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Russia Authorizes State Censors to Block All Gay, Lesbian and Trans Porn

The Russian government published Monday a decree granting censorship powers to the state media regulator to block any websites containing “LGBT propaganda,” a definition that includes all gay, lesbian and trans adult content.

Russia Outlaws All Gay, Lesbian and Trans Porn

Russian President Vladimir Putin yesterday signed explicitly homophobic legislation banning public expression of LGBTQ identity — termed “propaganda about nontraditional sexual relations” — including all adult content featuring gay, lesbian and trans sexualities.

Russian Prosecutors Appeal Artist's Acquittal for Posting 'Pornographic' Abstract Drawings Online

Russian prosecutors in Siberia have reportedly appealed the acquittal of LGBTQ activist and artist Yulia Tsvetkova in a controversial case testing the country’s increasingly hostile laws regarding sexual expression.

Artist Yulia Tsvetkova Acquitted by Russian Court of 'LGBT Propaganda,' 'Porn' Charges

Activist and artist Yulia Tsvetkova, 29, has been acquitted by a Russian court of distributing "pornography" and "LGBT propaganda" after being arrested for posting drawings of female anatomy online, for which she could have faced up to six years in prison if convicted.

Ukrainian Activists Bypass Russian Censorship Through Porn Ads

Ukrainian activists have reportedly started buying ad space on adult sites accessible in Russia to bypass Vladimir Putin’s ramped-up censorship efforts and provide accurate information about the invasion.


The Financial Fallout of Russia-Ukraine War

Like many of you, I am deeply saddened by the fighting between Russia and Ukraine. Our modern times give us a front row seat where we can see what’s going on 24 hours a day. It’s both mesmerizing and sickening to see the images of cities being blasted, families being displaced and people killed and injured.

Cathy Beardsley ·

Russia Tightens Internet Censorship Through Fines for 'Banned Content'

A year after Vladimir Putin announced sweeping measures to regulate internet content, a Russian court today fined Google nearly $100 million for “systematic failure to remove banned content,” which encompasses both political and social messaging of which the Moscow government does not approve, and almost all adult material online.

Russia May Restrict All LGBTQ+ Depictions, Start 'Toxic' Registry

A powerful Russian MP known for homophobic statements and projects unveiled last week a bill proposal that would classify all depictions of LGBTQ+ relationships in the same banned or restricted categories as pornography.

Russia: Court Fines Google for Failing to Remove 'Forbidden Content'

A Russian court fined Google 14 million rubles ($188,000) on Tuesday for failing to remove material that recent legislation by the Putin government deems “forbidden,” a designation that includes “content that advocates pornography, drugs or suicide.”

Russia Proposes Segregating Government-Approved Online Porn in 'Adults Only Area'

New proposals by Russia’s main political body charged with regulating media would “see X-rated material shuttered away in an adults-only area on the internet” according to what the government would determine is “illegal” or “not prohibited by law.”

Russian Dissident Sentenced to High-Security Prison for Sharing 'Pornographic' Music Video

A Russian dissident was sentenced yesterday to two-and-a-half years in a high-security penal colony for “distributing pornography” after a co-worker denounced him last September for uploading to a social media platform six years ago a sexually explicit video by German industrial metal band Rammstein.

Russian Anti-Porn Laws Selectively Enforced Against Political Dissident

Months after President Vladimir Putin signed a series of sweeping anti-porn laws giving the Russian State discretionary power to regulate sexual material on the internet, a dissident leader is currently on trial for “distributing pornography” through a 2014 Facebook post featuring an explicit music video by the German band Rammstein.

Russia Targets Twitter for Allowing 'Banned Content,' Including Adult

The Russian government’s internet regulatory agency, Roskomnadzor, has announced it will be slowing down Twitter service in the country, alleging that the platform has “ignored requests to take down material harmful to children,” including adult content.

Russia Tightens Internet Laws Against 'Banned Content'

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed several laws last week to increase state control over information online, including one that introduces crippling fines for failing to remove “banned material.”

Svakom Hosts 'Fxxk Taboos' Party in Russia

Last month, Svakom invited distributors and customers in Moscow to the latest edition of its “Fxxk Taboos” parties, which the company held in Russia for the first time.

pjur Reports Successful Launch of SPA Line in Russia

Russian partner Erotic Fantasy launched the new pjur SPA ScenTouch line at the EroExpo B2B trade show, held in Moscow Oct. 20-22.

PornHub Gets Unbanned in Russia

MindGeek’s PornHub once again was made available in Russia, according to reports.

OVO Lifestyle Toys Debuts Phase 3 Line in Russia

OVO Lifestyle Toys joined forces with its partner Andrey Co. to showcase its latest collection, the Phase 3 line of toys, at the EroExpo in Moscow, Russia.

Lovehoney Provides Training, Product Support in Russia

U.K.-based pleasure products manufacturer Lovehoney was in Russia recently to provide training and product support for distributor/retailer Kazanova69.

Russia Cites Old Laws to Ban 136 Porn Websites

Russia’s federal government watchdog Roskomnadzor has banned 136 porn websites including in the country’s Tatarstan Republic.