Revel Body Planning to License Sonic Technology

Revel Body Planning to License Sonic Technology

SEATTLE — The creators of TrueSonic technology and the Revel Body Sonic Vibrator are planning to license its technology for use in devices such as smartphones and smartwatches, reports.

Operating as RevelHMI, the company says its patented technology is more efficient and powerful than motors currently used in consumer devices, and is already in talks with several manufacturers.

“That was the intention the whole time,” Revel Body CEO and founder Robin Elenga said in an interview. “Revel Body gave us a chance to be in the market, and gave us time to work on this technology.”

Coinciding with the “evolution in the way people interact with devices,” RevelHMI is poised to capitalize on the trend with its licensed technology, says. “Smartphones are expanding beyond basic alerts — the phone buzzing in your pocket — to provide precise vibrations when users touch the screen, for example.”

According to, RevelHMI’s technology improves on existing resonating motors by making their frequency adjustable. The company also has taken steps towards miniaturizing the size of its system.

“RevelHMI also plans to keep a presence in the sex toy industry by licensing its technology to other vibrator makers,” according to the report. “But given the hundreds of millions of smartphones sold each year, the shift to a broader licensing model gives the company a much larger potential market.”