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Apple Expected to Unveil Video iPod

Apple Computer has reportedly started production of a new version of its iPod digital music player that will be capable of playing videos. The company is expected to announce the upcoming launch at a press conference next week.

Erotic Expo Returns to the Big Apple

Erotic Expo, which last month debuted at New York City’s Penn Plaza Pavilion, will return to that venue in the fall with the goal of nearly doubling its exhibitors and attendees.

Apple Rumored to Be Closing Intel Deal

Apple Computer might be breaking with its longtime chip manufacturer, IBM, and joining forces with Intel, sources said this weekend.

Big Apple Closes Adult Business Loophole

An appellate court decision over the so-called "60-40" rule forces many adult businesses in New York to close shop and move to industrial areas on the island and outer boroughs.

Apple Tiff: British Man Says, “I Am Not a Cybersquatter”

In a case that echoes similar domain name struggles endured by adult companies and actors, a British technology CEO has been ordered to surrender the domain to Apple, founder of the online music store.

Microsoft, Apple Face Patent Lawsuit

It's not Acacia this time, but a UK company known as BTG, who's throwing the legal punches in a battle over the use of automatic web update services. And unlike Acacia, BTG is not bullying up on smaller companies in hopes of building a war chest for future litigation, but going straight after the heavy-hitters of the personal computer world: Microsoft and Apple.

Trouble at Apple — No More iMacs

Apple Computer Inc. said Friday that it has run out of iMacs. In a statement, Apple said it had stopped taking orders for the current generation of iMacs and expects its inventory of these machines to run out in the next few weeks.

Apple Previews ‘Tiger’ Operating System

Apple Computer Inc. CEO Steve Jobs previewed the next release of the Mac OS X operating system, code-named "Tiger." When it’s launched in the first few months of next year, Jobs says it will have features "way ahead" of Microsoft Corp.'s next Windows release, “Longhorn,” which is due out in 2006.