Q&A: Screaming O Founder Justin Ross Talks Brand Evolution, Legacy

Q&A: Screaming O Founder Justin Ross Talks Brand Evolution, Legacy

For more than a decade, Screaming O has been the go-to source for playful, colorful, easy-to-use sex enhancers that are equally adorable as they are affordable and approachable. From vibrating rings to finger vibes and more recently rechargeable toys, the Screaming O has secured its place in adult retail not just as a guaranteed seller but also as a reliable brand that has transcended mainstream with fun sex positivity, education and transparency.

The Screaming O marked its 10-year milestone by declaring that its next decade of business would be focused on a manufacturing and marketing initiative that is dedicated to consumer trust.

The forward motion that Screaming O has experienced since its 2005 inception has been steady, calculated and handled with care and forethought. -Justin Ross, Screaming O

“Promoting responsible manufacturing, quality control and affordable sex-positive fun will be key to this important campaign with hands-on retail support remaining a top priority,” the company said in a press release recapping its 10-year anniversary party in 2015.

Two years later, Screaming O is living up to its promises. With a beefed up custom graphics program, Screaming O is enhancing the shopping experience in stores around the world. The company also has embarked on multiple international retail tours during which Screaming O account execs work directly with stores to update sales tools, merchandising materials and product selection to ensure shoppers have access to the latest and most popular items from The Screaming O catalog.

Speaking of the Screaming O catalog, the 2017 XBIZ Progressive Pleasure Products Company of the Year continues to reinvent itself with unique designs — such as the Spork Multi-Use Pleasure Tool, POP Vibe or the non-vibrating Jackits masturbation sleeves.

With the company’s move to rechargeables with its line of Charged vibrators, Screaming O also introduced to the market a safer Lithium-ion Polymer (Li-poly) rechargeable battery. Li-poly batteries contain a gel core, a trait that allows Li-poly batteries to be as thin as a credit card and more resistant to leaks and overheating — a safety hazard that made headlines with products powered by inferior Lithium Ion batteries.

In this exclusive Q&A with Screaming O’s founder and CEO Justin Ross, he shares his views on how the company’s evolved, what he’s learned since launching the brand, and his proudest moments.

XBIZ: What inspired Screaming O’s recent tech upgrades — such as going from battery to rechargeable toys?

Justin Ross: Part of our mission at Screaming O is the “Screaming O Treatment” – making affordable, yet still powerful and body-safe, versions of popular products, and it was a natural progression to explore what we could accomplish in the rechargeable category. There is a strong and growing market for rechargeable massagers and larger-size items, so it made sense to see what kinds of motors we could make and rechargeable batteries we could use to offer loyal Screaming O customers the option of rechargeability.

XBIZ: What is the most important lesson(s) that you’ve learned since launching Screaming O?

Ross: We maintain a family-like atmosphere at Screaming O. Personnel is the most valuable asset a company can have. Hiring the right people and keeping them engaged and enthused is the most critical aspect to growing a successful business. Conversely, I’ve also learned that letting the wrong people go (and doing it quickly) is just as critical and essential to the health of the company as a whole.

XBIZ: What Screaming O product (and/or marketing initiative) are you the most proud of?

Ross: I will always feel incredibly proud of the original Screaming O vibrating ring, our flagship item that, to this day, is still one of our top-selling items. We founded the company with the understanding that the majority of people around the world have never tried (and may not ever try) any kind of sex toy. That inspired us to start with one of the most basic and affordable designs, improve upon it, and package it in a way that was playful and non-intimidating.

I’m also proud of the progression of the company. The forward motion that Screaming O has experienced since its 2005 inception has been steady, calculated and handled with care and forethought. We started just with disposables, then expanded the catalog with battery-powered reusables, and over time our inventory has grown to include smart and strategic product development that falls in line with market demand. And now with our affordable rechargeable options – Charged being our first official launch – we can barely keep them in stock.

XBIZ: What do you want Screaming O’s ongoing legacy to be?

Ross: When people think about Screaming O 50 years from now (long after I’m gone), I want them to remember us as the fun, friendly sex toy brand that makes quality, affordable body-safe products.

XBIZ: What can we expect from Screaming O in the future?

Ross: Expect to see an ever-growing catalog filled with in-demand, competitively priced products boasting superior margins. As always, our creative team will continue developing innovative designs and engaging marketing campaigns. We take pride in supporting our customers with the tools they need to maintain steady sales and the industry can expect to see an even stronger and smarter approach to body-safe construction with the highest level of customer service.