Ron Jeremy: The Complete, Chronological Criminal Allegations Untangled

Ron Jeremy: The Complete, Chronological Criminal Allegations Untangled

LOS ANGELES — On Friday, the BBC will broadcast “Ron Jeremy: Fall of a Porn Icon,” a documentary about the sexual assault allegations against the famed performer, who was arrested in June 2020 and is currently awaiting trial in Los Angeles.

The BBC documentary is one of two projects produced this year in the U.K. about the ongoing Jeremy case. The other documentary is Channel 4’s similarly titled “Downfall of the Porn King: The Ron Jeremy Story.”

The BBC documentary director, Ben Bryant, released a statement last week describing his project as “a story about the women who exposed Ron Jeremy, working against the grain of the adult industry and without the support of the mainstream media until very recently.”

Bryant said he exclusively spoke to women who “said that porn performers are rarely listened to when they call out rape and sexual assault. This film centers their experiences.”

Many of the allegations made against Jeremy and quoted by the press and advocates, however, are not part of the case developed by the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office beginning in June 2020.

In addition, the DA’s office has been reluctant to release specific information about the actual allegations by the 23 women that eventually formed the basis of the indictment.

By the time the DA presented the alleged victims’ testimonies during a grand jury hearing over a year after Jeremy’s arrest, two of the women had withdrawn from the case.

The grand jury testimony of the remaining 21 alleged victims, and the DA’s opening and closing statements, were unsealed a few weeks after the August 2021 grand jury hearings, which were held in secret.

The document runs to over 1,600 pages and the allegations are not presented in chronological order.

XBIZ has reviewed the entire grand jury document and we are providing a summary of each of the 21 testimonies, in chronological order to clarify the timeline of accusations.

The Complete Criminal Allegations Against Ron Jeremy

All of the summaries come from the alleged victims’ testimonies. Their words have only been edited to remove repetition and fragmentary speech. None of the statements in the summaries have been put to trial so they are all still considered allegations by the women as presented by the DA to the grand jury. Some contextual material not from the transcript has been included in italics.

All of the victims are only identified by their Jane Doe numbers.

The women were told at the hearing that they would not have to provide their names because “as a sexual assault victim, you have the right under California law not to have your identity disclosed in court proceedings, so we’re not going to put you on the record under your full name.”

Here are the complete allegations in the Los Angeles District Attorney's case against Ron Jeremy, in chronological order:

Still from "Photo Shoot With Ron Jeremy," a 1996 scene, showing BTS footage of Jeremy having fallen asleep on set

October 1996: Jane Doe 21 was a 19-year-old model “doing photo shoots and videos.” She testified that her agent sent her to Ron Vogel Studios for a photo shoot of “still pictures of simulated sex,” and that when she arrived, Jeremy — then in his mid 40s — was already there.

Before she met him at the studio, Doe 21 testified, she had only known of Ron Jeremy because of the lines “Mucho gusto me llamo Bradley/ I’m hornier than Ron Jeremy” from the then-new Sublime song “Caress Me Down.” Jeremy also starred in the then-ubiquitous music video for the song.

Doe 21 said Ron Vogel’s studio was in a house and the studio room had only a bed and no props. After 45 minutes of shooting, she told the grand jury, Vogel left her and Jeremy “all alone in the studio together.”

Doe 21 said that when Vogel left she was naked and “laying on the bed with my feet hanging off of the bed.” She told the grand jury that since Jeremy “was so close to me, I couldn’t get up” and that “within seconds” of Vogel’s departure, “before I knew it, and I couldn’t see, [Jeremy] was hard and he was inside me.” 

She said she pushed him away and said, “Stop. No,” once, but Jeremy “just kept going because he had me pinned to the bed.”

According to Doe 21, she unsuccessfully kept trying to push Jeremy away and he “didn’t have a reaction.”

“He completely just kept going” for about two minutes, she added.

“Next thing you know it was over as quick as it happened and he was acting like nothing had happened,” Doe 21 said, describing herself at the time as “just scared” because “I was a little girl.”

“At the time I was 5’2” and 95 pounds, 98 pounds maximum, and he was 5’9” and almost 185 pounds,” she added. “So quite a bit of difference.”

“I was in shock,” Doe 21 said. “I wasn’t saying much at all after that. I just wanted to finish and get my paycheck and get out of there.”

She added that they “finished taking the few last pictures” for fifteen more minutes, “and then it was over.”

Doe 21 said she told her agent at the time but did not report it to the police in 1996. She reported the incident in June 2020.

Ron Jeremy in “Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV," 2000

Around 1999 or 2000 (and 2019): Jane Doe 14 was an actress who met Jeremy in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., on the set of the Troma movie “Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV.” The director had paired them for a non-nude scene. Doe 14 believes this was summer 2000, but testified it could have been 1999. 

Doe 14 said that at the time she “had never heard of Ron Jeremy.”

After shooting the scene, Doe 14 testified, as she was walking to the restroom she noticed Jeremy “was following me and he was followed by a whole bunch of guys who were like watching everything he was doing.”

Doe 14 testified Jeremy “followed me into the restroom and said ‘Can you just shake’ — ‘Shake up’ — ‘Jump up and down because I haven’t seen real ones in years.’ And I was thrown off and just kicked him out of the bathroom.”

Afterwards they did more takes of the scene, and they struck a friendly conversation. Jeremy, she said, offered to drive her and a male P.A. back to New York City. According to her testimony, Jeremy wanted to prove he was famous so he stopped the car “at every deli and people would swarm him for signatures.”

“It was fun,” she said of the ride.

After dropping her off at her apartment, Doe 14 testified, Jeremy offered her “a different kind of opportunity” to make money.

According to Doe 14, Jeremy told her the opportunity was not “porn” and that he had a “side job” taking photos “where he would cut off the heads, you know, of identity and take nude bodies, but he would hide your identity and put a towel over your face and then they would put on a picture of a celebrity and he sold these overseas.”

She said he offered her $50 or $25 to shoot her picture.

“I said, ‘Okay, okay, I’ll try it,’ you know. He was very persuasive and — and badgering and I [said] ‘Okay. As long as you don’t touch me, never touch me, stay over on the other side of the room.’”

Doe 14 said Jeremy asked to use the restroom in her apartment, and then they agreed to do a couple of shots.

“He had cash in his pocket and a disposable camera in the other,” she testified.

“So we did one and he — and I put a towel over my face. And I was nude. And click and he paid me $25. And I thought ‘Okay, I’m done.’ And he said “Oh, let’s do one more.’ And I said, ‘Oh, okay, one more, but, again, stay over on your side.’”

The photo shoot continued with Doe 14 “laying down” on a futon with a towel over her face. Jeremy, she testified, would pay her after each shot.

“And then I was ready to be done,” Doe 14 testified, “and he said ‘Okay. Let me’ — ‘This is what people pay for. Let me just put my penis by you.’ And I said, ‘No. No.’ And he said, ‘I’m not gonna touch you, but I’ll just put it by you and we’ll just do the same thing as we did before.’ So — you know, so I said, ‘Yes, okay.’ And then — he did one click that way, as I recall. And then I was ready to leave and then the next thing I know he stuck his penis inside my vagina.”

Doe 14 said that she “very clearly” had told Jeremy before “Do not put it in me” and “Do not touch me.”

Doe 14 said that when Jeremy inserted his penis into her vagina she “jumped up. I punched him. I threw the towel off and was punching him and — and got — put the towel around me and kicked him out.” She also said she was “swearing at him and kicking him.”

“And he kept apologizing, ‘Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to.’ And I was like, ‘No. I said no.’ And I remember clearly punching him.”

Jeremy left the apartment. Doe 14 did not report the incident to the police at the time.

Doe 14 contacted Jeremy some time later when she relocated from New York to Los Angeles, perhaps a “couple of months” after the assault, “approximately” in 2000, around September or October.

“There was some event at […] Hustler, I recall, and perhaps I just ran into him. I don’t remember. But I did have his phone number. And I actually kind of remember walking on Hollywood Blvd. and seeing him at the event and then calling him. That’s sort of what I remember.”

She described the encounter as “friendly.” When the DA asked her “why would you call this individual who had assaulted you in New York?” Doe 14 answered, “I guess I — I felt — I didn’t know anybody in L.A. I felt like we’d moved on from the incident. I was appealing to his humanity. I guess — I kept thinking that he was going to be that social worker person. I didn’t really relate to the porn person.”

Doe 14 and Jeremy continued interacting, especially by phone, with Jeremy setting her up with a friend.

“An excellent director friend,” Doe 14 added. “Nice, normal, not in the porn world, in the — you know, the mainstream world, so I felt — I felt good about that. [Jeremy] asked me to go home with him another time in Los Angeles to his apartment [around 2001] to do more photos and I again stated as long as nothing happened, and we did a couple photos and that was it. He didn’t try anything again.”

After that second shoot, Doe 14 didn’t see Jeremy for 18 years.

She saw him again on April 14, 2019 at the Rainbow Bar & Grill. She was there with a male friend, and Jeremy was “at another table directly across sitting — holding court at this long table by the fireplace.”

Doe 14 said she approached him “because I felt after what was going on in the world, the ‘Me Too’ movement, and particularly because I had read an article.” 

Doe 14 said she asked Jeremy if he remembered her. They also took a picture together. Jeremy asked her to follow him to a corner and, according to Doe 14 — who thought he wanted to talk to her — he said, “I just want to write on your boob.”

“And I said, ‘I want to talk to you and tell you and’ — you know, ‘about what you did 20 years ago and that it was wrong.’ And he said, ‘Okay, okay, but let me write on your boob.’ And he just kept — he blocked me in there […] with his body.”

“I started to tell him about the incident,” she said, “ and remind him how it made me feel, and he was clearly not listening and was insistent on writing on my boob.”

Finally, Doe 14 “could see he wasn’t listening, so I — I said, ‘Okay. Fine. Write on my boob.’ I mean, he was so insistent. And then he reached his hand and pulled out my breast to do it, [and he wrote ‘I [heart] RJ’] and then I slapped him off.”

Doe 14 also testified that Jeremy “tweaked” her nipple.

“I could see in his eyes he — there was a glaze,” she said. “He […] just shrugged and just kind of stood there and I kind of nudged him and pushed him away.”

They both returned to their respective tables. A male acquaintance of Doe 14's that was at the Rainbow that night testified before the grand jury that she came up to his table "upset" and told him that Ron Jeremy "had grabbed her breast."

Ron Jeremy as he appeared in a 2000 episode of the network TV show "Nash Bridges," playing a voyeur

October 2000: Jane Doe 19, a British adult performer, went to the Rainbow Bar & Grill with a female friend for drinks. The friend introduced Doe 19 to Jeremy, who was already there, as “the Porn Queen of England.” Jeremy replied, “Hi, welcome to America.”

Doe 19 knew Jeremy — then 47 — as “a top male porn star.”

Doe 19’s friend left early to go home and she stayed behind with Jeremy. She testified that they had one beer there and he showed her around, and then he suggested going to a “late club,” which turned out to be a strip club.

Jeremy took Doe 19 upstairs at the strip club and “he took me into this room where I saw all different people performing different sexual acts on people, couples in all different sexual acts.”

Doe 19 testified she felt “very uncomfortable” because “it’s not me. I mean, I’m an adult actress on camera, but not outside of being on camera. I’m a mom, too.” She left the strip club.

Two weeks later, Doe 19 attended an adult industry Halloween party at the House of Blues with the same female friend who had introduced her to Jeremy. She was “wearing a Halloween outfit. I had black PVC boots on, high-heeled, and I had a black bikini on that was a Halloween bikini with spiders.”

Doe 19 was standing around a table with her friend and two other models. She was facing the table. 

“I — in a split second I felt myself being pushed over the table and something being put inside of my vagina, which was a penis,” Doe 14 testified.

She felt “as if somebody had come up behind me and put their hand in the center of my back and I went over the table.”

Doe 19 said her bikini bottoms had been pulled to the side

“I was shocked, frightened, just — I wasn’t thinking about — I wasn’t thinking about anything. It was more in the moment shocked, I need to get out of this situation.”

Doe 19 said she felt the penis inside her for about five seconds and then she “went into defense mode and I used my right side to — to turn around to get him off of me.”

As she turned around, she testified, Doe 19 saw Jeremy with his penis in his hand. She “slapped him around the face” and told him “to get the fuck off me and what the fuck did he think he was doing.”

“There was no reaction,” Doe 19 added. “It was almost that there was no soul inside.”

Jeremy, according to Doe 19, “put himself back into his trousers and disappeared into the crowd.”

Doe 19 said she told her friend and the two other models what had happened. One of the other models was Alana Evans, who testified at the grand jury hearing and corroborated it.

Doe 19 stayed at the party but “not for long.”

Doe 19 said she did not report this to law enforcement in 2000 because she “was told I couldn’t report it to the police because Ron had connections at the LAPD and nobody would believe me because I was an adult actress.”

In August 2020, Doe 19 disclosed her identity to the Los Angeles Times' James Queally, but she requested that for this article she only be identified by her Doe name.

Ron Jeremy in the indie comedy "Being Ron Jeremy," 2003-2004

May 8-10, 2003: Jane Doe 20 was a dancer at the Spearmint Rhino in the City of Industry. 

“While I was working at the Spearmint Rhino, about once a month they would have like an adult entertainer come and do like a three-night show,” she testified. On May 8-10, 2003, “it was going to be a big group of multiple adult entertainers and then [Ron Jeremy] was going to be the host of the show that [weekend].”

At the time, Jeremy had just turned 50. A mainstream documentary about his life called “Porn Star: The Legend of Ron Jeremy” had premiered less than two years before and was then in circulation.

Doe 20 wanted to have her picture taken with Jeremy, so she followed him to the featured dancers’ dressing room “at the end of me getting ready before I started my shift.”

“Then he went past like the countertop area into the bathroom,” she testified, “and then he said to come into there with him. And then I was kind of confused and I did, and then he closed the door.”

“I had never really been back into that area,” she continued, “’cause we weren’t really allowed to go into that area of the dressing room, so I was like well, maybe his bag is in there, maybe his camera’s in there. I didn’t know what part he was using as his part of the dressing room and I assumed that he was getting something to take the picture.”

According to her testimony, Jeremy instructed Doe 20 to sit in a chair “and then he opened his pants, and I was like ‘what are you doing?’ and he said, ‘No, let’s take a picture’ — ‘It will be really funny. It will be like a picture of my penis and you’ll pretend to be scared like it’s Godzilla.’ And I said, ‘Well, that’s not the picture that I want. Can we just take a regular picture?’ He said, ‘Well, we can after this.’”

Doe 20 said Jeremy did take the “Godzilla” Polaroid and then wrote on it. When she went to grab the photo, according to her testimony, Jeremy “started like grabbing me to pull in closer, like […] trying to embrace me, pulling me closer to him.”

She said she tried to push him back and told him they should not be back there, but “he kept pushing his penis like into my bottom area,” which was only covered by a thong bottom.

Doe 20 testified that Jeremy then “started pushing me down on the top of my shoulders to like go — like to go down,” while she told him “Stop. Stop so we can go.”

“I felt like if I didn’t do what he wanted me to do the situation might get worse,” Doe 20 continued.

“He already had his penis out and his hands on me, that he might get angry, and I didn’t want to agitate him,” she said.

After a brief struggle, Doe 20 said, “in my mind I thought if I open my mouth and just do what he says, then — and I do a bad job at it, then he would just let me leave ’cause he wouldn’t be happy. So I opened my mouth and let him put it in my mouth.”

Doe 20 said she had Jeremy’s penis in her mouth for “about two minutes,” and then “I kind of felt like his body was like relaxing like his hands on me, so I jumped up and pushed past him and left, got out the door.”

