Australia's Sex Party Gets 4 Objections From Voters

DEAKIN WEST, Australia — The Australian Sex Party, a proposed political party which filed papers for recognition by the Australian government last month, has completed its four-week comment period with only four complaints from the Australian population.

"Yesterday our office received the objections people had made to the Electoral Commission about our political party registration," Australia Sex Party organizer Fiona Patten said. "There were only four, which was a little surprising. We now must respond to them and allay fears that the democratic process as we know it will cease to exist with the birth of the Australian Sex Party, which seems to be the concern of some. So we are now in the final stretch and hopefully will be approved as a fully fledged Australian political party this time next month."

The Australia Sex Party was proposed by Australian adult industry trade group the Eros Association in response to the increasing influence of religious groups in Australia's politics and government. The party looks for support in adult venues and had a strong presence at the Sexpo Sexuality Lifestyles Expo in Perth in may, signing up a "few hundred" members and leading the party to consider running a candidate for federal office in the state of Western Australia.