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Lisa Ann Embarks on Big Apple Media Tour

Lisa Ann will be embarking on a media tour of New York, starting tomorrow.

Pornhub Tracks Traffic Stats During Apple Special Event

Apple’s annual Special Event on Wednesday was streamed live to millions of people worldwide, and this year Pornhub’s statisticians were ready to capture all the excitement through data.

Alia Janine Bringing 'Raunch' to the Big Apple

Adult performer turned comedian Alia Janine is debuting her new comedy showcase, "Raunch," this Saturday at Stand Up NY.

Apple CEO Tim Cook Takes Permissive Tone on Porn, Restates Standard Policy

With mainstream media’s infatuation over anything “porn” in the midst of the Stormy Daniels controversy, it comes as no surprise that an off-handed remark by Apple CEO Tim Cook would make headlines — but what has been described by some as a softening of policy should not be seen as a sign of encouragement for adult-oriented content publishers.

Apple Moves Tip-Based Content Monetization to Mainstream

Changes are afoot at Apple’s App Store, some of which indicate that even if it is aloof to the industry’s overtures, it may be inspired by its successes.

Playboy Club to Be Reintroduced in the Big Apple

The Playboy Club will return to the Big Apple later this year.

Sextoii App Now Available for Android, Apple Phones

After a soft launch in February, sextoy curator application, Sextoii, is now available for both Apple and Android phones.

Apple Moves HTTPS Uptake Forward

As the web moves towards its more secure future, leading tech companies are taking a stance on the necessity and speed of the technology’s adoption.


Mobile Traffic Is Now About More Than Just Direct Clicks

When mobile first started to find its way onto the landscape of the adult online industry, some companies reacted quickly and profited greatly. Others were slower to move forward, while many seemed to stay stuck in an earlier era pretending that desktops would remain dominant forever.

Stewart Tongue ·

Apple’s App Store Targeted by Chinese Hackers

Apple’s longstanding reputation for flawless security is in jeopardy, following reports of dozens of malware-infected apps being distributed through its proprietary App Store.

Mobius Payments Now Supporting Apple Pay

Mobius Payments announced that it is now supporting Apple Pay for both brick and mortar businesses as well as those accepting e-commerce transactions.


Mobile Traffic Solutions: Understanding Mobile Advertising

Perhaps the three most important drivers for mobile domination have happened this year.

Oliver Crane ·

Indiegogo Campaign for Apple Watch-Controlled Blush Vibe Launched

Within 24 hours of launching its Indiegogo campaign Lovense hit its goal of $10,000 for the launch of Blush, an app-controlled vibe with Apple Watch integration.

Apple to Target Ads Based on Consumer’s Credit Report

Today’s online advertising ecosystem is predicated on many consumer demographic and psychographic factors, a process that Apple is taking a step further via financial health analysis.


The Move to Mobile: Many Forward Thinkers Believe in ‘Mobile First’

The recent news about mobile is coming from the content side of the business because of three recent announcements by tech giants. First Google stopped politely suggesting site owners to become mobile friendly and with their Mobilegeddon update they decided to start demanding compliance instead.

Stewart Tongue ·

Apple Plans Ad-Blocking Feature for iOS9's Safari Browser

Apple, with its upcoming iOS9 operating system, is bringing new functionality that will enable developers to build extensions to block mobile web ads for its Safari browser.

iOS 9 Will Track Sexual Activity — Report

Buried deep into yesterday’s presentation at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference was the revelation that the company’s yet-to-be released iOS9 will let people track exactly how often, when and how they have sex.


Mobile Mania: Forget Your Wallet, Mobile Payments Are the Future

Does anyone still remember the first iPhone? I still remember getting my hands on the first model years ago and realized that this was just the start of mobile.

Stefan Mühlbauer ·

James Deen Tours the Big Apple in New Title

James Deen tours the Big Apple in James Deen Productions’ “Fucking Around in NYC.”


Alternative Payments Overcome Obstacles

The alternative payments market is becoming a bit of a misnomer because many aspects of what used to be considered “alternatives” are now being absorbed into the heart of mainstream payment services. Aspects of paperless check transactions, online verification methods and geo-targeting were once the hallmark of people trying to think differently about payment processing and like most great ideas they eventually evolve their way into commonly accepted business practices and after a while the former alternatives are now the marketplace norms or best practices.

Stewart Tongue ·