Doe 20 went to the bathroom and then went on the floor and started working. She said she avoided the dressing room and Jeremy. She did not report the incident to the Spearmint Rhino. She testified that years later, around 2018 or 2019, she mentioned it to someone she was dating at the time, who also testified before the grand jury. She reported the incident to the police in August 2020.

“I had seen that Ron Jeremy was on trial and he had done similar things to other women and it compelled me to want to say something he had done to me,” Doe 20 told the grand jury.

Promo material for the second season of "The Surreal Life" (2004)

June 12, 2004: Jane Doe 5 was a 15-year-old high school student. In the summer of 2004 she attended an all-ages rave in Santa Clarita called “Almost Better Than Sex.”

“Almost Better Than Sex” was an annual electronic music event held at different locations in the 2000s. The 2004 Santa Clarita event was the third installment. Photos from the 2003 event, where 2,200 revelers crowded the Fonda Theatre in the heart of Hollywood, show the event was marketed to a very young crowd, who attended wearing underwear and lingerie.

The ticket pitch advertised, “Last year, over 40 beautiful women entered the contest on the main stage, and one walked away with $500! This year Cosmic Events has raised the prize to $750, and this year’s contest will be judged by Porn King Ron Jeremy and a very special Porn Queen.”

Jeremy was enjoying a recent burst of mainstream celebrity at the time, having starred earlier that year in the second season of reality show “The Surreal Life,” alongside Erik Estrada, Tammy Faye (Bakker) Messner and Vanilla Ice.

Jane Doe 5 was born in 1988 and was 15 years old when she attended the 2004 “Almost Better Than Sex” rave with a male friend.

“There was just like a lot of music, DJs, there was a big stage. A lot of people partying and dancing, lights, things like that,” she told the grand jury.

She said that on the stage “they were having like ‘Hot Body’ contests” and “the host was Ron Jeremy who was on stage and he was doing — like showing off girls’ bodies to people and like judging them based off their bodies.”

Doe 5 testified that after the show Jeremy “went down behind the stage to […] take pictures and meet — like autographs for people and things like that and […] so I went over to go and meet him and […] talk to him and stuff just like everyone else was.”

Doe 5 said that she didn’t really know who Jeremy was but she “wanted to meet a celebrity.”

“Everybody told me he was famous, so I was excited to meet a celebrity,” Doe 5 said.

“At first, when I first met him, we were just talking a little bit, and he — I was talking mostly to his assistant, who he referred to as his assistant, and he kept talking to me, and then I was talking to Ron back and forth.”

“I don’t remember all the things that we spoke about, but I remember just telling him that I thought he had pretty eyes, things like of that nature, just random kind of small talk,” Doe 5 said.

Doe 5 testified that Jeremy was surrounded by people backstage. “He was meeting other girls and — and stuff and taking pictures with people. He was like kind of just grabbing on every girl around, just like grabbing their breasts and taking pictures like that and stuff. So just a lot of picture taking and grabbing of women.”

Doe 5 also testified that Jeremy’s assistant gave her some of his vodka cranberry, and she had later taken half of an ecstasy pill, which made her “really happy and comfortable and outgoing.”

For about 20 or 30 minutes, Doe 5 testified, she and her male friend were part of the group around Jeremy. But then “they started kind of moving away the men, back to the other side of the gate,” and the security personnel “locked it, and then I realized that it was just me and other — only women, only women back there.”

“I didn’t think much of it,” Doe 5 testified. “I just was like, ‘Oh, I guess they only want women back here.’ I was just still talking to [Jeremy and his assistant].”

“So after that, that’s when I was standing near Ron, and he asked me if I wanted to see something cool and […] I didn’t really know what he was talking about. I just said yes. I was like, ‘Yeah, of course.’ And then after that he said to me, he — he came up behind me like really fast and just kind of picked me up by my area right here and he stuck his hand under my underwear and he put his finger inside me.”

“He put his arm around my stomach and then lifted me off the ground slightly and then simultaneously putting his other hand down in my — in my vagina.”

Doe 5 said “it just all happened really fast. I didn’t — I didn’t have a reaction really. I was kind of frozen.”

She testified Jeremy “was sucking on my neck” while she tried to push his arms away.

“It all happened so fast and he’s a lot stronger and bigger than me,” she told the grand jury.”

Doe 5 said her friend, who was on the other side of the fence “was just screaming […] ‘Don’t do that to her. She’s only 15. Don’t do that.’”

Jeremy, according to Doe 5, replied “I don’t give a fuck.”

“And he had like an angry kind of like look on his fact and he was just like ‘I don’t care.’”

Doe 5's male friend also testified before the grand jury and corroborated her account, although he said he told Jeremy "Dude, she's only fucking 15" before the alleged incident happened, while they were still together. He said Jeremy only replied "Have you met my friends?" before two security guards blocked him from following them to the fenced-off section.

After Jeremy put her back down, Doe 5 said she had no further interaction with him. She spoke a bit more with the assistant and then went back to her friend.

She stayed at the rave for a few more hours. She did not report the incident to the police at the time. “I didn’t know that anything like really illegal had happened,” she told the grand jury. “I just — I didn’t know — I was so young, I guess. I didn’t understand how any of that stuff works.”

Jeremy continued hosting “Almost Better Than Sex” events for a few years. There is video online of the 2006 lingerie contest and the 2008 Redland rave, with Jeremy hosting.

Doe 5 said that she did see Jeremy again years later, many times at the Rainbow Bar & Grill, where she spent a lot of time in her early 20s.

She interacted with him a few times “and I would just get shocked and I would start crying and then I would like — I would get angry and like throw my drink at him and call him like a pedophile and run out. And I did that on a few occasions. And I just stopped going to the Rainbow.”

She also said she saw Jeremy once at Mel’s nearby in 2012 and she threw a glass perfume bottle at him and ran out. When contacted by the police about the incident, Doe 5 said she told them about the alleged 2004 assault.

She reported the incident again last summer “because I […] saw other people had reported it and I felt that I could come in and go ahead and finally get it prosecuted.”

Ron Jeremy at an Exxxotica event, 2008

July or August 2008 [but misidentified the first day of the hearing as April 2007]: Four years later, Jane Doe 22, “a couple of months shy” of her 18th birthday, was renting a room in a house on Winnetka Ave. in Woodland Hills.

“I was coming out to Southern California for school,” Doe 22 testified. “I had applied to Santa Monica College, and on Santa Monica College’s website you can look for roommates.”

Doe 22 said several people lived at that location at different times, including several people who had stage names because they worked in the porn industry.

Doe 22 testified she was not in the porn industry at that time and was not initially aware of her housemates’ work.

“When I moved in,” she testified, “they kind of kept it a secret, so not really, no, until […] Kelly [Skyline, a stage name] told me. Like the day I moved in or the second day maybe that they were all in the industry.”

Doe 22 testified she was “definitely nervous and confused. Kelly […] doesn’t look like she would be in that industry. She was very kind of shy and innocent-looking. And I just didn’t imagine someone like her being in porn. So I was — I was nervous. I also knew that I was underage moving in there, so if they were shooting on property then I wasn’t supposed to be home. And — yeah. It was weird.”

That summer, Doe 22 testified, she was home and “I knew there was some sort of kind of party going on outside of the house and in the living room and the kitchen and some people out by the pool. I was getting ready — I knew I had school coming soon, so I kind of was just in my room often. I remember being inside my room and hearing chaos, like everyone just kind of started laughing really loud and like someone had just walked in.”

That, she told the grand jury, was when she first saw Ron Jeremy, of whom she was aware because of the reality show “The Surreal Life.”

“I don’t think he noticed me at first,” she said, “and then I looked down kind of poking my head out being a little nosy, just kind of curious who was outside, and then he made eye contact with me, and right away when I saw him I just kind of got a little nervous and turned around to go back towards my room.”

Doe 22 told the grand jury she saw him at the door of her room, as she was having a difficult time getting to her bed due to an injury from a recent car accident.

“I was just barely getting used to kind of being normal to walk,” she testified.

She said Jeremy didn’t “ask me my name or anything. He just walks in and he says, ‘Are you in the porn industry?’ or something like that. And I said, ‘No, I’m only 17.’ I can’t even legally do that.”

Then, according to Doe 22, “he just approaches me. He doesn’t really say anything else after that. And I kind of get pinned between the door and my wall.”

Doe 22 said she made a hand motion indicating that he should leave but that Jeremy ignored her and pushed her against the door.

According to Doe 22, as she wiggled, telling him “No,” Jeremy pulled her pajama pants down and pushed her against the wall, “and before I knew it he had already penetrated me.”

She told the grand jury she remembers Jeremy “kind of patting my back and touching me telling — almost like petting me telling me to calm down and be quiet and like ‘Everyone does this.’ And I don’t know what he meant by that at first. Then he’s like ‘The girls in this house always do that’ — ‘Always do this, just relax,’ you know, ‘Stop making noise.’”

Doe 22 said she was banging on the door harder “so then he kind of pulls out pretty quickly and then just pulls his pants up and just quickly starts trying to just get himself together before anyone walks in.”

She described the assault as lasting less than two minutes.

Doe 22 eventually located her housemate Kelly, she testified, and told her what had happened. Later she also told another female housemate, she said, and she “kind of” remembers Kelly telling a male housemate.

Kelly Skyline also testified before the grand jury. She said Doe 22 had told her housemates she was 21 before moving in, and then later revealed she wasn't that age "but she never gave me an actual number."

Skyline told the grand jury she regretted having told Doe 22 at the time that Jeremy was "known for being touchy-feely" with all the girls.

"Now that I've stepped outside of that industry and I have a different mindset," the former performer said, "telling somebody who had just felt like they had been assaulted that he does it to everyone is a cold, heartless thing to say to someone who's seeking comfort. I just regret that I told her that."

Doe 22 did not notify the police at the time. She contacted the police last year, after Jeremy’s arrest.

Ron Jeremy performing his standup routine, 2010 (Photo: YouTube)

August, 2010: Jane Doe 23 was a 22-year-old model who had been encountering Ron Jeremy — then in his late 50s — at parties for about a year and a half.

She said she had been working as a model since she was 12 and “basically as soon as I turned 18 I started doing nude photo shoots for film, TV, whatever.” She cited her magazine shoots as Playboy, Maxim, FHM, Esquire, Complex and others.

Jeremy, she said, “was just sort of a […] party fixture, and I had friends that knew him. And he’s kind of one of these guys you see at everything like Ralph Riekermann of The Scorpions. He’s just omnipresent at certain events,” Doe 23 testified.

Shortly before Doe 23 met Jeremy, in early 2007, Harper Collins published his memoir, “Ron Jeremy: The Hardest (Working) Man in Showbiz,” which went on to be a bestseller.

Doe 23 described Jeremy at parties as “very, very showy for cameras, particularly TMZ.”

“He would grab the […] girl next to him or whoever was closest and was always dunking his face in cleavage or squeezing certain body parts.”

At one of these events, Doe 23 said, Jeremy asked if she could come to his apartment, in Franklin Towers near the Magic Castle, to “do a photo shoot for a Japanese magazine and it paid $400, and I said yes.”

“He told me how basically you take nude photographs, and then for this Japanese newspaper it’s sort of like a satire joke situation and they will superimpose a celebrity’s head over yours to make it seem like the celebrity was naked when […] it wasn’t really,” Doe 23 testified.

As with Jane Doe 14 a decade later, Jeremy allegedly told Doe 23 to cover her face with a towel.

“We went into his unit and he showed me the example of the Japanese newspaper,” Doe 23 explained. “The one that I particularly vividly remember was pictures of a girl that had her [head] superimposed with Oprah and that was the joke.”

After signing a 2257 form and verifying her age, Doe 23 disrobed in Jeremy’s bedroom and got on his bed.

Jeremy, according to Doe 23, “took a couple of pictures of me without anything particularly intrusive and then that’s when things took a turn. So he was like ‘No, your vagina’s not supposed to look like this. You don’t have inner lips. You’re gonna look like a virgin forever. No, this’ — ‘This isn’t’ — ‘This isn’t right.’”

Doe 23 said Jeremy touched her vagina with his hand.

“It was very shocking,” she told the grand jury. “Especially for somebody as gross as him to be telling me what my vagina should or shouldn’t look like. It induced a really rigid feeling of disgust.”

Doe 23 said she didn’t say anything to Jeremy “’cause that sort of level of sexual shock induces a fear freeze,” but “at that point it became clear to me that things were turning into a bad direction.”

According to Doe 23, Jeremy, who was kneeling before her, then started licking her vagina.

“However disgusted I felt before with just him speaking to me that way,” she said, “it went to another stratosphere of disgust.”

“I was trying to like squirm away,” Doe 23 testified. “I told him several times that I did not want him doing that to me, that it’s really gross, it’s disgusting. He kept telling me like ‘No, we’re’ — ‘We’re clean people, we eat clean food, we drink clean water.’ I’m like ‘No, sir, you’re not clean. I have heard you verbatim tell me what STDs you contracted in your career.”

Doe 23 said she kept telling him “No” and “it was like he didn’t even hear me. He just denied that I felt like it wasn’t sanitary. He denied that I didn’t like it. He denied — anything I said.”

According to Doe 23, this may have lasted “a good 10 minutes” — although she was not sure about the time frame — but “it felt like an eternity.”

Doe 23 said her ordeal ended when “in the most shameful moment of my entire 32 years on this planet so far he forced me to climax, and that was what he used to say, ‘Oh you’ — ‘You liked it. See, I can see your vagina popping. You actually liked it. You’ — ‘You liked what I’m doing to you.’”

“I always thought that like the — the term ‘forced orgasm’ could never be real, like how is that possible? It doesn’t work. Turns out it works. Turns out it’s really a thing.”

Then they continued taking pictures for another 10-15 minutes. When they finished doing that, Doe 23 testified, she put her clothes back on “and left as fast as I could.”

Jeremy paid her the $400 before she left, and she hasn’t seen him since.

“I didn’t go to Sardo’s anymore,” she explained. “I started spending a lot of time out of the country. Right after that I was spending a lot of time working in Tokyo and I was also working a lot in Europe. And so I actually wasn’t in Hollywood a ton some years after that.”

Doe 23 did not report the incident to the police in 2010, but did report it in the summer of 2020, after reading about Jeremy’s arrest and charges of “forcible oral copulation.”

Ron Jeremy arriving at the Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen at Sony Studios on Sept. 10, 2011 in Culver City, CA. (Source: Shutterstock)

November 22, 2011: Jane Doe 6 is one of the two victims who withdrew from the DA’s case before the grand jury hearings. According to the summary of her accusation, Jeremy went to her apartment and “he tried to kiss her mouth and grabbed her shirt while Jane Doe 6 used her hands to push him away and protect herself. [Jeremy] grabbed her breasts, skin to skin.”

January 28, 2013: Jane Doe 18 had come to Southern California for the NAMM musical equipment conference. Jane Doe 18 and her best friend A. had decided to spend the last two days of their trip in Hollywood and were staying at the Loew’s Hotel. On January 28, they went to the Rainbow Bar & Grill in the early evening “cause we heard [they had] fantastic pizza and there was a lot of celebrities, especially musicians, that would hang out there.”

Jane Doe 18 and her friend sat at a booth and then she noticed Ron Jeremy, then a couple of months short of 60, by the bar.

“I had just seen him in — I had known what he was known for,” she told the grand jury. “I knew he was a — a — basically a porn star, and I said to my friend […], I said, ‘Wouldn’t it be funny if we got a picture and an autograph from him?’”

