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Essential Tips for Banking on the Popularity of Anal Play in Retail

Anal sex used to be considered one of the most taboo sexual acts, but that’s certainly not the case anymore. These days, you can pick up any magazine with a sexual health section and you’ll likely read something about backdoor loving.

Rebecca Weinberg ·

 XR Brands Introduces '2022 Valentine's Day Buyers Guide'

XR Brands has introduced its 2022 Valentine's Day Buyers Guide filled with "sexy and romantic" gift suggestions for retailers.

XR Brands Expands 'Heavy Hitters' Line with Weighted Plugs

XR Brands has announced the expansion of the Heavy Hitters line of weighted anal plugs to include the new Premium Silicone Weighted Prostate Plug.

XR Brands Releases 'Inmi Bloomgasm'

XR Brands has announced the release of Inmi Bloomgasm.


A Look at the Pleasure Products that Simulate Cunnilingus

When it comes to sex toys, there’s never a dearth of new product coming onto the market. Some are truly unique, some feature innovative technology, and others simply offer a fresh take on a classic bestseller.

Rebecca Weinberg ·

XR Brands Debuts Vegan Leather 'Kinky Couch'

XR Brands has announced the Kinky Couch, the latest addition to its Master Series collection of advanced fetish and BDSM gear.


A Retailer Guide to Puppy Play Essentials

When you think of sexy bedroom accessories, what comes to mind? Probably vibrators, lubricant, handcuffs, maybe an impact toy or two? What about a collar and leash?

Rebecca Weinberg ·

XR Now Shipping 'The Slider' From Thunderplugs Collection

XR Brands is now shipping The Slider, the latest anal pleasure innovation from the Thunderplugs line.

XR Brands Now Shipping New 'Lickgasm' Vibe From Inmi

XR Brands is now shipping the Lickgasm 8X Licking and Sucking Vibrator from the Inmi collection.

XR Brands Expands 'Bloomgasm' Collection

XR Brands has announced an expansion of the Inmi Bloomgasm line, which now includes several rose-shaped air-powered stimulators.


How to Address Gender on the Adult Retail Floor

As a transmasculine person, I’ve both understood and despised the trappings of society’s gender/ sex binary — defining gender solely according to whether you are the owner of a vulva or a penis, and having that determine the rest of your life.

Joshua Ortiz ·

XR Debuts New Lovebotz 'Bangin Bench EZ-Ride'

XR Brands has announced the latest addition to Lovebotz’s Bangin Benches line, the EZ-Ride.

XR Brands Expands 'Booty Sparks' Line With Gemstones Collection

XR Brands has introduced an expansion of its Booty Sparks line of anal plugs with the Gemstone collection.


E-stim Is Getting the High-Tech Treatment

Kink and BDSM have never been more mainstream, and practices like impact play, bondage, and discipline and submission are becoming a regular part of people’s sex lives and often appearing in popular TV and film as common plot points.

Rebecca Weinberg ·

XR Brands Expands 'Whisperz' Line of Voice-Activated Sex Toys

XR Brands has announced an expansion of its Whisperz line of voice-activated toys with new shapes for vaginal, anal and prostate stimulation.


A Look at the Sales Power of Sex Toy Kits

As adult shopping has become more mainstream and accessible to the masses, we have seen fun evolution in the market.

Rebecca Weinberg ·

XR Brands Ships Wagging, Vibrating 'Puppy Tail Anal Plug'

XR Brands has expanded its top-selling Tailz range with the Remote Control Wagging and Vibrating Puppy Tail Anal Plug designed for lifelike role-play fantasies and equipped with a motor that vibrates and allows the puppy tail to "wag and swish just like the real thing."

XR Brands Now Shipping Colorful New 'Bang! XL Bullets'

XR Brands is now shipping Bang! XL Bullets in four new metallic colors.

XR Brands Introduces 'Discreet' Shower Enema Sets From CleanStream

XR Brands has announced the expansion of their CleanStream line of enema tools and accessories with the addition of shower enema sets.


How to Get Shoppers Pumped for Inflatable Sex Toys

It’s no secret that our industry’s expanding consumer base necessitates versatile designs that can guide users’ sexual journeys from beginner to advanced pleasure-seeking – and products that can accommodate a range of sizes and shapes do just that.

Rebecca Weinberg ·