OVO Lifestyle Toys Debuts Phase 3 Line in Russia

OVO Lifestyle Toys Debuts Phase 3 Line in Russia

PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. — OVO Lifestyle Toys joined forces with its partner Andrey Co. to showcase its latest collection, the Phase 3 line of toys, at the EroExpo in Moscow, Russia.

EroExpo is a two-day event recently held in October at the Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre in Moscow. OVO Lifestyle Toys introduced the new Phase 3 line of toys features at the show, which feature new powerful motors and more uniform controllers along with unique designs and dual textures.

“We had a lot of customer excitement about OVO’s new Phase 3 rechargeable toys,” said Yulia Ilyina of Andrey Co. “Everyone was happy to see all the upgrades made to the brand, including the new packaging.”

Additionally, OVO unveiled a new sleeved box that features updated icons and specific educational selling points unique to each toy. The company says that based on feedback reported from the show, the EroExpo was a success.

“Andrey Co. is an important partner for us in Russia and we can’t wait to ship them the much anticipated OVO Phase 3 release,” said Helle Panzieri, global sales director for OVO. “We will also be showcasing at their in-house tradeshow in Tyumen in December, and look very much forward to this!”

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