Jeremy was talking to a couple of people when the two women approached him and introduced themselves. “He was pleasant,” Jane Doe 18 testified, “and took pictures with us and signed autographs.”

The DA provided the grand jury a picture of the pizza box autographed by Jeremy with the date January 28, 2013.

After a short conversation, the two women returned to their booth and, according to the testimony, Jeremy followed them.

“Ron sat down next to me,” Jane Doe 18 testified. The women told Jeremy it was their first time in Los Angeles and he told them “he was friends with the owners of the Rainbow, and how known he was, and familiar with all the musicians in town. And he basically was just chatting us up about music and all the famous people he knew. Very pleasant conversation.”

Then, according to Jane Doe 18, Jeremy asked them if they were staying in town, and she told him they were staying at the Loew’s Hotel.

At that point, Jane Doe 18’s friend stepped outside for a smoke and left her and Jeremy alone at the table.

“Hey, do you want to see how they make their pizzas?” she testified Jeremy asked her.

“And I thought this was great, you know, this is fantastic, I’m at the Rainbow for the first time, I get to see how pizzas are made,” she testified.

Jeremy told her to follow him, “and he actually led me out of the booth. And I went in front of him, and he just kind of guided us along the way. And we went to the front of the restaurant, and I could see — as we were turning, I could see the kitchen, so I’m like ‘Great, and saw all the workers in there.”

Then, Jane Doe 18 testified, Jeremy opened a closed door and said, “Hold on. Let’s just step in here.”

“As soon as I stepped in,” she testified, “I knew that it was a restroom.”

Jane Doe 18 told the jury she was “panicked.”

“I couldn’t figure out,” she told the grand jury, “it was such a tiny space, and I tend to get a little bit claustrophobic. So it was a tiny space, and I was a little bit panicked, not completely alarmed, but once — once I felt him push me from the back, like push me into the bathroom, that’s when I started to panic.”

Jane Doe 18 said she “turned around immediately and said, ‘What are we doing here? Come on, Ron. Let me out.”

According to her, Jeremy replied, “It’s okay. It’s okay. Come on. I just want to get to know you better.”

She testified Jeremy had closed and locked the door to the restroom.

“When I heard the click of the lock, I was facing him and I said, ‘Let me out. Why did you lock the door?’” Jane Doe 18 testified, adding that he allegedly replied, “I just want to get to know you,” before groping her breasts and trying to kiss her.

Jane Doe 18 testified that she tried to push him “as best as I could” and “kept pushing him away.”

“He would try with his left hand, his right hand just grabbing at my breasts,” she said. “He tried to kiss my neck.”

According to Jane Doe 18, Jeremy responded to this by “smiling, laughing, and he’s like, ‘Come on. Come on. I just want to see your boobs. I just want to see your boobs. Take ’em out.’”

After what she estimated to be two minutes of that, she said, Jeremy “eventually grabbed my left — my left breast [over the clothes] and with his right hand he — he put his hands down the front of my jeans. So they were buttoned, but he was stuffing his hand down my jeans. The front of my jeans.”

“He tried — I felt his fingers trying to go down to the top part of my vagina,” she told the grand jury. “He touched my vagina on the top.”

Jane Doe 18 said she “immediately just ignored what he was doing with his other hand and I took my hand, grabbed him by the wrist, and I — I was in shock, so I just — I grabbed his hand, ripped it out of my jeans, and I threw him, like threw his hand out.”

She said that she then “noticed that he was off balance so I took my body, my — left side of my body, and I checked him into the sink while he was off balance.”

Jeremy then allegedly stumbled into the sink and Jane Doe 18 stepped over him, unlocked the door and left.

She then saw her friend coming into the building and told her, “Let’s get out of here.”

“What’s wrong?” her friend asked.

“Ron Jeremy just tried to rape me,” Jane Doe 18 said she told her friend A.

They left the Rainbow Bar & Grill.

Ron Jeremy falling asleep during an talk show appearance promoting his branded liquor Ron de Jeremy

January 29, 2013: The following day, Jane Doe 18 and A. picked up Jane Doe 7, who also was planning to attend the NAMM musical equipment convention from LAX, and took her to their hotel.

Jane Doe 18 described Doe 7 as “a friend from the music scene.”

Doe 7 testified that she had had a few drinks by the time they arrived at the Loew’s in Hollywood.

According to Doe 18, Doe 7 called up to the room where she and A. were hanging out and said she was going to come by.

Doe 7 said that when she got there, there was a fourth woman she hadn’t met before. Doe 18 said it was only the three of them and that the fourth woman was not there but they were going to meet her for lunch. There are discrepancies in their testimonies about this fourth person and about the timeline of the events that followed.

“It was the four of us just hanging out, just drinking, having cocktails in Hollywood,” Doe 7 described.

After a few hours, there was a knock on the door.

Doe 7 said Jane Doe 18 answered it. Doe 18 could not recall if it was she or Doe 7 or A. who opened the door.

It was Ron Jeremy.

“He comes into the room,” Doe 7 told the grand jury. “He has a bottle of liquor that is his own brand. It was like his name and — I’m sorry, his face is on the bottle. It was like a clear — like a fifth — like 750 mils. of alcohol. I don’t know if it was wine or vodka or whiskey. I don’t know what type of alcohol it was, but it was his own brand.”

Doe 7 is probably referring to Ron de Jeremy, a rum that a liquor distributor began distributing in early 2012 in partnership with the performer.

Jeremy asked Doe 7 if she wanted any but she declined. She knew he was “a ’70s porn star. I’m of the age group where I […] knew who he was.”

Doe 7 said she was “kind of impressed” Jeremy was there. “I’m like he’s — I don’t want to say ‘celebrity,’ but, you know, he kind of was. I grew up in a very small town and he was, you know, like a status symbol. He was a celebrity.”

Jane Doe 7 said Doe 18 told her at the time that she had met him the night before at the Rainbow “but how he got there and how he knew exactly where her hotel room is I don’t know.” Doe 7 testified that Jane Doe 18 seemed surprised that Jeremy had found their room.

In her testimony, Doe 18 told the grand jury that she felt “terrified” and “confused on how he got there and why he was there and how he knew what room to go to.” She testified she had not given him their room number.

According to Doe 18, Jeremy told her “I have connections all over this town.”

After some more drinking, according to Doe 7, the fourth woman had to leave and Jane Doe 18 and A. decided to walk her down to let her out with a card key, leaving Jane Doe 7 alone with Jeremy.

Jane Doe 18’s testimony of these events differs from Doe 7’s. Doe 18 testified that A. “said that we had to meet her friend for lunch. That was the plan of the day. And so I said, ‘We have to go. We’re going to lunch. Everybody out.’”

According to Doe 18, Doe 7 said, “I want to stay here and talk to Ron” and she replied, “No, why don’t you come with us. Please come with us.”

Doe 18 told the grand jury, “my anxiety and stress and panic was going through the roof. And I kept trying to shoot her looks with my eyes to get her out of the room, and she insisted on staying.” 

Doe 7 testified she was “absolutely” feeling the effects of the alcohol and that she was “inebriated.”

When the other women left, Doe 7 said, “I was sitting on one bed and he was sitting on the other, and when the door shut he stood up and dropped his pants.” Jeremy then allegedly “motioned for [Doe 7] to give [him] fellatio.”

Doe 7 said that she said, “Ew, no,” as Jeremy stood there with his black sweatpants around his ankles.

Doe 7 said that Jeremy then “pulled my pants down and grabbed me by my bun and shoved me down on […] the bed.”

“I had already told him no,” she testified,” and at this point I knew it had gone from nice to mean. And I did not say anything. I did not want to resist. I did not know what he would do to me because his demeanor was — it completely changed and he turned mean and — he was just like a different person. And I knew my girlfriends were going to be back very soon, and I just did what I needed to do to get out of that situation. And I didn’t want to resist because I didn’t know if he would beat me or try to strangle me or something. I just didn’t know. So I just laid there and went with it.”

Doe 7 alleges that Jeremy said, “C’mon you know you want to” and “‘You know you want to suck my penis, you want to suck my cock,’ or something to that effect.”

Doe 7 said that Jeremy pushed her on the bed and held her down while he penetrated her.

“He’s having sex with me for a few moments,” she testified, “and I’m just thinking my girlfriends are gonna be back, they’re gonna be back, they’re gonna be back, I’m just gonna have to sit here, but they’ll be back and they’ll save me.”

“Save you from what?” asked the DA.

“From being raped.”

Doe 7 said that she didn’t say anything to Jeremy at the time and “just didn’t want to resist.”

She estimates he was inside her for about five minutes and then her friends came back.

She said they both pulled up their pants and she “sat there stunned.”

But according to Doe 18, who testified they had met the fourth woman for lunch, she and A. were gone for “an hour, an hour and a half.”

According to Doe 7, after Doe 18 and A. returned, the group sat there for 20 or 30 minutes. Doe 7 said Jeremy stayed in the room and sat there drinking his own bottle of liquor.

But Doe 18 has a completely different account of what happened when she and A. returned to the room.

“When I came back,” she testified, “I came into the room and I found [Jane Doe 7] — she was sitting on the bed and she was — she was drained of all color. She was — her mascara and her eyeliner was running down her face. She was wearing her hair in a braid or a ponytail and it was — it was all messed up. Her clothing was all disheveled.”

The DA asked Doe 18 if Jeremy was there when she returned.

“Ron Jeremy was not there,” she testified, contradicting Doe 7’s testimony.

Eventually, Jane Doe stated, the three women decided to go out for dinner.

Jane Doe 7 testified that Jeremy followed them and “begged” her to stay with him in the hotel. She declined. Jane Doe 18’s testimony does not confirm this, since she does not remember Jeremy being there after they returned at all.

The DA did ask Doe 18 “a question that I think some people may have.”

“You had the experience with Ron Jeremy on the previous night [at the Rainbow] and then, you know, the next day you leave him alone with Jane Doe 7, your friend, in the room. Why did you do that?” the DA asked.

“I’ve been asking myself that for a long time,” Doe 18 replied. “I really had this sense that it was about sex and he had come after me and that it wasn’t about anybody else. I also have to get out of there [at the Loew’s], and that was in the forefront of my mind. I regret what I did, but I panicked. I panicked. I didn’t want any of us to be in the situation I was in the night before, but I had to get out of there.”

Doe 7 did not report the rape to the police at the time.

She said she saw Jeremy a year or two later at the Rainbow.

“There were people that were standing around waiting for an autograph from him, and I stood in line, too, […] and he didn’t even remember who I was.”

Doe 7 told the grand jury she doesn’t really know what her intention was.

“I’m like ‘Hello,’ you know. ‘Do you remember me?’ and he’s like ‘No.’”

She posed for a picture with Jeremy, who also signed her breast.

The DA. asked her why.

“I don’t know. ’Cause he was a celebrity and it’s kind of like a status symbol.”

“And then why did you take a picture?” the DA asked.

“Because everyone takes pictures. Everyone’s life is on Instagram and Facebook.”

Doe 7 called the LAPD to report the 2013 incident in the summer of 2020, after Jeremy’s arrest. Doe 18 made her report after Doe 7 told her “she was coming forward.”

Ron Jeremy showing the scars from his 2013 open-heart surgery

There is one postscript to the Jane Does 18 and 7 testimonies.

The women allege the assaults occurred on January 28 and 29, 2013. On January 30, 2013, the Los Angeles Times reported that “Ron Jeremy, one of the most famous names in porn, is reportedly in critical condition at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after developing an aneurysm near his heart.”

According to the LA Times, quoting TMZ, “the 59-year-old adult-film star suffered severe chest pains Tuesday afternoon [January 29] and drove himself to the hospital, where the aneurysm was discovered.”

“His condition worsened and he was moved to the intensive-care unit, where he was being prepped for emergency surgery,” the Times continued.

“This has been a very difficult morning,” his manager Mike Esterman, told E! News.

Later on January 30,  Esterman gave an update from the doctors, “who said Jeremy’s second surgery ‘went smoothly’ and that the actor ‘is now resting with complete privacy and no visitors.’”

If that report and the Jane Doe 7 testimony are both accurate, Jeremy then must have suffered the aneurysm and been hospitalized immediately after the alleged rape.

A few weeks after he checked himself into the hospital, on February 20, Jeremy showed his open heart surgery scars (still showing staples) to a photographer for the New York Daily News .

“I came very close to death,” Jeremy told the New York paper. “I guess I have a very, very strong will to live.”

November or December 2013: Jane Doe 9 said she was at the Rainbow Bar & Grill around November or December 2013, one of only four or five times he has ever gone to the restaurant.

She said she had seen Jeremy one of the previous times that she had gone there, knew who he was because of “just TV, social media, just in general,” but hadn’t talked to him until then.

At the time, the 60-year-old Jeremy (almost a year after his reported aneurysm and open-heart surgery) was in the midst of one of his periodic upswings in his mainstream fame, having spent the previous year promoting his branded Ron de Jeremy liquor and appearing in the “This Is What It Feels Like” video for EDM DJ Armin van Buuren, which scored millions of YouTube views.

The 24-year-old Jane Doe 9 went to the Rainbow with her sister, who dropped her off so that she could go back to get her phone, which she had forgotten at their nearby apartment.

Doe 9 walked to the bar and was about to order a drink when, she testified, Jeremy walked up to her and told the bartender, “an old skinny man,” “Get her the Ron Jeremy Special.”

She described the drink she was handed as “dark colored” and “kind of looked like Jack and Coke,” and she said she drank “like half of it” in about 10 or 15 minutes.

She told the grand jury she did not remember what the drink tasted like but “I just remember I felt very weird afterwards and I didn’t feel good.”

While Doe 9 had her drink, she said, Jeremy was making “small talk” with her.

“Like where I’m from and like what’s there to do around Los Angeles, things like that, like other fun things to do around Los Angeles. Very small talk.”

According to Doe 9, the incident occurred “very late” in the evening and no one else was at the bar with them and the bartender, but there were some people in the outside area.

“I felt the bartender knew what he does because the bartender poured me the drink,” Doe 9 later told the grand jury.

She said that after 10 or 15 minutes she was not feeling good and said she needed to go to the restroom.

“Oh, I’ll take you to — I can take you to the VIP bathroom,” she said Jeremy told her. She also said Jeremy looked at the bartender, who “nodded his head.”

Jeremy then allegedly walked Doe 9 through the kitchen to the bathroom.

“And there’s like this weird door,” she testified. “And I go in the bathroom and then I turn around and he hurries and closes the door. And then I see him locking the door. And I didn’t — I didn’t know what was going on.”

Doe 9 said Jeremy was “blocking” her exit from the small bathroom “and then I don’t know what — to get me — something like he sat me on or — I don’t know what it was, or like propped me up on. He pulled down my pants that you don’t have a belt or like a button. They’re just kind of like leggings so you can just pull them down.”

Then, Doe 9 remembers, she “felt like weightless. I couldn’t really move. I was telling him, ’No.’ And then he went down with his mouth and he put his tongue on my vagina. And then I remember I like looked over and he stood up.”

Doe 9 told the grand jury Jeremy “pulled his penis out. And then I looked over at the mirror. And I — and, obviously it affected me. He put his penis in me. It was very weird. He put it in me very slowly and like — I don’t know if it was three, four or five times. And then he pulled his pants back up and then he went out the door and just left.”

Doe 9 told the grand jury she said “No” multiple times, and she remembers Jeremy “saying at one point of the time, ‘It’s okay, it’s okay.’ And I told him ‘No’ multiple times, but I felt like I couldn’t move my arms. I felt weightless.”

After Jeremy left, Doe 9 said, she “just pulled my pants up and I washed my hands. And I just felt disgusting. I just felt disgusting and I was just in shock.”

