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XBOX 360 Unveiled at Tokyo Game Show

Microsoft continues its push to make the Xbox more than a gaming console

Microsoft, Washington State Sue Over Scareware

Washington State and Microsoft Corp. are suing a Texas man and his businesses for allegedly operating a “scareware” scam on the Internet.

AEBN Adds Flash Player Option

AEBN has begun converting its substantial library of adult titles to the popular Flash .flv file format. Adds New Silverlight Player

Silverlight is a new cross-browser, cross-platform player from Microsoft that operates on all Mac and PC browsers.

Microsoft PowerToys

Want a free set of tools from Microsoft that will enhance the fun and functionality of your Windows experience and ease some common chores faced by adult webmasters?

Stephen Yagielowicz ·

Microsoft May Add 'Porn Mode' to Internet Explorer

Microsoft might turn to porn to bolster its flagship Internet browser.

Microsoft Device Helps Police With Cybercrimes

Microsoft has developed a small plugin device that investigators can use to quickly extract forensic data from computers that may have been used in crimes, according to The Seattle Times.

Microsoft Presents Web's Future

Microsoft has announced its new web service, Live Mesh, which is intended to connect various devices and applications together over the Internet.

Windows Live Users Can Export Contacts to Social-Networking Sites

Microsoft Windows Live users can now export their Windows Live contacts to popular social networking websites like Facebook, Bebo, Hi5, Taged, and LinkedIn.

Microsoft's Silverlight Hopes to Unseat Adobe's Flash

Microsoft wants its program Silverlight to compete with Adobe's Flash, but they have a long way to go before that becomes possible.

MediaCart and Microsoft Deliver Next-Generation Shopping and Ad Experience

While the term "shopping cart" has taken on a whole new meaning in the age of e-commerce, the traditional vehicles that facilitate the shopping experience in the real world are still with us — and are being brought into the digital age themselves.

Microsoft Pursues Touch-Free Transactions

Microsoft is teaming up with another company to bring consumers cellphones that are also electronic wallets and electronic tickets.

Microsoft to Support Cross-Domain Sitemaps

Microsoft, in collaboration with search competitors Google and Yahoo!, has announced an update to the Sitemaps Protocol, designed to increase usage through enhanced flexibility over where the sitemaps are hosted.

Microsoft Offers Ad Performance Tools

Microsoft has launched its new Engagement Mapping service, designed to manage and measure the effectiveness of online advertising campaigns.

LeaseWeb Attains Microsoft Gold Certified Status

Hosting provider LeaseWeb has attained Microsoft gold certified partner status.

U.S. Companies Fight Chinese Piracy

In an attempt to combat the widespread theft of its market-leading Windows operating system, Microsoft has entered into an agreement with Beijing-based PC maker Founder Technology Group, to have Windows and other system software pre-installed on the manufacturer’s computers.

Report of Chinese Search Engine Embargo Is False

Reports that the Chinese government is redirecting traffic from the three major search engines to a more censorship-friendly search engine apparently are false.

European Court Rejects Appeal in Microsoft Antitrust Case

The European Court of First Instance on Monday rejected Microsoft Corp’s appeal of the European Commission’s 2004 ruling that the company had violated antitrust regulations by abusing its monopoly on computer operating systems.

Microsoft Unveils Details of Extenders for Windows Media Center

Claiming to have shattered the “PC-to-TV barrier,” Microsoft has released the first details concerning extender devices being developed for its Windows Media Center platform, saying that the devices are due to be released this holiday season.

Microsoft to Dispute FCC on ‘White Space’ Technology

Microsoft will try again Monday to convince government regulators that unoccupied analog airwaves, or "white space," can be tapped for wireless Internet services without interfering with broadcast signals, the Washington Post reported.