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Execs of 2015: Retail Industry Leaders Report Tech Advancements

XBIZ Premiere is pleased to present “Execs of 2015: The Year in Review.” Each of the executives we spoke to below has one thing in common — they are among the finalist nominees for the online industry edition of the 2016 XBIZ Exec Awards.

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Revel Body Planning to License Sonic Technology

The creators of TrueSonic technology and the Revel Body Sonic Vibrator are planning to license its technology for use in devices such as smartphones and smartwatches, reports.

Revel Body Debuts Vibrator Extension

Revel Body, the creators of TrueSonic technology and maker of the Revel Body Sonic Vibrator, introduces the Revel Body REACH, a vibrator accessory designed to increase the comfort, convenience and versatility of Revel Body Sonic Vibrators.

Revel Body, Joyboxx Partner to Offer Exclusive Bundle

Revel Body and Passionate Playground are joining forces to offer a limited time product bundle that includes the Revel Body SOL and a purple Joyboxx for $139.

Revel Body CEO Robin Elenga Earns XBIZ Executive Award Nomination

Robin Elenga, founder and CEO of Revel Body has earned a nomination for the 2015 XBIZ Executive Awards in the Tech Leadership Award category.

Revel Body Granted 2nd 'TrueSonic Technology' Patent

Revel Body, makers of the Revel Body SOL Sonic Vibrator powered by TrueSonic Technology, today announced that it has been granted its second utility patent. The patent further advances the company's vibration technology developments that have been focused on developing pleasure products.

Revel Body Receives Five XBIZ Award Noms

sRevel Body has receive five nominations for the 2015 XBIZ Awards, including Excellence in Product Packaging, Innovative Sex Toy Of The Year – Technology, Innovative Sex Toy Of The Year – Design, Luxury/Toy Line Of The Year and the most coveted nomination; Sex Toy Company of the Year.

Revel Body Offers Free Vibe as Part of Online Sex Shop Ranking Contest is putting a call out to readers and shoppers to vote for the Best Online Sex Toy Shop from Nov. 10-Nov. 16.

Revel Body SOL Featured on’s List on How To Look Young

The newest version of the Revel Body SOL has been featured in Mandy Stadtmiller's article ,"My 39 Secrets To Not Looking 39 (From Someone Who Just Turned 39)."

Q&A: Revel Body CEO Robin Elenga Discusses Innovation With SOL

Last year Revel Body arrived on the pleasure products scene with “the world’s first sonic vibrator,” and is now following up that release with an upgraded version of its flagship product, the Revel Body SOL.

Entrenue Now Distributing Revel Body Sonic Vibrator

Entrenue announced today that it is distributing the Revel Body Sonic Vibrator to the retail market.

Starting a Revel-ution

Seattle-based Revel Body is raising funds to launch a revolutionary vibrator motor technology that, according to the company, offers 200 percent wider vibration range, 50 percent more power and 90 percent less noise.

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Revel Body Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Debut Sonic Vibrator

Revel Body, a technology development company focused on sexual wellness, launched an Indiegogo campaign to introduce its sonic vibrator.