She then walked back to the restaurant and re-encountered her sister. Doe 9 said she told her sister “I saw Ron Jeremy, he tried to kiss me,” “We need to leave” and “I don’t feel good.”

She said she did not tell her sister “all the details of what happened in the restroom” because “it’s humiliating.”

Doe 9 told the grand jury that because “a disgusting man that had sex with like a million people” had just raped her without a condom, she was “freaked out I had AIDS.”

She eventually got an HIV test, she added, which was negative, but she could not recall exactly when.

She first disclosed her account to her husband — who also testified before the grand jury — in August 2020, after Jeremy had been arrested.

Afterwards, she contacted the district attorney’s office.

Ron Jeremy as he appeared in "A Little Advice From Uncle Ron: Halloween Tips," a 2015 episode of his YouTube show "The Ron Jeremy Chronicles" (Photo: YouTube)

February 21-22, 2014: Jane Doe 10 drove herself to the Rainbow Bar & Grill near midnight and was hanging out on the patio by herself, smoking “medicinal marijuana.”

She said that although she had lived in Los Angeles for less than a year, she knew people who worked at the Rainbow and decided “it’d be nice to get out of the house and, you know, just go and just be out, play with the jukebox and, you know, go visit some of my friends. So I was just talking to some of them and just mingling, playing with the jukebox.”

She then testified that she saw Jeremy and “I asked my friends that worked there and some of the bartenders and the bouncer if it would — if they thought it was okay if I went and — and introduced myself and said hi, and they said yes, that shouldn’t be a problem, that he’s a really — you know, harmless, he would probably really like to meet you.”

She said she knew who he was “not in the same sense that people would think. I knew him more from pop culture. He was in a Sublime video, which I’m a big fan of that band, and then he was also in ‘True Romance.’ That was one of my favorite movies. So — so I kind of knew him as a pop culture icon.”

Jeremy does not appear in the film “True Romance,” but does have a three-second cameo in “Killing Zoe,” which the witness may have confused with the first film.

Doe 10 introduced herself to Jeremy and asked if she could take a picture. They shot two pictures, and she said that “right as [the first one] was about to be snapped he grabbed for my breast […] over clothing.”

The people around them, she testified, “started laughing, so I didn’t really know what to do. I thought it was just like a — like a — like a joke or something, so I just laughed — I kind of tried to laugh it off, and I was just like ‘I can’t use this picture. Can we take another?’”

The first picture was deleted and a second picture was snapped where she testified, “I intentionally grabbed and held him like this [hugging him from the side] so that he could not do that again.”

They then sat down and she explained to him “that I had a very hard time finding work in Los Angeles since I moved here and he suggested that I be a webcam girl.”

“I said, ‘No, I don’t’ — ‘I don’t do sex work or that kind of work,’” she testified. “I need something legitimate. I have a — a young daughter.”

Doe 10 said Jeremy “was pressuring me. He said we — we could make a lot of money together, that — you know, that he could set it up, we could — we could mark out the USA so no one in the USA could see me, and I said, ‘No, really, that’s not the kind of work I’m looking for.’”

She told Jeremy she had identifying tattoos and she alleges Jeremy replied, “Well, I think you’re making a big mistake if you need a job that bad.”

“He just kept making me feel kind of dumb for not thinking that was a good idea in the situation that I happened to be in, which was that I was looking for work,” Doe 10 testified.

After that interaction, she said, Jeremy offered to buy her a vodka cranberry and she accepted. They walked up to the upstairs bar, where she thought a DJ friend of hers would be packing his gear.

Jeremy bought her a drink and after drinking no more than half, she testified, she “got so sick that I — I mean, it was — it was very quickly — I mean, I was just completely discombobulated. I was nauseous. I thought I was gonna have to go the ER.”

Doe 10 said she tried to make her way down to the second-level restroom, the women’s public bathroom, with Jeremy behind her trying to help her not fall down.

She said she was very sick in the bathroom and felt disoriented.

“I just was trying to figure out what had just happened to me and Ron opens the door to get me out of there because he says that the bar is closing,” she told the grand jury.

Doe 10 said she told Jeremy she would “wait it out” in her car and then see if she had to call somebody or an ER.

“And he tells me that if I do that, I’ll get arrested, so that I should go with him to a place nearby so that I can be safe and get — feel better,” she said.

After walking past the Rainbow staffers she knew, Doe 10 said, she decided to go with Jeremy in his car.

Doe 10 testified that Jeremy drove her to a friend’s apartment nearby. “He simply just said [he’d take her there] so that I was in a safe place and I could feel better,” she said.

During the drive, she said, she had to stop a couple of times to throw up.

According to Doe 10, Jeremy’s friend was a “heavier white, older man” and “kind of reminded me of like a — like a put-together car salesman, a fast-talker. At the time he had like spiky hair — like a little bit spiky hair.”

Jeremy’s friend, according to Doe 10, “seemed very happy” and was with “a half-naked woman.”

“He’s very welcoming,” she added, “but I’m extremely sick and all I really want to know is where the bathroom is, if I can have some water, and if there’s someplace that I can maybe lay down.”

Jeremy’s friend tried to take her on a little tour of the house, including “a custom Tiki area that he had built for him,” but she said she needed to sit down.

“We’re all sitting on the couch” for about 30 to 45 minutes, Doe 10 said, “everything is going fine until the man and [the woman] go to bed.”

That’s when Doe 10 alleges “things took a very different turn. We were just — he asked me to lay next to him on — on the couch and — […] I was just so exhausted from throwing up and just my body was so tired I didn’t really have — I didn’t know what was happening to my body. So I just laid — I laid down, but I — it wasn’t like a cuddle. I just laid flat on my back and — next to — you know, next to him.”

Doe 10 said she fell asleep and “when I woke up, he was cuddling me more and he had inserted his fingers into my vagina, “through the shreds in her pants.

She told the grand jury that she said, “No, no, no — You can’t do this” or “No, no, no, no. I can’t do this. No. I’ve got to get up. I’m gonna throw up,” and then ran to the bathroom.

When she returned from the bathroom, she said, Jeremy appeared to be sleeping.

Doe 10 testified she felt “horrified” because “people were telling me he was a good guy and then all this is happening and I’m just trying to survive the night.”

Doe 10 said she then very quietly laid back down “hoping that me saying no was enough.”

“I was scared to lay down anywhere else other than next to him because I had no idea what was going on,” she said.

Once again, she alleges, she woke up with Jeremy’s fingers inside her vagina.

“He basically kind of whispered in my ear that — that I did want to do this, to just let it happen, and I said ‘No, no, no, no. No I don’t,” Doe 10 said.

She then ran again to the bathroom and, she said, Jeremy followed her.

“And I was over the toilet,” she added, “and he — he grabbed […] my vagina over my pants from behind, and as he did that I […] projectile threw up everywhere and he left the bathroom” after Doe 10 allegedly told him, “Please stop. Please stop. This can’t happen. I can’t do this. I don’t want to do this.”

Doe 10 then locked herself in the bathroom and fell asleep there.

Later, she said, when she saw the sun was rising, she stepped out quietly “and I crept out and I grabbed my belongings. And I looked for a piece of mail and I couldn’t see anything.”

Doe 10 testified she then “got courage” and woke Jeremy up to ask him for the address to call a cab.

According to Doe 10, “He said ‘No’ very aggressively and got up and said, ‘I’ll take you back to your car.’”

Once they were in the car, Doe 10 testified, Jeremy started “talking to me again about being a webcam girl.”

Once they arrived at her car across from the Rainbow, Doe 10 said, “I get out and he hands me his business card and he says, ‘If you change your mind about the webcam, give me a call.’”

Doe 10 — who testified she left her jacket in Jeremy’s car — did not report the incident to the police at the time, but said she told her best friend about it.

As she was on the phone with her friend, she texted Jeremy, “Hi. It’s me. I left my jacket in your car. Can you please leave it with one of my acquaintance friends at the bar?” She said Jeremy texted back “No. If you want it, you have to come and get it.”

Her friend, according to Doe 10, told her, “Do not get the jacket. I will buy you another jacket.” The friend testified before the grand jury and corroborated those conversations.

Doe 10 also said that she put up the second photo she took with Jeremy on social media after it was taken but before the incident.

She reported the 2014 incident to the police last year, after she saw Jeremy’s address in the media.

“I don’t think I really realized how bad of an assault it was,” she told the grand jury. “I thought it was opportunism and my PTSD I think — because I have really severe PTSD. When I can’t handle something, I just push it back into a folder in my brain until my brain can process it.”

The grand jury also heard testimony from Doe 10’s friend, who corroborated her account of their conversations.

Ron Jeremy touching fans as he takes pictures outside of Sardo's in 2012 (Photo: YouTube)

May 19-21, 2014: Three months after the Doe 10 incident at the apartment with the distinctive Tiki bar, Jane Doe 1 — the first of four alleged victims in the DA’s initial case that resulted in Jeremy’s arrest in June 2020 — went to the now-defunct Burbank restaurant Sardo’s with two male friends.

At the time, Doe 1 was 25 years old, according to the statement by the DA's office at the time of Jeremy's arrest. She was “between places” and staying on her friend’s couch across the street from Sardo’s. The restaurant was known in the adult community as the traditional site of “Porn Star Karaoke,” something the small group of friends was aware of.

The male friends recognized Jeremy, though Doe 1 told the grand jury that “at the time I didn’t really know much about him.”

Her friends told Doe 1 that Jeremy “was supposedly famous. And he was in ‘Boondock Saints,’ which was a film I really like a lot.”

“They told me he was a famous adult actor as well,” Doe 1 explained.

One of the two men approached Jeremy’s table and the performer invited the group to sit with him at his table.

Doe 1 said that since they didn’t have a lot of money for drinks, Jeremy “lets us know that we can order drinks because he got free drinks at the bar, and I chose to order lemon drops.”

After having “quite a few drinks,” Doe 1 “noticed another party come in to one of the booths and it was Joey Fatone [former member of 1990s-2000s pop group NSYNC] with his entourage, and I got excited at that point because I was a very big NSYNC fan.”

Doe 1’s friends encouraged her to say hi to Fatone, which she did, and sat at the singer’s table for a while.

“There were more drinks,” Doe 1 testified. “And I ate his french fries. And then Joey and I kissed. And then things kind of start getting fuzzy as to the order of how things happened. I became incredibly inebriated, and at some point I went outside and Ron was there. And there was an alleyway that I remember. I don’t remember getting there. It’s just there was an alleyway. And I was with Ron.”

Doe 1 does not recall her friends being with her in that alley, but they “told me what happened, and I — I believe that that probably happened. They told me that I performed oral on Ron.”

Doe 1 says she doesn’t remember anything else from the night of the 19th or 20th at Sardo’s.

“Supposedly I passed out in the bathroom and one of the bartenders found me and found the last person I had called [one of her two friends] and they called him to come pick me up.”

The next day, Doe 1 said, she had a voicemail from Jeremy — with whom she could not recall exchanging numbers — where he was “playing a harmonica and singing a song he made up about me.”

Jeremy was known at events and comedy shows for playing his harmonica.

That same day, Doe 1 was at Disneyland with a friend and she spoke with Jeremy over the phone.

“It had been the first time in a while that I drank and I was extremely hung over and I remember doing Disneyland hung over,” Doe 1 told the grand jury.

According to Doe 1, “I don’t remember the exact wording, but the details were pretty much that, one, I was embarrassed that I had been so inebriated, and especially I was excited at the chance to meet someone from a band that I was a fan of growing up, and [Jeremy] said that he was gonna get me back in contact with Joey so that I could talk to him again and that he wanted to be my friend and just kind of be like an uncle and get to know me.”

Doe 1 said she thought, “Okay, yeah, being friends sounds fine” and also that “it was kind of cool that I’d get to talk to Joey Fatone again and not be embarrassed by it.”

Doe 1 said she and Jeremy made plans to get tea at Starbucks.

Shortly after that, she said, around May 21, 2014, “against my better judgement I agreed that he could pick me up to take me to a Starbucks, that I would go to one nearby the place that I was staying at.”

When she got in Jeremy’s car, she testified, he said he had to do “a pit stop and meet with a business partner.”

Jeremy then drove Doe 1 to his friend’s apartment or condo, the one with the custom Tiki room mentioned by Doe 10.

“And there was a gentleman there,” Doe 1 testified, “an older gentleman. And there was a woman, probably about in her thirties, fairly tall, European. She had a very heavy accent and she was pretty much just wearing lingerie.”

Doe 1 said that the woman called Jeremy “Uncle Ron,” and that she also called Jeremy’s friend “Uncle.”

“That’s kind of when I realized that that term meant something to them,” Doe 1 testified, “which I still wasn’t sure what, but I was already starting to get uncomfortable, especially because I walked in and there’s someone who’s barely clothed in there.”

Doe 1 also got the tour of the unit, including the Tiki bar, but at some point the man and the woman left her alone with Jeremy next to a bedroom.

“He kind of guides me into the room,” Doe 1 testified, “and was like ‘Okay, come on,’ You know? But in a very mild way. I didn’t — it’s not like he pushed me. He just sort of led me in.”

Doe 1 said she “felt very uncomfortable, but I have a tendency to freeze up.”

“I lose fight or flight,” she explained. “I just freeze and I don’t fight my way out of situation or — I just get scared.”

“At that point,” Doe 1 testified, “I knew that, one, I don’t think he ever wanted to take me to a Starbucks, and two, that his intentions were inappropriate physically.”

Doe 1 alleged that Jeremy told her to sit down, and she did. Then, she told the grand jury, Jeremy “proceeds to kneel in front of me and he pulls my shorts to the side in the middle along with my underwear, and I start saying ‘No.’ And I’m not screaming it, but I’m saying it. I’m saying ‘No’ and I’m trying to close my legs. And he proceeds to perform oral on me.”

“I wasn’t strong enough,” Doe 1 testified. “He was — his hands were stronger than my legs, I suppose, and his head was there, too, so it was difficult.”

According to Doe 1, Jeremy kept asking her, “What happened to ‘Fun [Doe 1]’? What’s wrong? What happened to ‘Fun [Doe 1]’?” and “What happened to the girl that I met?”

Doe 1 said she “pretty much said, ‘I don’t want this. That’s not the girl I am.”

After “two to four minutes,” she said Jeremy “stopped with the oral and he stood up and he pulled out his penis.”

Doe 1 said she didn’t move because she “was scared” and froze.

“I said ‘No,’” she testified. “He said, ‘Just the tip’ and I said ‘No.’ And at that point I really did try to close my legs as much as I could. I really did not want him to do that.”

According to Doe 1, Jeremy put “his penis into my vagina, and I told him ‘Ow!’ I said, ‘Ow! It hurts.’ And he was — and he didn’t put the whole thing in. He — his whole penis. And he was in there maybe a minute at most, not very long. And then he — he pulled his penis out and he said something along the lines of ‘See, look, just the tip.’”

After that, Doe 1 said Jeremy “laid flat on the bed and he told me to rub his back.” She did, although she doesn’t know why. “Really, I was just like not feeling okay in that moment.”

“I was feeling very just — like your head just kind of gets really foggy and you’re really scared and you just want everything to stop and go away.”

After rubbing Jeremy’s back for about two minutes, Doe 1 said he fell asleep and she left the room.

“The gentleman was in the kitchen and the woman was somewhere nearby in that room as well,” Doe 1 testified. “The gentleman was in the kitchen and Ron came out. And [Jeremy’s friend] gave Ron a plate of spaghetti.”

While Jeremy sat on a chair with his spaghetti and watched TV, Doe 1 said, she texted one of her male friends telling him what had happened.

