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Judge Dismisses Ron Jeremy Case After Experts Deem Him 'Not Presently Dangerous'

The judge overseeing the Ron Jeremy criminal case has granted the defense’s motion to dismiss the case after expert findings that the former performer is “not presently dangerous,” the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office has confirmed to XBIZ.

Ron Jeremy's Release to Private Residence Granted at Hollywood Mental Health Court

An LA County judge in the Hollywood mental health courthouse granted on Thursday a petition by Ron Jeremy’s conservator to release him to a private residence.

Judge Approves Transfer of 'Bedridden' Ron Jeremy to Private Residence

Ron Jeremy will be released from jail to a private residence for health reasons, in the latest development following the January 2023 decision by a Los Angeles judge to declare him incompetent to stand trial for multiple cases of sexual assault and rape.

Sunset Strip Bar Sued Over Alleged Ron Jeremy Sexual Assaults

Two women have filed a negligence lawsuit against Sunset Strip restaurant the Rainbow Bar & Grill, over alleged sexual assaults committed by Ron Jeremy in March 2017.

Ron Jeremy Placed Under Conservatorship

Ron Jeremy is currently the subject of a probate conservatorship, following the Jan. 2023 decision by a Los Angeles judge to declare him incompetent to stand trial for multiple cases of sexual assault and rape.

Ron Jeremy Case Delayed Until November

The case against Ron Jeremy for multiple sexual assaults and rapes has been continued until Nov. 9.

Ron Jeremy's Sister Requests Conservatorship

Ron Jeremy’s sister Susan Billotte has reportedly filed a petition to appoint a conservator for the former adult performer, who was recently declared unfit to stand trial for multiple alleged sexual offenses.

Ron Jeremy Committed to State Mental Hospital

Ron Jeremy has been committed to a state mental hospital after being found incompetent to stand trial, a Los Angeles District Attorney spokesperson reported today.

Ron Jeremy Declared Incompetent to Stand Trial

The judge presiding over the Ron Jeremy trial ruled today that the former adult performer and media personality is “not competent” to be tried for the multiple counts of rape and sexual assault alleged against him.

Ron Jeremy Trial Postponed Again, Until 2023

The Ron Jeremy trial has been postponed until Jan. 17, 2023.

UK Channel 4 to Air 'Rise and Fall of Ron Jeremy' Documentary

U.K. broadcaster Channel 4 has scheduled its two-part documentary “The Rise and Fall of Ron Jeremy” to air Monday, Aug. 15, with both episodes available on Channel 4 platform once the first episode has aired.

Defense Psych Expert: Ron Jeremy Not Competent to Stand Trial

A psychiatric expert for the defense has issued a report asserting that Ron Jeremy is not competent to stand trial in Los Angeles for multiple sexual assaults and rapes.

Ron Jeremy Psych Hearing Now Postponed to Late July

The trial of Ron Jeremy has been postponed once again, after the latest hearing at the mental health courthouse earlier this week resulted in a continuation until July 27.

Ron Jeremy's Mental Health in Question, Trial Suspended

The judge presiding over the Ron Jeremy case as it approaches trial suspended proceedings during today’s hearing after he received reports from Jeremy’s lawyer and the bailiff that the defendant was “incoherent” and couldn’t be transported to court.

Ron Jeremy's Defense Requests 21 Separate Trials

At a court hearing today in Los Angeles, Ron Jeremy’s defense surprisingly asked the judge to break up the case involving 21 alleged victims of sexual assault into separate trials.

Ron Jeremy Trial Date Set for May 2

A Los Angeles judge has set the date for the trial of Ron Jeremy on multiple charges of rape and sexual assault for May 2, 2022.

Ron Jeremy: The Complete, Chronological Criminal Allegations Untangled

On Friday, the BBC will broadcast “Ron Jeremy: Fall of a Porn Icon,” a documentary about the sexual assault allegations against the famed performer, who was arrested in June 2020 and is currently awaiting trial in Los Angeles.

Ron Jeremy Trial to Start Late February 2022 at Earliest

A Los Angeles judge today set late February 2022 as the earliest date for beginning the trial of Ron Jeremy.

Ron Jeremy: Grand Jury Testimony Now Available

The Associated Press and other mainstream news outlets have begun publishing selections from the grand jury testimony of alleged victims against Ron Jeremy. The grand jury, convened by the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office, returned an indictment three weeks ago after meeting in secrecy and without the attendance of press.

Ron Jeremy: 2 Accusers Drop Out of DA's Case

Two of Ron Jeremy's accusers in his ongoing criminal trial for multiple incidents of sexual abuse have dropped out of the District Attorney office’s case, a spokesperson confirmed to XBIZ.