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Bing Captures Almost 10% of Market Share

Microsoft’s upstart search engine Bing continues to grow, but not at the expense of Google.

Advertisers Support MS-Yahoo! Deal

The American Association of Advertising Agencies (AAAA) has published an open letter to the U.S. Department of Justice, calling for the approval of the pending Microsoft-Yahoo! search deal, claiming that the move will enhance competition and be good for consumers.

Bing Hit With Porn Keyword Controversy Again

After being accused of buying the keyword "pornography" for Google searches, Microsoft's Bing search engine is once again embroiled in a porn controversy.

Thousands of Hotmail Passwords Leaked

According to online reports, a security breach has compromised the passwords of more than 10,000 Hotmail accounts, most of them based in Europe.

Bing Arrives on iPhone Undercover

The adult-friendly search engine Bing doesn’t have an official iPhone app yet, but that hasn’t stopped its incursion into the device.

Adult-friendly Bing Continues to Erode Google Market Share

Since its May launch, Bing has grown about 1.3 percent, laying claim to 9.3 percent of search engine traffic.

Google, Microsoft Experiment With Visual Search

Two of the world's leading tech companies are looking to the eye for their latest innovations in search.

Microsoft Denies Purchase of Keyword ‘Pornography’

Microsoft said they did not buy the keyword “pornography” to advertise its search engine Bing.

Microsoft Scrambles to Fix Security Hole in Vista, Server 2008

Microsoft has alerted users to a critical security hole in both Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. The flaw does not affect users of Windows 7.

Microsoft Unveils Software Development Kit For Bing

Microsoft has unveiled a new software development kit for its search engine, Bing.

Microsoft Launches App Store for ‘Entry-Level’ Phones

While developers bustle to create latest iPhone or Android app, Microsoft has turned its attention to the majority of cellphone users — those with limited-storage and power “entry-level” phones.

Installation Tweak Offers Free Trial of Any Windows 7 Edition

A Microsoft Windows 7 installation disk can be tweaked to give users a free trial of a more expensive edition.

Security Firm: Microsoft IE Is Best at Fighting Phishing

The latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer has received high marks for its ability to thwart phishers, but did Bill Gate's team cook the test?

China Selling Pirated Windows 7 Copies

Pirated copies of Windows 7 are being distributed within China’s PC marketplace.

Microsoft Rushes Security Patch to Users

Microsoft has released emergency security patches for Internet Explorer and Visual Studio's Microsoft Active Template Library.

Microsoft, Yahoo Join Forces in Search-Engine Wars

Microsoft and Yahoo have joined forces in the search-engine wars.

Microsoft to Issue Emergency Patches for IE, Visual Studio

This week, tech giant Microsoft will roll out emergency plans to patch a major problem affecting the latest release of its industry leading web browser, Internet Explorer.

Yahoo Search Falls Behind Microsoft's Porn-Friendly Bing

Bing is poised to become the second most popular search engine in the nation, but it's still a long way from dethroning the reigning monarch.

Google Plans to Launch Chrome OS

Google is unveiling its own operating system, Chrome OS, to compete with Microsoft Windows.

Microsoft Yanks Ad Touting Browsing-History Removal

Microsoft has pulled an online ad for its Internet Explorer 8 browser after users complained it was offensive — not because the ad insinuates you can remove porn-browsing histories, but because vomit spews all over the place.