She and the friend “actually discussed […] in the text of how I should get home and somehow we came to the conclusion that I should just let Ron drive me home.”

Jeremy, according to Doe 1, passed out again.

“He seemed very out of it,” she told the grand jury. “And he was eating his spaghetti and the spaghetti was like kind of on his belly, chest, and he passed out like that. And I asked the gentleman if something was wrong and […] they said, ‘No, he’s just tired. He does that. He falls asleep a lot.’ And I said that I wanted to go home, and they said, ‘Just let him finish his dinner and you’ll go home.”

After “about 30 minutes,” Jeremy took Doe 1 home but she described his driving as extremely erratic.

“He was swerving a lot,” she said. “He was running lights. He fell asleep at the light at one point again and I had to wake him up.”

Doe 1’s friends were waiting for her at the apartment across from Sardo’s and they had a conversation with Jeremy, who gave them T-shirts from the back of his car.

Doe 1 never saw Jeremy again, did not report the incident to the police in 2014 and deleted all phone calls and texts.

A few days after the incident, Doe 1 said, she saw a doctor to make sure she didn’t have an STI and “to make sure that nothing had happened to me in my — in my private — like sexually.”

She said she told the doctor what had happened with Ron Jeremy and that she explained to the doctor that he was “a famous adult film star.”

Eventually Doe 1 did report the incident to the police “about two and half years ago,” prompted by “what was happening in — just with women, that a lot more women were feeling more comfortable coming forward” about other men assaulting them.

Ron Jeremy giving a seminar at an Exxxotica convention, November 2014 (Photo: Exxxotica via Twitter)

January 2015: Jane Doe 11 is the second of the two victims who withdrew from the DA’s case before the grand jury hearings. According to the summary of her accusation, Doe 11 met Jeremy at the Cable Car Restaurant in Santa Monica in December 2014. In early January 2015, she and a female friend joined Jeremy at the Rainbow Bar & Grill after he offered to introduce her to the chef. Once there, Jeremy allegedly “grabbed her by the arm and took her to the secluded area in the restaurant [where he] pulled down her tube top exposing her breasts.” She told the DA she tried to push Jeremy away “as he sucked on her breasts and then tried to kiss her” and he “grabbed [her] wrist tightly and placed her hand on his erect penis over his clothing.”

August 17 and September 7, 2015: Jane Doe 12 was visiting Los Angeles from Salt Lake City to attend a cancer charity benefit at the Whiskey a Go Go on the Sunset Strip, a few storefronts down from the Rainbow Bar & Grill.

Doe 12 was at the event with her sister — who also testified before the grand jury — until around 10:30 p.m. and then walked to the Rainbow for dinner.

When they arrived at the restaurant, a man they didn’t know asked Doe 12’s sister to snap a picture of him and Ron Jeremy, and then convinced them to take one with the performer as well.

Doe 12 said she was vaguely familiar with Jeremy and “knew he had been in […] different music videos and then as an adult performer as well.”

The two women were then waiting for a table when Doe 12’s sister went to the bathroom. Then, Doe 12 testified, “I felt kind of a presence beside me, and I looked over and it was Ron Jeremy.”

“So he started, you know, chatting about where we were coming from, and I told him we were coming from a cancer charity event, and he said, ‘Oh, let me show you the kitchen.”

Doe 12 said she replied, “I’m waiting for a table” and that she was “a bit baffled as to why he would show me the kitchen. And so he said, ‘Oh, it will be quick. It will be quick.”

She said he grabbed her by the hand and pulled her towards the back of the bar area in the opposite direction from the restaurant.

Doe 12 said she protested that she was waiting for her sister but Jeremy “continued pulling me back towards the back area.”

“I was very confused and disoriented,” Doe 12 testified, “because I wasn’t familiar with the layout and I was confused at why, you know, someone I didn’t know was so aggressive towards going to look at a kitchen, but he was so quick — it was so quickly that it occurred. I was just looking around trying to find where my sister was.”

Doe 12 said that as she became disoriented, Jeremy “opened a door and pulled me in,” shutting it behind them,.

“Everything was kind of blurry the way that he was taking me back,” she told the grand jury, “so I didn’t specifically notice anything because I wasn’t familiar with the layout.”

In the room, Doe 12 alleged, Jeremy “put his arms around me and he started trying to kiss me and kind of slobbering on my face.”

Then, she said, he pulled her breast out and started “like almost biting me.”

“He was very, very rough,” Doe 12 said, adding she told him, “That hurts.”

“He got more aggressive,” she continued, “Just kind of grabbed me even more at that point and — just was very aggressive, just very — holding me.”

Jeremy then “kind of backed up, and he dropped down and he sat down” on a toilet, at which point Doe 12 said she became aware they were in a bathroom.

According to Doe 12, Jeremy “pulled his sweat pants down and he pulled out his penis and he grabbed my head and my neck and my shoulders and he said, ‘Kiss it.’ And I said, ‘No,’ you know. You know, ‘What are you doing?’ You know, I’m pulling back, pulling away, and he continued, you know, grabbing my neck and shoulders and — with, you know, the one hand. And he had his hand, you know, down by his penis at that particular time.”

Doe 12 said she continued struggling but she alleged Jeremy “did push my head down and his penis did enter my mouth” but then she was “able to get loose from him.”

A few seconds later, Doe 12 said, she put her weight against the door and “escaped” and tried to find her sister.

She and her sister eventually secured a table and once they sat down, she testified, “Ron immediately came over and sat next to me in the booth.”

“I was very confused,” Doe 12 told the grand jury, because out by the front he was so polite and nice. And so he sat down by me and he acted like nothing had happened. And I was so confused. I thought well, maybe he — maybe he was intoxicated and that’s why he was so aggressive and he didn’t realize he was that aggressive at the time.”

The two women and Jeremy had a meal together and Doe 12 said she thought “he was being very nice” and invited them to a party, but the sisters said they were going back to Salt Lake City the following day.

Jeremy gave Doe 12 his business card and told her to call him.

Doe 12 said she shared what had happened with her sister in the cab.

Doe 12 kept in touch with Jeremy after the sisters left Los Angeles, having a number of phone conversations — she thinks seven — about “life in general.”

“He was mentioning that he was gonna be involved in like mainstream movies and different comedy routines and things like that,” she told the grand jury. “It was nothing sexual or anything like that. It was specifically just like a conversation, polite conversation.”

During the conversations, Doe 12 said, she shared her experience with breast cancer and being a caregiver for her mother, and Jeremy encouraged her to come back to Los Angeles.

“Even if you come for one day,” she testified he told her. “I mean, I can show you all the sights. You deserve a vacation.”

On September 7, 2015, Doe 12 flew to Los Angeles to meet Jeremy, who reimbursed her for the ticket because he said his credit cards had been compromised. She said she hadn’t discussed sleeping accommodations during her trip.

“Based on our conversation,” she said, “you know, with all my cancer surgeries and everything, it wasn’t discussed. It was just more he was gonna show me around Hollywood and he’d get a hotel since he could pay cash for it since he lived here.”

Doe 12 said Jeremy picked her up late from the Burbank airport and took her to a frozen yogurt place where they had “some conversation.” Then he took her to a “family-oriented” restaurant where he knew people. Finally, she said, Jeremy suggested going to a pool party.

Jeremy drove her to an apartment complex and, Doe 12 alleged, “he got up out of driver’s seat and — and I was gonna get my swimming suit, and I looked over and I thought, ‘Oh he’s gonna come over and open my door so, you know, I’ll sit here for a minute. And then he opened the door and I stood up and he just violently pushed me with my head back, and I’m — and he was pinning me down, and I’m like ‘What’ — you know, ‘What are you doing? What are you doing?’ you know.”

Doe 12 said that she then “kind of pushed him back, but he pulled my leggings down and he put his penis in my vagina. And I was still squirming and thinking, you know, what just happened, he went from one to the next now.”

Doe 12 said Jeremy was inside her for “about two minutes or so” while she said “Stop” and continued squirming.

Then, she said, “I pulled back and so his penis came out. And then I — I was standing up and then he acted like nothing happened again.”

“And he’s like ‘So get your swimming suit. We’re gonna go to the pool party,’” she told the grand jury.

“I’m thinking ‘is he drunk again, like what is going on,’” Doe 12 testified. “I don’t understand how he can just [snaps her fingers] like that.”

Doe 12 said that when she leaned over to get her swimsuit, Jeremy became aggressive again.

“All of a sudden, he just pushed me and my face hit the driver’s side seat and my breasts […] hit the center between the chairs, and he pushed me down,” she testified, adding she told Jeremy “Stop, you’re hurting me.”

She said Jeremy replied “Stop moving. Stop Moving,” pulled her leggings again and put his penis inside her again.

Doe 12 said she didn’t know how to escape “because he kept changing his personality.”

Doe 12 said she went with Jeremy upstairs because “I had no idea where any exits were. In the back of my head, I’m also thinking I’ve got my [expensive] medication in [my] bag. I was just hoping that since he came out of this state of fury, or whatever you’d like to call it, I was hoping he would — there would be people around this pool area and I was just — still to this day I’m shocked.”

Once at the condo, Jeremy and Doe 12 were received by “an older man.” Jeremy, she said, instructed her to put on her bathing suit, which she did.

“And he said, ‘Let’s go to the pool,’” she testified. “And he asked me if I wanted something to drink, and I said, ‘No.’ And he was persisting about his spice rum that he had. You know, he had a special spice rum drink. And I said, ‘No, no,’ because I — you know, I wanted to be straight in the head.”

But there was no pool party, she testified. Jeremy sat down with her and passed out on the lawn chair.

Jeremy kept dozing off and “coming to,” she told the grand jury. During one of his waking spells, she said, he told her, “Oh, looks like we’re the only ones here. My friends didn’t show up.”

After a half hour at the pool, they returned to Jeremy’s friend’s apartment and they changed out of their swimwear. Doe 12 again became spatially disoriented and ended up in a bedroom with Jeremy where she said he was “kind of cornering” her.

She said he aggressively continued trying to kiss her and forcefully grabbed her breasts without saying much, as she told him to stop.

Jeremy then, according to Doe 12’s testimony, tried to convince her to lie down on the bed and when she asked to be taken to her hotel, he allegedly told her, “Oh, we’re not going to get a hotel.”

Jeremy informed her, she said, that they were staying in his friend’s apartment, before once again pushing her down on the bed, pulling down her leggings and putting his penis inside her.

“I was in shock and I kept pulling away and pulling away,” Doe 12 testified. “His penis came out and he said, ‘You just made me lose my erection. Now you’re gonna have to give me a blowjob so I can get another erection.”

Jeremy, she said, forced her on her back and continued trying to put his penis in her mouth while straddling her.

“I was giving an expression,” she told the grand jury, “because he smelled horrible and I saw these little bumps like his groin area. And then I was […] like ‘Get off me, Get off me.’”

While they were still struggling, she recounted, a conversation ensued about Jeremy’s hygiene, where he allegedly said about the bumps she noticed, “Oh, no, they test me all the time because I’m still working in the adult entertainment and they test us all the time for AIDS and for —”

After one last “You need to get off me,” Doe 12 said, Jeremy “gradually, you know, got off me.”

Doe 12 locked herself in the bathroom for what she said may have been two or three hours.

When she heard other voices, she left the bathroom and retrieved her purse and phone. Jeremy then allegedly tried to make her sign a blank Post-It note, which she refused to do.

After a few more confusing interactions between Doe 12, Jeremy, his friend and another woman, she said, she asked the performer to drive her to the airport, which she said he did — first to Burbank and then to LAX after a change of flights — even though she did not agree to what he said was his condition of having sex with him in the airport bathroom.

Doe 12 said she disclosed the assault to her sister over the phone when she arrived at the Salt Lake City Airport.

She did not report it to the police at the time, but did contact the DA last year after Jeremy was arrested.

Ron Jeremy at the 2016 XBIZ Awards in Los Angeles, January 2016 (Photo: Gustavo Turner)

February 23, 2016 [incorrectly dated to 2013 during the first day of the grand jury hearings]. Jane Doe 8 went to see a metal show at the Whiskey a Go Go where a musician friend of hers was playing. After the show, Doe 8 and the bassist went to the Rainbow Bar & Grill up the street.

The two of them sat on the patio and ordered food and the musician went back to the Whiskey to load the band’s truck.

Doe 8 said she then noticed Ron Jeremy walking into the restaurant and that she knew him because “he was pretty famous, at least when I was a little bit younger than that.”

Doe 8 said Jeremy “made contact with me and then beelined directly towards me and sat next to me.” She said Jeremy asked her if she knew who he was.

She said that she replied, “Yes, a lot of people know who you are.” 

Doe 8 alleged that Jeremy then “started to ask if I would go somewhere with him, specifically to a — like a special chef’s bathroom in the restaurant, and he told me that he wanted to show me his ‘schmeckle.’”

Doe 8 said she refused the offer, which was repeated several times. She said she told Jeremy, “Please, no. Please leave. I do not have any interest in seeing anything.”

Doe 8 alleged that Jeremy then “reached into my shirt and grabbed my breast” and nipple.

“He said ‘Oh, you are a dirty girl.’ He was referencing [...] the piercing that I have.”

Doe 8 said she “very strongly told him that I wanted him to leave and shortly after that he did leave because I became pretty strong with my body language and my language that I did not have any interest in talking to him, going anywhere with him, or having him touch me.”

Eventually her bassist friend came back to the Rainbow and Doe 8 testified she told him “Hey, we need to leave because Ron Jeremy just grabbed me.”

She did not report the incident at the time, but went to the police last year, after Jeremy was arrested because “it really did not feel [before] like it actually happened because it seemed like a weird fantasy story, that I was just sitting eating dinner and Ron Jeremy assaulted me.”

She told the grand jury that she decided to come forward because she “saw articles that he was being brought in for it, and specifically he said the women coming forward are liars or remorseful buyers.”

“There’s no part of me that is a liar or a remorseful buyer from that instance, from that event that happened,” Doe 8 said. “I was just eating dinner and I was not in any way trying to have any association with this man when he attacked me.”

Doe 8's husband also testified before the grand jury and said his wife had disclosed the assault to him in 2018.

September, 2016: Jane Doe 13, 20 years old at the time, was at a pool in the building next door to Ron Jeremy’s around late 2015 or early 2016. A friend of her mother’s lived in the building next to Franklin Towers.

Jeremy’s apartment, she testified, overlooked that pool.

“I believe I was just there with my mom,” Doe 13 testified. “I was either swimming in the pool or in the jacuzzi or lying down, one of the three, and we were already there and he arrived later and started talking to my mom.”

Doe 13 testified that she had no idea at the time who the 63-year-old Jeremy was, but believes her mother did recognize him and had “a light, cordial conversation [with Jeremy] that I don’t really remember the details of.”

“She was familiar with his celebrity,” Doe 13 testified, “but from personally in Atlantic City, I believe, which is where we’re from. She has seen him there before, but it was like an outing so I don’t know if he had noticed her, but I think she just brought it up that she recognized him from that time previously.”

Doe 13’s mother eventually moved in with her friend who lived next Franklin Towers and Doe 13 testified she had seen Jeremy on his balcony overlooking the pool.

She said Jeremy “had a pet turtle and would like hold it over the — to show the turtle the view, I guess. I don’t know what he was doing, but was to overlook the pool.”

The DA asked Doe 13 how she came to have further contact with Jeremy and she replied “from still living in that area and my mom keeping in touch, whether just through seeing him at the pool — I don’t know how she kept in touch.”

Then, Doe 13 alleged, she “was told from my mom that there’s an opportunity to model in like a bikini swimwear and the opportunity was through him or the connection through him.”

