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Tenga Updates 'Iroha' Vibrator Collection

Tenga is celebrating the 10-year anniversary of its Iroha brand with updated versions of its original collection of three vibrators.

Tenga Introduces 'Puffy' Male Masturbator Collection

Tenga has unveiled its new Puffy collection of male masturbators.

Iroha Introduces 'Iroha Mai' Vibe

Pleasure brand Iroha has introduced the new Iroha Mai vibrating pleasure device.

Tenga Releases 'Vacuum Gyro Roller,' 'Flip Zero' Electronic Attachments

Tenga has introduced the Tenga Vacuum Gyro Roller (VGR) and Flip Zero Electronic Vibrotation (EVR) attachments.

Entrenue Adds New Items From Tenga, Arcwave and Vush

Entrenue has expanded its selection of penis-centric pleasure products with new releases from Tenga and Arcwave, plus products from Vush, which is making its first foray into the category.

Tenga Adds 'Bubbly Blue,' Fizzy Green' to Flex Series

Next month, Tenga will debut the latest additions to its Flex Series, the Bubbly Blue and Fizzy Green strokers.

Tenga Launches Reusable 'Tenga Bobble' Line

Tenga has launched its latest series of reusable sex toys, Tenga Bobble.

Tenga Debuts New 'Flip Zero Gravity' Stroker

Tenga has introduced a new version of its Flip Zero stroker: the Flip Zero Gravity, which features different material firmness and internal details, and moves faster during use.

Tenga Introduces New 'Cup' Series Variations, Styles

Tenga has launched the new SD Tenga Cup range alongside an expansion of its U.S. Tenga Cup series.


Tenga Builds Reputation on Countering Sexual Shame, Stigma Worldwide

Tenga was born from the belief that sexuality and sexual needs are natural and should be valued. Koichi Matsumoto founded the company in Tokyo in 2005, using his personal savings.

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Tenga Reaches Milestone of 100 Million Units Sold Worldwide

Tenga is marking the milestone of having shipped a reported 100 million units worldwide with a limited-edition commemorative design of its top-selling Tenga Cup to mark the occasion.

Tenga Announces Release of 'Pocket Tenga'

Tenga has announced the availability of the Pocket Tenga, described as a travel-friendly pleasure item made of a slim-stretch material that fits into "almost any pocket."

Tenga Releases 'Egg Wonder' Stroker Series

Tenga has unveiled the Tenga Egg Wonder series of disposable strokers featuring six new internal designs and colorful, playful packaging.

Tenga Debuts New Variations of 'Premium Original Vacuum Cup'

Tenga has announced the launch of two new variations — named "Gentle" and "Strong" — of its Premium Tenga Original Vacuum Cup.

Williams Trading Adds 5 New 'Tenga Premium' Strokers

Williams Trading Co. is now distributing the Original Vacuum Cup, the Soft Case Cup, the Rolling Head Cup, the Dual Sensation Cup and the Air Flow Cup from the new Tenga Premium line of strokers.

Tenga Releases Single-Use 'Iroha Petit' Massager

Tenga has introduced the first-ever single-use item from its Iroha collection, the Iroha Petit, which is available in three styles.

Tenga Announces New 'Soft' Edition 'Spinner' Strokers

Tenga has announced a limited-edition Tenga Spinner Special Soft Edition in three styles, Beads, Brick and Pixel.

Tenga Announces New U.S. Product Launch

Tenga has announced the U.S. launch this month of Gentle and Strong editions of the Tenga Original Vacuum Cup, Soft Case Cup and Rolling Head Cup.

Williams Trading Adds 2 New Products From Tenga

Williams Trading Co. has announced the addition of the Tenga Aero Silver Ring and the Tenga Aero Cobalt Ring to its range of offerings.

Tenga Launches 'Premium Cup Series'

Tenga has announced the launch of the Premium Tenga Cup series, which includes the Premium Tenga Original Vacuum Cup and four additional cups, with availability in the United States beginning this month.