The Australian Sex Party Takes Subtle Approach With New Campaign

BRISBANE — The Australian Sex Party has unveiled a Victorian-style campaign in an effort to get its message across using subtlety and satire.

The centerpiece is a new video entitled, “The Victorian Election” filmed in an old Victorian mansion in the style of a Jane Austen novel.

Sex Party President and candidate for the Victorian Upper House, Fiona Patten, said that the upcoming state election was the most conservative election ever held in Australia and was a worrying sign for personal freedom.

She said that more than ever, issues like safe injecting rooms and gay adoption should be embraced by the major parties rather than rejected. Some Greens candidates were even in favor of recriminalizing prostitution.

“With the government and the opposition maintaining bans on adult films, jail terms for personal possession of drugs, crackdowns on Melbourne nightclubs and now a threat to televise court cases, Victoria is in danger of becoming a police state,” Patten said.

“Meanwhile, public transport declines and a police presence in the suburbs and after midnight in the city, where it is badly needed, is almost absent.”

Australians were sick of the attack-dog style of campaigning that the major parties had finessed over the past decade.

“Our message to voters is that smart policies and a fresh approach to the problems of society are not sold via a political boxing match”, she said.

“Over the next few weeks, Labor, the Liberals and the Greens in Victoria will enter a three cornered ring and beat the hell out of each other through broadcast and printed accusations, threats, ultimatums and guilt trips that the voters of Victoria are compelled to witness. It’s like a public flogging every few years.”

Patten said that political advertising needed to follow the path of rock music film clips and engage people at the same level of sophistication they took to the cinema or a music concert.

“Political advertising is about selling the most important product that is available to a nation so why not make it as entertaining and engaging as possible?” she said.