She said that “from having a dance background, I just didn’t really think much of it so I was presented that opportunity in the form of a question so I just said ‘Yeah, why not.’”

She said she was under the impression that this was a paid modeling opportunity.

“One of my first jobs outside of high school,” Doe 13 testified, “was with the casinos, so I would do gig work, like modeling for the casinos for shows or handing out fliers for events. So I was familiar — not with it professionally, the model scene, although I do have friends who do professional modeling. So I was just familiar with that type of world and was open to gaining experience.”

Doe 13 said she and her mother coordinated the photo shoot and arranged for her to be picked up by Jeremy.

At that point, Doe 13 said, she “was under the impression that it was like a family friend through him keeping in touch with my mom. So that’s just how I felt with anyone who was acquainted with my mom.”

Jeremy, she testified, then drove her to his friend’s apartment.

She said an older man was there and she thought he was the photographer. They offered her a drink but she declined.

Jeremy, she testified, told her to change in a bathroom by a bedroom and once in the bedroom he “walked up to me and said he was like known for his male appendage,” or another word she doesn’t recall but understood to mean penis, “and as he said it he grabbed my wrist to move my hand over his pants.”

She said she moved back and said, “No.”

Doe 13 described herself as “very shocked and confused as to how it kind of went from one situation to asking me that and him walking into the room with nothing in his hands.”

She said she asked him where the swimwear was and he then “suggested to take nude photos instead, but to cover my face.”

“I felt tricked,” Doe 13 testified. “I felt like I was just manipulated into a situation that I was not aware of as a possibility.”

She said she was also “scared that if I would say ’no’ or decline in any way to get out of the situation and ask to leave that I would be met with pushback, meaning I wouldn’t be allowed or things would — might get violent because I knew that there was someone outside of the room to stop my escape if they didn’t let me leave on my own will.”

Doe 13 said she agreed to do the nude photos, though she said she did so “more of a compliance to just do what he said so I could — he would let me leave safely.”

“At that point it felt like he could block my chance of leaving that situation,” she stated.

Jeremy, she said, told her to get undressed and she did. He allegedly told her she could cover her face with a pillow “for anonymity” and produced a disposable camera and started shooting.

Then, she said, she sat down on the bed with her face still covered by the pillow, “and then he asked me to lay down and to open my legs to take photos of my private region.”

She said she did that and she moved the pillow down to her chest and Jeremy told her that “he needed to make it [her vagina] prettier for the photos, and proceeded to come closer to me to put his mouth on my vagina for approximately 10 seconds.”

“My body tensed up,” she testified. “So after about 10 seconds he had paused to say it will be over soon and he would give me more money and proceeded for about 10 more seconds.”

After that, according to Doe 13, Jeremy “moved away from me and just took a few more photographs, so I immediately lifted up when he moved away from me sitting up. And he took a few photos of me sitting up, and at that time he had gone off the bed so I had slowly gotten up. And then he told me that I could get dressed.”

Doe 13 testified she then got dressed and walked into the living room where Jeremy and his friend were sitting.

She said Jeremy told her that “to receive the payment that he said he would give me I had to write my consent to XXX photos and sign my name on a blank piece of paper.

She added that Jeremy handed her a blank piece of paper and she signed it.

“I wrote exactly what he said, like I, my name, which I don’t remember if I had just scribbled something or made a legible name, consent to XXX photos.”

At that point, she testified, “I was just doing everything I was told, complying so I could get out of there safely.”

Jeremy handed her $500 in cash then drove her home. She testified they had originally agreed to $300.

“Knowing why he had paid me more,” Doe 13 told the grand jury, “made me feel really just disgusted and ashamed that it even took place.”

Doe 13 testified she didn’t tell her mother about what happened at the photo shoot.

“I acted like everything went according to plan,” she testified.

Doe 13 did not report the incident to the police at the time. Her mother remained in contact with Ron Jeremy.

Doe 13 first discussed the incident with her therapist in 2020, after Jeremy was arrested, and then reported it to the police.

Ron Jeremy at the Rainbow Bar & Grill on the Sunset Strip, early 2018 (Photo: YouTube)

March 10-11, 2017: Jane Doe 2, the second of the original four alleged victims presented by the DA in the filing that led to Jeremy’s arrest, came to Los Angeles with her husband for what the DA described as “a weekend getaway.” On March 10, 2017, a friend of the husband’s, who lived in Los Angeles, took them around 10 or 10:30 p.m. to the Rainbow Bar & Grill, where, according to Doe 2, they had food and stayed for “several hours.”

During their time there, her husband’s friend recognized Ron Jeremy and had his picture taken with him. Doe 2 testified she didn’t know who Jeremy was.

When the Rainbow was closing, Doe 2, her husband and his friend went to their car — but she needed to use the restroom, she said, “and didn’t want to try to wait till we got back to the hotel because I knew it was a bit of a drive. So I headed back up towards the front door.”

“I set my things on the car,” she added, “and told them I was gonna be right back, I just needed to use the restroom before we left.”

In front of the Rainbow, Doe 2 encountered a group of people standing around. A man whom she recognized as Jeremy approached her and said “hi.” 

“He was talking with a group of people and signing papers and signing people,” she testified. Jeremy “asked me if I wanted his photograph. I told him no thank you, I just was heading inside to use the restroom. He asked me if I knew who he was and I said no. And he kind of seemed to laugh and chuckle about that. And then he said — asked if I was sure I didn’t want his signature, and I just said, ‘That’s okay.’ And there were other people around that were kind of talking about their signatures and stuff.”

Doe 2 testified that, because she “did feel out of place in his territory I guess I could say,” and since “someone else was mentioning how he had signed her breast,” she “didn’t want to let him sign me right there, and so I said he could sign right here [she indicated her upper left chest].”

The DA asked her why she did that and Doe 2 answered, “Insecurity.”

“I was intimidated,” she testified. “I felt nervous. I didn’t know people there. It felt everybody else did know and so I felt out of place.”

According to Doe 2, Jeremy then “pulled my top down a bit and my bra down and started to put his mouth on my chest.”

She said she “was very uncomfortable and so I just kind of backed up and said, ‘I got to go to the bathroom,’ and turned toward the door that we had left.”

Doe 2 testified that Jeremy told her “they wouldn’t let me go in that way because they were closed.”

Instead, the DA alleged during questioning, Jeremy “offered to show [Doe 2] to a restroom that he said they would allow [her] in.”

Doe 2 said she agreed to go with him “because I needed to use the restroom. And as a woman who’s had five children, you can’t hold it very well. And I just wanted to go to the bathroom.”

Jeremy, according to her testimony, led her to the back entrance of the Rainbow.

“My dad has a restaurant,” she testified, “and I would have done the same for somebody. If I knew they needed to use the restroom, I would have let them use the employee restroom.”

As they made their way to the employee restroom, Doe 2 testified, “people were saying hi to him. He was acknowledging some people.”

Jeremy, she said, walked them through “like a back kitchen for where pantries, offices, that kind of stuff would be,” where she saw Rainbow employees.

“There was a gentleman in a doorway,” she testified, “so we walked into a hallway. There was a doorway on my right that had a gentleman standing there, and he said hi to Ron and I asked if it was all right if I used the restroom. He said, ‘Of course.’ And then Ron showed me where the restrooms were, and they were just around the left.”

She said she tried the first restroom but there was someone in there, so Jeremy started making small talk.

“He just started asking me like ‘What brings you down in this area?’” she told the grand jury, “and I mentioned my husband and I were able to get a little getaway, just the two of us, that we had several children and got to have a weekend to go see a show, that we liked theatre. He said he did acting and he kind of thought that that was funny that he did and ‘That’s what I do for a living.’ And I told him I was a nurse. He told me how much he appreciated nurses and how much — he just had so much respect for them because he had heart surgery, and he showed me a scar on the upper chest near the clavicle area.”

Jeremy was referring to his 2013 open-heart surgery, four years before this alleged incident.

“He was going on about how well the nurses took care of him and the doctors come in and check, but it’s the nurses who really take care of him and how much he appreciates that and that is just an amazing profession and he has a lot of respect for me because of my profession,” she testified.

When the man using the restroom stepped out, Doe 2 said she went into the restroom “and Ron followed me in.”

She told the grand jury that she thought, “Oh, crap,” because “that’s not probably a good thing when someone follows you into a restroom.”

She said she told Jeremy that she needed to use the bathroom, “and he said ‘Well, go ahead,’ and he closed the door. And he stayed in front of the door, though, and he kind of stepped a little bit toward where that cubby was where the paper towels are. And — so I did use the restroom.”

“I didn’t want to wet my pants,” she told the grand jury. “And part of me just thought hopefully that’s just a weird kick for him and then I can just go and then leave.”

Doe 2 said she “quickly pulled up my pants and started washing my hands, and then I kind of went toward the door and I said, ‘I’m — ‘I’m ready to go. I need to go.’ And he told me to wait and then began complimenting me. He was saying that he thought I was very sexy.”

“I said, ‘No, I’m just a mom.’ He said how cute it was that I didn’t know who he was.”

“I said, ’I’m just a mom. I need to go. My husband’s waiting for me.’”

Doe 2 said Jeremy didn’t acknowledge what she was saying.

“He kind of just was still complimenting me,” she testified,” and told me he wanted to — he said he wanted to see that — see that ass. And — I’d never heard of him before, and I said, ‘No.’ And he said something about doing — he was in the adult industry, and I said I’m not really familiar with that, I didn’t know who he was. And then he said, “Well, they write songs about me and I’m in movies.” And I said, ‘That’s nice. I just need to go.’ I didn’t want to escalate the situation and make him mad.”

Doe 2 said she was scared because “he’s bigger than me and he was blocking the door, and especially in my profession that’s — you try to just hear people and keep things calm and not let it escalate.”

She said she tried stepping around Jeremy a couple of times but “he just stood where he was and kind of ignored me trying to get that — I couldn’t have moved him and I didn’t want to try to get physical and be dead as well or if he would have hurt me.”

Doe 2 testified that Jeremy kept trying to get her to show him “[her] butt” and “kind of turned me around.”

“I kind of tried not to turn,” she said. “I just — you know how someone pushed – or moves you a little bit, you kind of just retract that back, and I — and then he said it again, and he just — ‘I just want to see it.’ And then he kind of pushed — moved me more firmly.”

Doe 2 said she told Jeremy “I just need to leave. My husband’s waiting. He probably wonders where I am” and “I’m just a mom. I have kids at home.”

“I was hoping he would kind of think about that,” she told the grand jury, “and just — I don’t know, maybe just see me as just a plain mom and let me go.”

Doe 2 said that Jeremy then pushed her forward over the toilet, with his hand pressing her back.

“He told me I could put my knee up or foot up or one of the two up onto the toilet if I wanted to” she testified, “and I said ‘No, I just need to go.’ And then he pulled the back of my pants and underwear down.”

“I said, ‘I just need to go.’ And then he said something about being very sexy and that he’s seen plenty and that I was just very sexy, and I said, ‘No. No. I just want to leave.’”

At that point, she alleged, Jeremy pressed his naked penis against her, “first on my butt and then he was kind of moving it around in that area.”

Doe 2 told the grand jury she kept telling Jeremy that she was “just a mom” and that her husband would be wondering where she was.

Using the medical terminology of her profession, Doe 2 said Jeremy put his penis “between the gluteal crease” and that he “was pressing against the rectal area and the skin and that surrounding area, and then he began just kind of moving his penis around the labial area.”

She said Jeremy asked her “if I’ve ever been with someone that big, and he was telling me that he was really big and that he didn’t know if I could handle it and was I getting wet, was he making me wet. I just kept saying the same things, just ‘No, I just need to leave. No, I just want to go.’”

Doe 2 alleged that Jeremy then put his penis “between the labia” and told her “to be quiet.”

Doe 2 said the entire sexual assault lasted around 20 to 30 minutes from “when he pushed me and turned me around and was pressing against me.”

“And then after a little while when he was finished, I guess,” she testified, “he let me stand up and I pulled up my pants quickly” and she turned around to face him and said “My husband’s probably looking for me, I should go.”

Jeremy, she testified, replied, “Well, don’t you want to see how big I am,” to which she said she replied, “No, I’m a nurse. I’ve seen plenty. Thanks.”

“I was trying to not push one way or another,” Doe 2 told the grand jury, “but tactfully get out of there without making him angry, but also I didn’t want to comply.”

Doe 2 said Jeremy took her hand and put it on his penis, saying, “Well, you should at least feel it” and told her “he had a trick he could do.” She said he then urged her to say, “Make it big, Ron Jeremy” and “Get big, Ron Jeremy” and told her, “Watch what I can do.”

“And I didn’t,” she recounted. “I just didn’t say anything. And he said it. He said, ‘Get big, Ron Jeremy.’ And then he like flexed his penis or something and made himself get more hard. And then he said, ‘Now tell me to get smaller, Ron Jeremy.’ I said, ‘I should just go.’ And he said, ‘Get smaller, Ron Jeremy,’ and he made himself smaller, like relaxed it. And he goes, ‘Not everybody can do that.’ And it’s like his yoga trick or something to that extent. And he said it a couple more times and kept holding my hand there.”

Jeremy, Doe 2 testified, pulled up his pants, ribbed her again for not knowing who he was and then, when she said she needed to leave, told her, “You want to leave?”

“Yeah, I want to leave,” she said she replied.

“Well, all you had to do was ask,” she alleged he told her. “I would have let you go anytime.”

Doe 2 said she remembers the exchange because she was “very confused and frustrated that I thought I had just been saying that this whole time.”

She testified they exited the bathroom and Jeremy walked her through a different back area where he spoke to “someone — an employee of the restaurant, a young woman, and I don’t know what he said to her. I started to walk toward the door and he said, ‘Wait, sit down here.’ And — so I did. And he said, ‘I want to write you a note.’ And she handed him a sharpie and a napkin, a couple of napkins, and he wrote something on them about being like beautiful as well as smart or intelligent and he put ‘all neg’ and then signed his name and then passed it on to me. He said, ’See, that says ‘all neg,’ which means I’m negative about everything, you don’t have to worry about getting anything. I have to stay clean for my job so I get checked often.”

Doe 2 alleged Jeremy told her to write him a note, which she did.

“I was scared,” she testified. “I felt I was in his territory, especially with the staff member handing him that. I didn’t feel I could necessarily just jump and run.”

Doe 2 said she wrote in her note “that if he wants to make someone feel beautiful, he shouldn’t follow them into a bathroom, he should take them to dinner and buy them flowers, and if they want to go to a hotel, that would be the way to help someone feel beautiful and wanted.”

“And he scoffed,” she added, and told her “You don’t feel beautiful? I told you you’re sexy and you want me to buy you flowers and you didn’t have a good time.”

Doe 2 said she did not reply, but that at that point a man came in and “he had some long-stemmed roses, and so Ron came back with a purple long-stemmed rose and he said, ’Here, I’m buying you flowers.’”

Doe 2 testified that Jeremy walked her to the car, “and as soon as I saw my husband, I just kind of walked straight to him. And my husband hugged me and told me he was worried he couldn’t find me, that he was looking for me, and I told him that I was sorry.”

Doe 2 said Jeremy gave her his business card, and she got in the car and the men remained talking by the car.

“Ron was talking about needing to call his ride,” she testified, “and I was just hoping Josh did not offer him a ride. He talked about his flip phone, but he doesn’t like the newer phone and that it gets the job done.”

Doe 2 did not disclose the entire incident to her husband or his friend during the ride to the hotel but told the jury she thought “I told [her husband’s friend] that his friend [Jeremy] wasn’t as cool as he thought he was.”

