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XR Brands Debuts 'Zeus E-Stim Pro G-Spot Panty Vibe'

XR Brands has expanded its Zeus Electrosex line with the G-Spot Panty Vibe With Remote Control, from the E-Stim Pro collection of electro-stimulation products.

XR Brands Adds New 'Prisms' Glass Vibes

XR Brands has expanded its borosilicate glass Prisms line with four new vibrators.

XR Brands Debuts 'Pussy Panties'

XR Brands has added Pussy Panties to its Master Series collection of advanced fetish and BDSM gear.


How to Show Shoppers the Many Uses of Sex Position Aids

Odds are your shoppers have gotten good at finding the vibrators, strokers, lubricants and condoms they need. Over the last five years, these items have received incredible amounts of media attention, which has helped normalize their purchase and use.

Rebecca Weinberg ·

XR Brands Expands 'Creature Cocks' Collection

XR Brands has added eight new items to its Creature Cocks collection of pleasure products.


Family Keeps the Kink, Commerce Coming Behind the Scenes at XR Brands

As company founder and CEO at kink- and BDSM-focused manufacturer XR Brands, Ari Suss has built his one-room-office ecommerce outfit in Maryland into a national household name in pleasure products.

Colleen Godin ·

The Evolution of Masturbators Continues With Diverse Offerings

The sex toy industry can move fast. Manufacturers are regularly cooking up brand new ideas as well as unveiling exciting new iterations of existing toys — sometimes multiple times a year.

Rebecca Weinberg ·

XR Introduces 'Vibra-Crescent' Dildo From 'Master Series'

XR Brands has added the 10X Vibra-Crescent Vibrating Silicone Dual-Ended Dildo to its Master Series collection of advanced fetish and BDSM gear.

XR, C1R, Oxballs and Male Power to Host 'Store Buyer Fiesta' at Circus of Books

XR Brands, C1R, Oxballs and Male Power will showcase their latest products at Circus of Books, on July 11.

XR Brands Now Shipping 'Bedroom Bliss' BDSM Positioning Aids

XR Brands is now shipping BDSM positioning aids Bedroom Bliss.

Vice Highlights 'Monster'-Inspired Sex Toys

Vice magazine on Thursday published an article highlighting the phenomenon of fantasy- and monster-themed sex toys.


Products for Improving Intimacy, Coping With Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most frustrating issues that people with penises experience in the bedroom. Although it is common, affecting roughly 30 million cisgender men in the U.S. alone, it is still stigmatized and considered taboo.

Rebecca Weinberg ·

XR Brands Expands 'LoveBotz' Line of Male Pleasure Products

XR Brands has added nine new items to its LoveBotz line of male pleasure products.


How Adult Retailers' Expertise Outshines Mainstream

Pandemic lockdowns and curbside pickups got many folks accustomed to shopping online, but now the allure of shopping in person has begun to return, and brick-and-mortar retailers need to meet that demand.

Josh Ortiz ·

Why the 'G-Spot' Is More Than a Spot

When it comes to sex, pleasure and anatomy, few things are as lauded, debated, fixated on or misunderstood as the so-called G-spot. Yet for all the attention paid to it, the G-spot is often still shrouded in mystery and misinformation.

Rebecca Weinberg ·

XR Brands Debuts 'Dicktator 2.0 Extreme' Sex Machine From 'Master Series' Line

XR Brands has introduced the Dicktator 2.0 Extreme Sex Machine from its Master Series collection.

XR Brands Debuts 'Slinger' Sex Sling From 'Master Series' Line

XR Brands has introduced Slinger, a new sex sling from its Master Series BDSM collection.


A Look at the Evolution of Ride-On Sex Machines

It’s no secret that sex toys are more mainstream than ever, but some product categories still leave shoppers feeling intimidated — or even shocked — because of their sheer power.

Rebecca Weinberg ·

XR Brands Taps Elizabeth Porter-Smith as Brand Ambassador

XR Brands has appointed Elizabeth L. Porter-Smith as the company's newest brand ambassador.

XR Brands Launches Revamped Website

XR Brands has debuted its newly revamped website offering a new look and features to improve the customer experience.