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XR Brands Debuts 'Slinger' Sex Sling From 'Master Series' Line

XR Brands has introduced Slinger, a new sex sling from its Master Series BDSM collection.


A Look at the Evolution of Ride-On Sex Machines

It’s no secret that sex toys are more mainstream than ever, but some product categories still leave shoppers feeling intimidated — or even shocked — because of their sheer power.

Rebecca Weinberg ·

XR Brands Taps Elizabeth Porter-Smith as Brand Ambassador

XR Brands has appointed Elizabeth L. Porter-Smith as the company's newest brand ambassador.

XR Brands Launches Revamped Website

XR Brands has debuted its newly revamped website offering a new look and features to improve the customer experience.


How Glass Is Crossing Over Into Multiple Product Categories

Glass sex toys account for some of the most eye-catching, head-turning, breathtaking adult products available today. They are not just pretty to look at, either. Glass toys offer quite a few benefits that other toy materials can’t replicate, and they look and feel uniquely luxurious.

Rebecca Weinberg ·

XR Brands Adds New 'Master Series' Obedience Chairs, St. Andrew's Cross

XR Brands has expanded its Master Series BDSM collection with two new Extreme Obedience Chairs, along with a wall-mounted St. Andrew's Cross.


XR Brands President Rebecca Weinberg Keeps Kink, Curiosity at the Global Forefront

Full-body restraint benches, handcuff-bedecked sex couches and dragon-shaped dildos once seemed like the stuff of dimly lit, back-alley porn stores, but not so much anymore — and definitely not if XR Brands has anything to say about it.

Colleen Godin ·

XR Brands Unveils 'Lovebotz Saddle Pro Sex Machine'

XR Brands has unveiled the Saddle Pro Sex Machine, a "heavy-duty" mountable vibrator capable of supporting up to 485 pounds, from its Lovebotz line.


How to Advise Shoppers on Products for Sex in the Tub or Shower

These days, folks are more sexually adventurous than ever. BDSM has gone mainstream, sex clubs are hopping and even the most reserved folks are ready to think outside the bedroom.

Rebecca Weinberg ·

XR Brands Expands 'Charmed' Line With New Pleasure Necklaces

XR Brands has added the 10X Vibrating Silicone Teardrop Necklace and the 10X Vibrating Silicone Heart Necklace to its Charmed line.


Tips, Toys for Exploring Advanced Anal Play

There’s no doubt about it, butt stuff has hit the big time. It may be hard to believe, but not so long ago, anal sex and related activities were considered deeply taboo.

Rebecca Weinberg ·

XR Brands Expands 'LoveBotz' Line With New 'Milkers'

XR Brands is now distributing two new oral sex simulators as part of its LoveBotz line.

XR Brands Expands 'Creature Cocks' Line With New Insertables

XR Brands has expanded its Creature Cocks line with the Xeno Egg Glow-in-the-Dark Silicone Egg and the Mystique Silicone Unicorn Dildo.


A Look at Introductory Items for Immobilization Play

People who want to take their sex lives to the next level will wrack their brains trying to come up with new and exciting techniques or role-play scenarios they haven’t tried before.

Rebecca Weinberg ·

XR Brands Releases 'Bloomgasm Racy Rose' Clitoral Stimulator

XR Brands has released the Inmi Bloomgasm Racy Rose thrusting and licking vibrator.

XR Brands Releases New Prisms 'Vibra-Glass' Vibrators

XR Brands has debuted three new Prisms Vibra-glass vibrators made of silicone and glass.

XR Brands Expands 'Heavy Hitters' Anal Plug Line With 'Comfort Plugs'

XR Brands has added Comfort Plugs Round Silicone Anal Plugs to its line of Heavy Hitters weighted anal plugs.


A Look at Modern Tools, Accessories for Gender Play

Anyone who has ever seen “RuPaul’s Drag Race” is at least somewhat familiar with the concept of cross-dressing — but that doesn’t always mean people truly understand it.

Rebecca Weinberg ·

XR Brands Introduces 'Extreme Obedience Chair'

XR Brands has expanded its Master Series collection with the new Extreme Obedience Chair.

XR Brands Debuts Lifelike 'Perky Pair' Silicone Breast Forms

XR Brands has expanded its Master Series collection with new Perky Pair D-cup silicone breasts.