She thinks she might only have told her husband that Jeremy “followed me into the restroom.”

She testified she felt “scared, sick, really disgusting” and “sorry for my husband, ’cause I was ruining the trip, that he had gotten us a nice trip and now I was gross and ruined and he had me, so I didn’t want to say much when we got back to the hotel.”

At the hotel, Doe 2 took a photo of the note and the business card.

The next morning, Doe 2 testified, she called her best friend and told her about the sexual assault. She later told her husband “over several weeks.”

She thinks she reported it to her local police seven months after the alleged assault, around September 2017.

She said Los Angeles police contacted her in 2017 but they were later unclear with her about the status of her case.

Doe 2’s husband also testified before the grand jury, corroborating her account of the events before and after the assault.

Ron Jeremy introducing the band Jetboy at the 45th anniversary party for the Rainbow Bar & Grill, April 2017 (Photo: YouTube)

On June 28, 2017, three and half months after the alleged Jane Doe 2 assault at the Rainbow, adult cam performer and indie clip artist Ginger Banks posted a 10-minute YouTube video titled “Allegations of Sexual Assault Against Ron Jeremy and Exxxotica's Response.”

Speaking directly to the camera, Banks stated, “There have been allegations of sexual assault and rape against Ron Jeremy that go back as far as August 2003. I will present these allegations of sexual assault against Ron Jeremy and you can decide for yourself if you believe them to be true or not.”

“The allegations,” Banks continued, “come from both women inside the adult industry and out.”

Banks cited two allegations — by Ginger Lynn in 2003 or 2004 and by “a woman at the Exxxotica Expo in Miami” in 2007 — as the only ones she could find reported by the mainstream media. She also showed screen captures of more allegations from online forums and published books, and several videos of Jeremy fondling people while being filmed or photographed in public.

Banks also showed several tweets where women alleged being sexually assaulted by Jeremy.

In the video, Banks refers to Jeremy as “a known groper” and details her campaign to have him banned from adult industry events.

Ron Jeremy as he appeared with first guest Lana Rhoades in his 2017 YouTube show "Conversations With Ron Jeremy" (Photo: YouTube)

September 9-10, 2017:  A little over two months after Ginger Banks posted her video, Jane Doe 3 — the third of the four original alleged victims presented by the District Attorney at the time of Jeremy’s arrest — went out with two female friends.

The trio were out on the Sunset Strip, going to Rock N Roll Sushi, then to the Laugh Factory and later to Mexican restaurant Pink Taco, where Doe 3 threw up after drinking a margarita, one of several drinks the group ordered that evening.

Afterwards, they continued walking and ended up at the Rainbow Bar & Grill, which Doe 3 had not been to before.

Doe 3 said she and one of her friends called Ubers to go back home, but when her car didn’t arrive, the other friend said, “Just come back inside with me.”

Both went back to the Rainbow and stayed until closing time, and Doe 3 said she lost her friend in “a crowd of people” in front of the restaurant and was talking to a man who told her to go say hi to Ron Jeremy, whom she didn’t know personally but had heard of; she “knew he was in the porn industry.”

She said she told the man, “No, he’s disgusting. Why would I want to do that?”

Then, she alleged, “somebody, Ron Jeremy, came up behind me and stuck his hands up my dress” and “put [his] hand in my vagina,” 

“I tensed up,” Doe 3 testified. “It all happened so fast. I just remember staring out into the crowd and then his face coming in at me and then I ran off. It is kind of like spotty for me. I — I just — I remember his face coming at me. It’s been in my nightmares, that face just coming around at me from the right.”

At that point, Doe 3 said, she located her friend and “ran to her” but her friend told her “she wanted to go to an after-hours party.”

Doe 3 did not tell her friend about what had happened. The two got into a car with two men whom Doe 3 did not know and did not identify for the grand jury but whom she thinks her friend knew.

Her friend also testified before the grand jury, calling herself "an acquaintance" of Doe 3. She said Doe 3 was "pretty drunk" and testified the two men in the car were Ron Jeremy, who was driving, and his friend.

The four went to an apartment complex and parked in an underground garage. “I’m walking out and then I see [her friend] going up some stairs,” she testified, “and then I am pushed into a planter, a rocky planter.”

Doe 3 said the man pushing her was Ron Jeremy, whom she told the grand jury she had not seen since she ran from him outside the Rainbow.

While the rest of the party had made their way into the apartment, Doe 3 told the grand jury, she was down in the planter, bleeding and still feeling the effects of the alcohol she had consumed throughout the evening, and Jeremy asked her, “Does this feel good?”

She said she replied, “No, please stop.”

At some point while she was down in the planter, Doe 3 alleged, Jeremy “penetrated her vagina with his penis,” holding her with a hand on her back.

“I kept fighting to get away,” she testified.

Doe 3 said she noticed a “pool of blood” under her and “somehow rolled out of it to the right and fell on the sidewalk.” She then got up and ran up the stairs.

She said Jeremy did not say anything besides “Does it feel good?”

“I thought I was gonna die that night,” she testified.

Doe 3 found her friend up at the apartment, which turned out to be the same one previously described by other witnesses, with the custom Tiki bar. There, she also found Jeremy’s friend and “a young girl maybe around 20.”

Doe 3 described Jeremy’s friend as “an older man” wearing a [furry] vest and big glasses. His hairstyle was — he looked kind of like right out of the ’60s, ’70s with his hair and glasses and clothing.”

She testified that Jeremy’s friend, whom Doe 3 thought was around 70, “put one arm around me and pulled me tight towards him” holding her around her waist.

She said the man offered her a drink, which she didn’t drink.

Jeremy’s friend, according to Doe 3, walked him into another room but she asked to use the restroom.

At that point she noticed a decorative “volcano” lit up. "I saw a bed past the volcano and that’s where I thought he was walking me to, to that bed.”

In the restroom, Doe 3 said, she reunited with her friend.

“I’m still bleeding,” she testified, “and I told her, ‘They’re going to make us have sex with them.’”

Doe 3 said her friend didn’t believe her and both came out to the living room, where they encountered Jeremy, his friend and the younger girl.

Doe 3 told the group she needed to go home and, she said, Jeremy answered “I’ll take you home. Don’t take an Uber.”

Before he drove her and her friend home, according to the testimony, Jeremy told her to write a note.

“He put a piece of paper down and a pen and told me, ‘I want you to write’ — I don’t remember exactly what it says,” Doe 3 testified. “‘I want you to put your first and last name and phone number.’”

She said she wrote more, also allegedly dictated by Jeremy, but didn’t specify to the grand jury what that was.

She described Jeremy as quiet during the ride, and also as erratic.

After she got home, she testified, she was bleeding from her vagina and drove herself to a hospital. The hospital personnel called the police, who took her to a different location where an examination was conducted and photographs were taken.

Doe 3 told the police what had happened, but not that it was Ron Jeremy.

Her acquaintance testified before the grand jury that she had checked on Doe 3 via text the next morning and, after Doe 3 mentioned having gone to the hospital, she had asked her what had happened."

"That gross old man," the acquaintance said Doe 3 texted back, before the messages stopped.

In October 2017, the New York Times and the New Yorker released their reports on sexual assault and rape allegations against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

On October 23, Exxxotica banned Ron Jeremy from its events, following Ginger Banks’ June video and her campaign. This was followed by Free Speech Coalition rescinding a “Positive Image” award it had given Jeremy in 2009.

On November 7, Variety reported that Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey had "created a task force of veteran prosecutors to deal with sexual abuse crimes in the entertainment industry." Lacey's Entertainment Industry Sex Crimes Task Force was seen as a belated response to criticism concerning her office’s handling of the Harvey Weinstein allegations.

On November 15, Rolling Stone magazine published a feature by reporter EJ Dickson titled “Inside Ron Jeremy Sexual Misconduct Allegations.” The article started by recapping Ginger Banks’ June 2017 YouTube video, then detailed other allegations against Jeremy, including by performers Kendra Sunderland (2015) and Jennifer Steele (1997), a female strip club patron in Ypsilanti, Michigan (2003) and a woman named Leslie Sanchez at Miami Beach Exxxotica (2007).

"These allegations are pure lies or buyer’s remorse,” Jeremy told Rolling Stone in an emailed statement when confronted with the article’s allegations. “I have never and would never rape anyone. All serious allegations have been investigated by police and dismissed by judges, as have most of the accusations of ‘groping.’ I have never been charged nor spent one day in court for any of this.”

Jeremy added, “As for the charges of Groping, I say yes, I AM A GROPER. And by groper, I mean I get paid to show up to these shows, events, and photo shoots and touch the people and they touch me. I’m not the young stud I was, but I still draw a crowd.”

On May 25, 2018, Harvey Weinstein was charged by the New York County District Attorney's Office with "rape, criminal sex act, sex abuse and sexual misconduct for incidents involving two separate women" and was arrested by the NYPD.

Ron Jeremy talking to a camera crew outside an airport about sexual assault allegations against him in 2018 (Photo: YouTube)

April 12, 2019: Almost two years after the Ginger Banks video and a year and a half after the Rolling Stone article, Jane Doe 15 went to the Rainbow Bar & Grill with her best friend, a male who was visiting from Connecticut, and two other local male friends of his.

They arrived around 10 or 10:30 p.m. Doe 15 told the grand jury that she was the designated driver and was not drinking that night.

The group noticed people looking towards the entrance and, according to Doe 15, her friends told her, “Oh, that’s Ron Jeremy. There’s Ron Jeremy.”

“And I said, ‘Who is that?’” she testified, “and I start looking, and I’m not really sure what I’m looking for or who I’m looking for.”

Doe 15 said she did not know who the 66-year-old Jeremy was at the time and that her best friend told her, “Oh, this is a prominent porn star from the ’70s” and that “it would be really cool to get his autograph because it’s [the friend’s] first time visiting LA, and this is is his first, you know, quote/unquote celebrity sighting, and he asked me if I would go ask Mr. Jeremy for an autograph as I’m a woman so he thought maybe it would be easier to kind of just ask for an autograph for my friend.”

She said she went up to Jeremy and asked for a photograph with her friend, and that Jeremy replied, “Yes, of course. Anything for a beautiful woman.”

Doe 15 then took a picture of her friend and Jeremy by the Rainbow entrance.

After they both thanked him and her friend went back to the table, Doe 15 testified, Jeremy told her, “You owe me a kiss.” She said she wouldn’t. Then, she said, Jeremy offered to buy her a drink, which she also declined.

Then, according to her testimony, Jeremy said, “Okay, let me show you something.”

“He essentially grabbed me by the wrist,” Doe 15 told the grand jury, “and starts pulling me towards an area of the bar. I don’t know this bar and I don’t know this man. I don’t know — I don’t have any reason to have any sort of red flags at this point in my head.”

Doe 15 said she had no clear idea of why they were going to the back and she “imagined that perhaps he was taking me, you know, to meet maybe the owner or the head chef.”

“The first thought in my mind,” she testified, “was ‘Okay he’s gonna show me maybe, you know, a historical artifact that’s part of the building, maybe — you know, again, maybe an important figure of the bar.’ That’s the only thing I thought.”

“There was no alarm at that point,” she added.

“So he does grab me by the wrist and starts leading me, and he leads me through the kitchen area, which is employee-only, and he leads me through that kitchen to an employee-only bathroom,” Doe 15 testified, adding that she was not resisting being led by the wrist at that point.

Doe 15 said Jeremy “like ushered” her in with one arm and “pushed [her] in,” before closing and locking the door behind them.

“So, essentially,” she told the grand jury, “he ushers me in, so I’m standing with my back to the toilet and he has his back against the door. And this bathroom is body-width. Essentially, with his back against the door I’m unable to maneuver. I’m unable to leave. I’m unable to get to the door.”

That’s the moment, Doe 15 said, “when my alarm bells definitely start going off and also the staff outside starts knocking on the door.”

Jeremy, Doe 15 alleged, then started “to feel me up. He asks me to perform oral copulation on him” as she was pushing his arms off of her.

She also testified Jeremy’s hands were on her hips, “trying to get into my pants.”

She said he briefly tried to touch her, “and when he sees that I’m resisting, he instead asks me to give him a blowjob.”

“I’m repulsed and I decline,” Doe 15 added, explaining that she said “Absolutely not.”

Jeremy then, according to the testimony, said “Okay. Then I want to show you a trick.”

“And I say,” she told the grand jury, “‘What’s the trick?’ and he says that he can get erect on command. And so he starts, I guess, touching himself down — down there but through his pants, and then he forcefully grabs my arm and shoves it up against his crotch area, and I am actively retracting my arm as hard as I can away from him.”

Doe 15 said she told Jeremy she wanted to get out of the bathroom at least 10 times, and that he replied, “Just a few more minutes.”

At some point, according to her testimony, Jeremy “proceeds to lift my shirt up, pulls down the left side of my bra, and puts my nipple in his mouth and starts to suck on my breast and says I have great tits.”

As she was trying to put her breasts back inside her bra, Doe 15 testified, “he then proceeds to take out a Sharpie and signed his initials on my left breast.”

Doe 15 said she told Jeremy she was uncomfortable and didn’t want to do this and, eventually, was able to push him off. 

“He starts grabbing my butt,” she testified, “and at that point I am really at a point of desperation so I reach around him and try to like body check him to unlock the bathroom door because, as I mentioned before, the staff the entire time were knocking on the door very aggressively.”

“They were yelling expletives in Spanish as far as I can tell,” she added.

Doe 15 said they exited the room after five to 10 minutes. She went back to her friends and said she told them, “Wow, he was a rapey dude,” but did not specify what had happened in the restroom.

They stayed at the Rainbow for one to two hours and did not have further contact with Jeremy.

She reported it to the police over a year later, after Jeremy had been arrested.

April 14, 2019, two days after the Jane Doe 15 incident, was the night when Jane Doe 14 — the “Toxic Avenger” actress who reported being assaulted by Jeremy in 1999 or 2000 — said he insisted on writing on her breasts at the Rainbow, and then tweaked her nipple, before she slapped him and pushed him away.

Still from a YouTube video showing Jeremy outside the Rainbow Bar & Grill, mimicking dropping his pants and exposing himself (Photo: YouTube)

June 30-July 1 or July 5-6, 2019: Three months after these incidents with Jane Does 15 and 14, Jane Doe 16 went to the Whiskey a Go Go with a female friend to watch her friend’s boyfriend play there.

After the show, Doe 16 went with her friend to the Rainbow Bar & Grill around 11 p.m. because her friend’s boyfriend and others would be there.

The group was at a table indoors and she testified that Ron Jeremy walked past their table and stopped after one of the party recognized him and greeted him.

Doe 16 said that she recognized Jeremy’s name as “an infamous porn star” but didn’t know what he looked like.

“He spoke with some of the guys that were at the table,” she testified. “He seemed to be enjoying the attention he was getting, you know, talked to them for a few minutes.”

Doe 16 told the grand jury that she did not speak with Jeremy or even make eye contact. Her friend did ask her to take a picture of him, which she did.

15 minutes later, she testified, she went to the patio bar to get some air with her friend, and after an hour and a half, when her friend had momentarily left her alone, Jeremy came up to her “and very quickly grabbed my arm and ushered me to another area.”

According to Doe 16, Jeremy told her, “Let me take you to a VIP area,” and she asked “What VIP area?” and he just “ushered” her to a back area outside the Rainbow.

“Then he immediately grabbed me,” she testified, “and started saying rude comments about, you know — he referenced his — the size of his genitalia and how famous he was for it.”

Doe 16 said Jeremy put his back to a construction trailer and “he was grabbing me on my back with both of his hands and pulling me to him, pressing me up against him.”

