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The Politics of Porn

Sex and parties often go together. But sex and a political party?

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Aussie Sex Party Knocks .XXX

Australian Sex Party leader Fiona Patten blasted the .XXX sTLD as “corporate extortion,” opposed by both the adult industry and governments worldwide.

Australian Sex Party Could Decide Queensland Election

The Australian Sex Party could decide the outcome of the next Queensland state election.

Australian Sex Party Wants Porn Ban Lifted in Aboriginal Communities

Calling the government's ban on porn in Aboriginal communtities racist and ineffective, the Australian Sex Party wants the intervention lifted in the Northern Territory.

Aussie Sex Party Says .XXX Represents Censorship

Australia Sex Party President Fiona Patten said the new .XXX domain marks the beginning of the end for ICANN and its system of apportioning domain names and numbers.

Australian Sex Party Runs Former Detective in State Election

The Australian Sex Party announced its candidates for the New South Wales (NSW) state election today.

Australian Sex Party Condemns Information Snooping Act

The Australian Sex Party has condemned the Senate’s passing of the Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Amendment Act of 2010 claiming the measure gives sweeping new powers to the Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO).

Sex Party's Clout Rises After Victorian Election

The Australian Sex Party vote in the Victorian Upper House has almost doubled following the state election.

Sex Party Launches Drug Law Reform Policy

The Australian Sex Party launched its drug policies for the Victorian state election this week.

The Australian Sex Party Takes Subtle Approach With New Campaign

The Australian Sex Party has unveiled a Victorian-style campaign in an effort to get its message across using subtlety and satire.

Australian Sex Party Gets Registered in Victoria

The Australian Sex Party has been officially registered by the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC)

Australian Sex Party Wants to Decriminalize Drug Use

The Australian Sex Party has released its drug platform, which includes a proposal to release jailed drug addicts.

Australian Sex Party to Launch National Election Campaign

The Australian Sex Party will launch its national campaign on July 20 in Melbourne.

Travelers to Australia to Be Searched for Porn

Australian customs officers have been given new powers to search arriving passengers' laptops, thumb drives and mobile phones for pornography, according to the Australian Sex Party.

Australian Sex Party Nominates Fiona Patten for Higgins By-election

The Australian Sex Party will nominate its convenor and anti-censorship activist Fiona Patten for the Higgins by-election.

Sex Party Names Candidate for Bradfield ByElection

The Australian Sex Party will nominate human rights advocate Zahra Stardust, who also is a burlesque dancer, for the Bradfield ByElection on Dec. 5.

Australian Sex Party Protests Religious Group Influence on Politics

The Australian Sex Party gathered peacefully on Saturday to protest the Catch the Fire Ministries on Mt. Ainslie.

Australia Sex Party Gets Government Approval

"The adult industry has been condemned widely by a broad range of politicians," Sex Party organizer Fiona Patten told XBIZ. "It will be interesting to see how these same politicians react when we are standing next to them in parliament."

Australia's Sex Party Gets 4 Objections From Voters

The Australia Sex Party was proposed in response to the increasing influence of religious groups in Australia's politics and government.

Australian Sex Party Eyeing Western Australia Run

"We will definitely run a candidate in WA at the federal election and will see whether we establish a WA branch," Sex Party organizer Fiona Patten confirmed to XBIZ in an email.