hit the ground running — or, rather, driving and flying.

“I’ve been on the road getting customer feedback on what direction they would like Maia to go,” Talley said. “Opening new doors, and seeing the positive reaction to our new packaging, products and direction, is amazing.”

Maia Toys’ latest releases artistically elaborate on traditional designs. The Syrene vibrator blends a luxury bullet with a slender, bendable stem for creative sensual exploration. Maia’s Diamond Collection is also expanding with the Roxie, a glamorous flash of purple sparkles that conceal a modern take on the incognito lipstick vibe.

“We want our customers to feel the passion we bring to all our toys,” says Fai, who designs many of Maia’s products himself.

According to Talley, “Fai is such an incredible, talented designer. He always has something amazing in the works!”

The Maia team has an explosion of fresh resources for retailers. In addition to July’s new product launches, Talley and her colleagues will be stepping up their game to add education and marketing materials to the sales experience.

“Improving on customer service, training and merchandising options are something that is so important to us in the future,” says Talley. “In my first few months with Maia, we’ve listened and reacted to suggestions from store staff. I really look forward to making more store visits and hearing even more ideas from our customers. To me, that is priceless!”

Colorful catalogs, floor displays and hands-on testers will bring Maia’s signature splash of brightness to pleasure boutiques, the company says.

“We offer a tester program that we feel is very important to the consumer,” Talley said. “All merchandising tools are so beneficial these days.”

Maia Toys’ rainbow-dipped designs have tapped in to a unique way to reach multiple markets. When you’ve got a hue for every mood, you’ve got something for everyone a few times over.

“I believe we cater to every consumer, young and old,” concludes Talley. “Who doesn’t like color and pleasure in their life?”