“Don’t you want to see what everybody talks about?” she said he asked her. “This big dick?”

At that point, Doe 16 testified, Jeremy “was also forcing his tongue down my throat. He wasn’t saying that much at that point, but he was trying to press me up against his dick.”

“However, I’m not saying anything,” she told the grand jury, “because I’m afraid that I’m going to anger him.”

Doe 16 described physically struggling as Jeremy “proceeds to kiss me and takes one of his hands and puts it down my pants. And then he took one of his fingers and he penetrated my vagina.”

She said Jeremy told her, “I want to have sex with you,” and that she “began to adamantly oppose it and say, ‘No. Please stop. Please stop.’”

“I don’t want anybody touching me without being invited to touch me, and he was not,” she added, explaining that she also tried to kick him to free herself.

Jeremy, she added, was “not really talking. He’s mumbling kind of. And there was someone that saw something and — and called out [“What’s going on over there?”], and that call-out  was enough to startle him.”

Doe 16 said Jeremy then “retreated and — in enough time for me to literally run and get out of there.”

She said she returned to the patio but couldn’t locate her friend, so she texted her to meet her in the bathroom.

Doe 16 said she reunited with her friend in the bathroom, but only told her that Jeremy “had made a pass at her” or that he was “highly inappropriate” with her.

As they walked out from the bathroom, she testified, “Mr. Jeremy sees me, and he walked up to me and handed me a folded up piece of paper,” which she threw in her purse without looking at it.

The next morning she opened it and the paper had Jeremy’s name and his phone number.

A year later, after Jeremy had been arrested, she reported the incident to the police and provided the piece of paper to a detective.

Ron Jeremy interacting with fans in front of the Rainbow Bar & Grill, 2019 (Photo: YouTube)

July 14-15, 2019: A couple of weeks after the alleged Jane Doe 16 incident, Jane Doe 4 — the last of the four original alleged victims presented by the District Attorney at the time of Jeremy’s arrest — was visiting Los Angeles from outside the state and went to the Rainbow Bar & Grill with her brother and her boyfriend.She was 30 years old at the time, according to a statement by the DA's office at the time of Jeremy's arrest.

Doe 4 said she saw people taking photos with and asking autographs from a man, and when she asked who he was, her brother and her boyfriend answered, “Stay away from him. He’s not good.”

Then she testified that a woman “gave me an input of like who he was [Ron Jeremy] and that was it. I was there for at least 45 minutes before I even got a chance to meet him.” She got a photo with Jeremy.

Doe 4 said she went to see a band that was performing at the bar for about an hour, and after last call she went outside with her brother. They saw a group including Jeremy and the same woman, who told her “he gives out signatures only on your breast.”

Jeremy, according to a video shown to the grand jury and Doe 4’s testimony, “put his mouth over my nipple and [the woman] was telling me that’s normal, that’s what he does after he gives his signature.”

At that point, Doe 4 testified, she tried to come back into the Rainbow to use the restroom.

“They said no, that they were closing,” she told the grand jury, “so I said okay.”

“Then the lady that I was interacting with, I guess, that I didn’t know, she had said, ‘There’s a bathroom back there. I’ll ask him,’ which is Ron Jeremy,” Doe 4 alleged.

She testified Jeremy told her that he knew where the bathroom was, and that she told her brother and boyfriend that she was going to the bathroom.

Jeremy and the woman, Doe 4 alleged in her testimony, took her to the bathroom and then “he came to the bathroom with me even though I didn’t need no assistance. I was in the bathroom. I had to use the restroom. He came in and I told him like ‘Hey, what are  you doing? I don’t need no help. I got it.’”

She said Jeremy said something like, “Oh, I’m just making sure that you’re okay,” and she told him she was fine.

“So during the meantime I just said fuck it, I have to pee,” Doe 4 testified. “I had pulled my clothes down to go use the restroom and then I noticed that he started fondling himself” over his clothes.

She said she told Jeremy, “‘What are you doing?’ like ‘This is not that type of party,’” before he took his penis out. When she stood up, he turned her around and she started screaming through the door at the woman who was outside.

“Then I told her like, ‘Hey, go get my boyfriend and my brother,’” Doe 4 testified. “And I said, ‘Hey, wait a minute, don’t go. Just open the door. Just open the door.’ And she’s already gone.”

She said she told Jeremy, “No. What the fuck” and Jeremy repeated “Oh, it’s okay. It’s okay. It’s normal,” to which she said she replied, “No, it’s not normal.”

According to Doe 4, Jeremy “bends me over on my knee — my left knee was on the toilet and then he started to insert his penis inside my vagina.”

She said that she struggled but “there was no response. He just kept going” and that Jeremy “tried to make himself erect, meaning he will hold his penis and make it — trying to make it hard, I guess.”

The DA asked if he was able to do that and Doe 4 said he didn’t and “he only inserted barely the tip into my vagina” while she was screaming and resisting.

After “about two or three minutes,” she testified, “he finished, I guess, and then he just out of nowhere just tossed money [a hundred dollar bill] at me, and I’m like ‘What the fuck?’”

“I felt like as if I was a ho or something,” she added.

Doe 4 said she didn’t say or do anything as Jeremy “waited on me to put my clothes on and then walked out of the bathroom” and that she then went back to her car.

Her brother and her boyfriend, according to her testimony, “started to pull out of the parking lot and asked me what was wrong, and I told them this is what happened. And I tossed the money up, and they said, ‘Where the hell did you get this from?’ And I was like ‘this came from that guy you guys told me to stay away from. He just raped me in the bathroom.”

This conversation, according to Doe 4’s testimony, happened as they were at a gas station, and then her brother “got into a whole nother car” supposedly to head back to the Rainbow.

That night, Doe 4 returned to the Rainbow and reported the rape to the police. She also testified that she received a sexual assault exam at a hospital, where she arrived shortly before 5 a.m.

“I didn’t get done until like seven in the morning and I had to walk from the hospital,” she told the grand jury.

There is video of Doe 4’s interactions with Jeremy outside the club and surveillance footage of her and Jeremy inside the club, which was provided by the DA and shown to the grand jury.

A photo of Ron Jeremy and "Terminator 2" actor Edward Furlong taken on New Year's Eve 2019, the night Jane Doe 17 alleged Jeremy raped her. The photo reportedly went viral on Twitter due to Furlong's unrecognizable appearance

December 31, 2019-January 1, 2020: Jane Doe 17, then 21 years old, went by herself to Boardner’s, a club in Hollywood, for its ’80s-themed New Year’s Eve party.

She got there sometime between 10 and 11 and danced with a girl she met there, with whom she had a few drinks.

“There was a group of older men there and [the girl] had expressed interest in going to an after-party she knew about and those men drove us to where the after-party was,” Doe 17 testified, describing the location of the after-party as “an auto body shop next to the Hollywood Forever cemetery.”

She and the girl “continued to dance together,” she testified. “We had some more drinks. We just spent more time together dancing with other people that were there.”

At some point, she said, Ron Jeremy arrived, and she recognized him because “I have an older brother and I remember him watching [early 2000s reality show] ‘The Surreal Life.’”

The girl, according to Doe 17, “pointed him out and we kind of joked about it that he would show up at the same party we were at,” after which the girl went over to talk to Jeremy with Doe 17. After a while, Doe 17 said, she became separated from the girl and felt intoxicated and “blurry.”

At some point, she testified, “Ron Jeremy tells me he has to show me something,” then grabbed her wrist and told her to come outside with him.

“The security guard at the door tells me I can’t go outside with a drink in my hand,” she said, “so I finish my drink and I follow Ron Jeremy.”

Doe 17 said they went to the other side of the building, where there were park benches. She later identified the location as right outside the front gate of the Hollywood Forever cemetery on Santa Monica Boulevard.

There, Doe 17 alleges, Jeremy “pulls down his pants” and “tells me that he had to show me a magic trick,” meaning “him flexing his penis.”

She also testified that Jeremy grabbed her shoulders and turned her around and pulled down her skirt and her underwear. She said she told him she was on her period but he didn’t respond and started penetrating her against the park bench and table and groping her.

Doe 17 testified she told Jeremy “it hurt and I asked him to stop” multiple times. First, she said, he didn’t respond but then he said “he was almost finished.”

At some point, Doe 17 alleged, Jeremy penetrated her anally.

“He told me he was going to cum,” she testified, “and I asked him not to cum inside of me. And he told me it wouldn’t matter because he couldn’t have children, and he came on my butt.”

She said that during the alleged assault she didn’t try to leave because she “was really confused and scared.”

“I felt violated,” she testified. “And the fact that he was doing this to me scared me.”

After Jeremy ejaculated, Doe 17 told the grand jury, “I pulled my underwear and my skirt up and he asked me what I thought it was worth, and I didn’t understand him. And he took out $40 and gave it to me.”

“I felt used and insulted,” she added, although she didn’t say anything and kept the money.

When she returned to the party, she found the girl inside, who asked where she had been “and I told her I was outside with Ron Jeremy. I told her that he had touched me, and she hugged me, and another man that we met there kept asking me what was wrong” because she seemed out of it.

She said she didn’t tell the other girl about the assault “because I just left and came back with $40” and she was afraid the girl would think “that I was a slut.”

Later, she said, Jeremy came up to the three of them and “he wrote down his phone number on a piece of paper and told me he wanted to see me again.”

Doe 17 left the paper behind, but took a picture of it and showed it to her mother —  who also testified before the grand jury — when she told her about the alleged assault the following day.

On January 3, 2020, Doe 17 went to the hospital with her mother and told the medical personnel about the assault. They reported it to the police, who interrogated Doe 17, but she was reluctant to give them details about the assault.

She told the grand jury she went back to the police in “April or May, 2020” to identify her alleged assailant because, through the media, she “had found out that I wasn’t the only woman to have been sexually assaulted by Ron Jeremy.”.

She said she feared she would not be believed because Jeremy “was a celebrity and I was just a drunk girl at a party.”

A week later, on January 6, 2020, in a press conference that coincided with renewed public appearances for her re-election campaign, Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey announced charges against Harvey Weinstein, then imprisoned in New York.

“This is the first criminal case filed by the task force that I created in November of 2017 in response to the sexual assault allegations in the entertainment industry," Lacey told the press at the time.

On February 24, Weinstein was convicted in New York. He still faced criminal charges in Los Angeles, and was scheduled to be extradited in June 2020, but the extradition was postponed by the COVID pandemic.

In mid-May, 2020, several national and international newspapers published an Associated Press "soft news" report about Ron Jeremy "fighting to save a tree his father planted outside their New York home the day he was born." The positive slant given to the item was received with dismay by advocates and journalists who had covered the 2017 allegations of sexual assault after Ginger Bank's video and the exposure of Harvey Weinstein as an alleged predator.

One June 10, during the Black Lives Matter protests of the summer of 2020, the Los Angeles Times headlined, "Amid police brutality protests, demonstrators target DA Jackie Lacey." Lacey continued losing important endorsements from powerful state Democrats through the summer, in a development that would contribute by her being unseated as DA by challenger George Garzón in November.

Ron Jeremy during one of his first court appearances after his June 2020 arrest (Photo: Shutterstock)

On June 23, 2020, Ron Jeremy was arrested after the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office charged him with the sexual assaults of Jane Does 1-4.

The DA’s office confirmed to XBIZ at the time that the investigation into the allegations against Ron Jeremy was handled by the Entertainment Industry Sex Crimes Task Force which had been created by DA Lacey in 2017.

Although at some point news sources referred to at least 40 investigations being handled by the task force, from 2017 until mid June 2020, Lacey’s task force had so far only pursued charges against one defendant: Harvey Weinstein. A lesser known producer arrested days before Jeremy would be the second. Jeremy was the third.

The DA's office and the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department gave XBIZ conflicting accounts at the time regarding the timing of their decision to charge and arrest Jeremy, and about how long the active investigation had been going on.

On June 26, Jeremy pled not guilty and bail was set to the DA’s requested $6.6 million. He has been housed at the LA County jail ever since.

District Attorney Paul Thompson’s rationale for the unusually high bail emphasized the number of allegations of sexual violence that were made about Jeremy, some of them going back 30 years.

Thompson cited 38 allegations, most of which had come to the DA’s attention since Jeremy’s arrest, to justify his claim that the defendant’s freedom represented “a risk” and “a danger to society.”

The prosecutor said that before the arrest there had been 13 reports about Jeremy, and of those, originally five were developed into cases, with four being filed as charges on June 23. Thompson said that since then, after “news of the filings” was publicized, the DA had received 25 additional complaints, though only 13 turned out to be under the office’s jurisdiction.

“But there might be new charges,” Thompson suggested when asking the judge to confirm the $6.6 million bail.

On August 31, Thompson filed an amended complaint adding 20 extra charges to the eight existing charges of sexual assault against the adult performer.

On October 29, the DA's office filed seven additional charges.

During a January 11, 2021 hearing, Jeremy’s attorney Stuart Goldfarb continued arguing that he could not conduct a proper defense without more information about the identity of the victims and witnesses.

The judge ruled against Goldfarb’s motion, stating that “for the moment, I believe you have the information you’re entitled to.”

Sexual assault cases have special discovery rules designed to protect the safety of the victims, and the defense is requesting that those special rules be relaxed to identify the individuals behind the assault allegations in order to answer them.

For two weeks in mid August 2021, the DA convened a grand jury — which are held in secret — instead of holding a public preliminary hearing. The testimony given before the grand jury — without the possibility of re-questioning by the defense — is the source of the summaries published above.

The DA also presented the testimony of therapist Mindy Mechanic, who spoke about her experience with victims of sexual assault, and their reactions during the assault, in the aftermath and their memories when reporting it and testifying about it.

Deputy DA Marlene Martinez gave the closing statement for the prosecution: 

“One thing that Ron Jeremy did and one thing that all 21 victims have in common is the way and the manner in which he assaulted all of them," Martinez told the grand jury.

“He had different hunting grounds, right? He had the Rainbow Bar & Grill as one of his most favorite spots to assault women, and [his friend's] apartment [with the Tiki bar] was another spot he liked to assault women.”

“But it didn’t matter if it was at the Rainbow Bar & Grill, if it was at [his friend's] apartment, at the Loew’s Hotel, at the House of Blues, in someone’s apartment. It didn’t matter. The manner in which he assaulted each and every victim was similar in that he chose to assault victims that were the most vulnerable. He chose to assault victims that were not gonna be able to fight back. He assaulted victims by taking them to places where they would not be able to scream for help, to reach out to someone. He assaulted victims when they were [not expecting] it, right? So they would not be able to prevent what was about to happen."

“So his M.O. was he would assault victims where there would be as little fight as necessary and so that he could do whatever he wanted.”

Jeremy's indictment was returned August 19, and was unsealed on August 25.

Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón — who beat Jackie Lacey in the November 2020 election — announced on August 25 that a grand jury had indicted Ron Jeremy on "more than 30 sexual assault counts involving 21 victims dating back more than two decades."

“Far too often, survivors of sexual assault suffer in isolation,” Gascón said in his statement. “We must ensure that survivors have all options available to help with recovery, including trauma-informed services for healing and support to report such crimes.”

Jeremy pled not guilty to "12 counts of forcible rape, seven counts of forcible oral copulation, six counts of sexual battery by restraint, four counts of sexual penetration by a foreign object, two counts of sexual penetration of an unconscious or asleep person and one count each of lewd act upon a child under the age of 14 or 15, sodomy by use of force and assault with intent to commit rape."

On October 12, 2021, a Los Angeles judge set late February 2022 as the earliest potential start date for the trial of Ron Jeremy.


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