Australian Sex Party to Launch National Election Campaign

MELBOURNE, Australia — The Australian Sex Party will launch its national campaign on July 20 in Melbourne.

The Party’s president and candidate on the Victorian senate ticket, Fiona Patten, said that she will introduce personal freedom and moral issues to the poll unlike Australia had ever seen before.

“The three major parties — Labor, Liberal and Greens — have become so bogged down in debating other important issues like tax, immigration and climate change that they have totally ignored important personal issues like censorship, dying, gender, drugs, abortion and sex abuse,” she said.

She added, “These issues impact people’s lives often much more than broad social or economic ones and we are here to put a voice to the many millions of Australians who feel disenfranchised by the major parties.”

The candidate promises that in the next few weeks she will roll out a series of policies on the party’s issues that “would make Tony Abbott’s [head of the right-leaning Liberal Party] hair stand on end.

“I want an ‘Abbott-proof fence’ built around Australia so that the ‘nanny state’ that the Coalition and the ALP have jointly built over successive decades, can be turned back,” she said.

Patten maintained that the Green party has been running pro-Internet filtering candidate Clive Hamilton and pre-selecting other anti-sex candidates at the state level.

“As a senator, I will call for an immediate royal commission into child sex abuse in all religious institutions and scrap the unworkable classification scheme which has led to the largest black market in adult sexual media that Australia has ever seen," she said.

“I will also work to place abortion into a national health scheme, legalize euthanasia and decriminalize all drugs for personal possession," Patten said.


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