Revel Body SOL Featured on’s List on How To Look Young

Lila Gray

SEATTLE — The newest version of the Revel Body SOL has been featured in Mandy Stadtmiller's article ,"My 39 Secrets To Not Looking 39 (From Someone Who Just Turned 39)."

Stadtmiller, a regular contributor to, has penned articles and op-eds for major media outlets, including The Village Voice, The New York Post, The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post and Playgirl.??

In the article, Stadtmiller lists 39 ways to help you look younger than 39, as promised in the title.

The diverse list includes facials, oils, sleep, fiber, pets, swimming and meditation. Coming in at number eight on her list was something four out of five women own: a vibrator. More specifically, Stadtmiller chose to feature the Revel Body SOL.??

She explained, "Yes, you can buy a vibrator as cheap as $7, but I find that a good vibrator is a good investment into overall well-being, relaxation and happiness. Recently I tried a very different kind, which I found I liked better. The Revel Body SOL focuses totally on the clitoral stimulation, and you can vary the speed from thumping to buzzy to powerful and vast.”

“Something interesting happened to me when I used it: I had a much more physical than mental experience," she continued. "Meaning, a lot of times I will search for porn when I masturbate, but with this vibe, I was just lost in the sensation. That's a huge thing for me, so consider this a big endorsement. Also: waterproof."??

"We are honored to receive such an amazing endorsement from someone with a reputation and following like Mandy Stadtmiller," said Robin Elenga, CEO of Revel Body. "Our company has always differed from the hundreds of others in the industry in that we don't have hundreds of SKUs, but we have one luxury product that we have worked to improve since first launching the product about a year ago. We’re honored that the Revel Body SOL is being touted not only as a superior sex toy, but a product that encourages sexual health and well-being.”??

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