Aneros Sales Director Brent Aldon Bolsters Brand Authority

Aneros Sales Director Brent Aldon Bolsters Brand Authority
Colleen Godin

For Brent Aldon, business is personal. His career as director of sales and marketing for boutique brand Aneros has encompassed exceeding sales goals, achieving brand recognition, and a rather anecdotal approach to product education. Aldon’s authenticity makes an unforgettable impression — especially if you happen to ask what it’s like to use one of Aneros’ signature anal toys.

“I like to immerse myself with our users and really get to understand what they are going through, especially while using the products,” says Aldon.

Our line is small, and we’ve held a steady pace of releasing new products because the process to develop new Aneros products is essentially lengthy to ensure quality.

While browsing a pleasure industry consumer forum, Aldon says he came across a post that inspired him to do a little R&D experiment of his own.

“One user mentioned wearing [an Aneros product] multiple times while sitting on an airplane,” says Aldon. “I was very curious and I knew I had to try it for myself.”

Never one to step away from an opportunity, Aldon soon found himself with what could arguably be the industry’s best product training lecture, and a new calling card.

“Let’s just say, this is my eighth time wearing the device from short flights of one hour to long haul flights of 14 hours to Asia,” he said. “I like to present experiences and discuss them with store employees to give them a first-hand perspective of how versatile our products are.”

And the best part for Aldon? His personal brand has taken on a life of its own to benefit both Aneros and Aldon’s job security (at least within the adult sector).

“I have become known as the guy who wears the Aneros on the plane.”

Like most industry newcomers, Aldon showed up to the party a little green, but nonetheless with his A-game prepared.

“I had absolutely no clue or idea what the adult industry had to offer long before I started,” says Aldon. “I started working for a lubricant company. I had no guidance and I was pushed into the deep end and had to learn everything from scratch.”

Without any real mentor, Aldon dove head-first into his new gig and created the kind of internal change that even the most veteran level of staff struggle to enact.

“Not only was I able to grow their sales tremendously, I was known for changing the scope of the in-store training and the information we provided,” recalls Aldon. “I received acknowledgment from many companies, Aneros being one, and I was excited to join their team after befriending one of their employees.”

Aneros is a bit of an anomaly in the pleasure industry. While countless larger manufacturers are spewing out SKUs at the speed of light, Aneros is sticking with their tried-and-true focus on doing one thing and doing it extremely well. The company has traditionally stuck with what they know best: the prostate, and they don’t plan on playing copycat to “The Big 5” anytime soon. As multi-brand giants race to outdo one another, Aldon stands strong in his approach — and has the numbers to prove it.

“Our line is small, and we’ve held a steady pace of releasing new products because the process to develop new Aneros products is essentially lengthy to ensure quality,” says Aldon. “We don’t believe it’s so much ‘keeping it simple’ as it is ‘quality over quantity.’”

Aldon’s vision for growth, however, began simply enough: set number-oriented goals, and then smash them.

“I set a goal when I first started with Aneros [to] grow the distribution business at least 25 percent,” recalls Aldon. “I over exceeded my expectation and I was hungry for more!”

Sales goals keep Aldon on his toes, but his mission considers more than percentages.

“I always join a company, no matter what industry, with a purpose; a true meaning that benefits an individual in a positive way, and that’s what lured me to Aneros,” says Aldon.

The past several years have shown an industry-wide shift from novelty to health, and Aldon purposefully chose one of the originators of wellness-focused business for his career home.

“Aneros is an alternative medical device company that helps individuals with prostate health issues, which sparked my interest. After learning so much about the adult industry, it was a breath of fresh air to work with a company that gives both health and sexual pleasures.”

Anal pleasure, especially for men, has become somewhat of a trend in the wake of such industry changes. However, trends often fade, and Brent intends to keep the public educated on why Aneros has managed to maintain their market share.

“We have focused our marketing reach on more education,” says Aldon. “Not only are they the global leaders in prostate toys and sexual health and wellness, they are the pioneers and the original prostate toy company.”

Brent Aldon and Aneros are the perfect pair. The two go together like, well, an Aneros anal plug and a healthy prostate. Both are equally driven by a do-good attitude and a thirst for exceeding expectations. Aldon, much like the company he leads, doesn’t need lengthy brand lines and redundant SKUs to stay on top of the competition. Give the man a few clear-cut goals and a quality product, and then stand back and watch.

“Continued growth is always the primary focus as the director of sales and marketing for Aneros; continuing the message as the global leaders and the pioneers as the original prostate toy company,” says Aldon.

Aneros may only be boutique-sized, but their strength lies in a stealthy, strategic planning scheme.

“We have a lot of innovative and newly shaped products down the pipeline which we are launching soon. These new products will be a game changer in the world of prostate.”

As for Aldon’s goals, don’t ask too soon. Just trust that he’s got something big for his small team up his sleeve. “I love seeing growth and success,” says Aldon. “Now I have set a new goal ... but that is a secret.”


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