Mobius Payments Now Supporting Apple Pay

Mobius Payments Now Supporting Apple Pay

LOS ANGELES — Mobius Payments announced that it is now supporting Apple Pay for both brick and mortar businesses as well as those accepting e-commerce transactions.

The company said brick and mortar merchants will be provided special stand-alone credit card terminals, while e-commerce transactions will be processed via the Mobius Payments Gateway application programming interface (API).

Mobius explained that Apple released Apple Pay as an alternative to using credit cards; it is a mobile payment and digital wallet service that lets users pay for purchases using a mobile app installed on their iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch compliant devices.

Numerous national grocery chains, restaurants, department stores, gasoline service stations and hotels currently have the special credit card terminals installed with thousands more added on a regular basis, according to Mobius. Apple Pay is also accepted as a payment method for many popular apps such as Uber, Airbnb, Starbucks, Groupon, Ticketmaster and more.

“Apple Pay eliminates the need for you to reach for your credit card when making a purchase. The customer is assigned a unique Device Account Number for each credit card that they want stored by Apple Pay; this means that the credit card information is never provided to the merchant thus increasing personal security in these days of identity theft,” Mobius CEO Mia Zhu said.

Zhu noted that unlike a wallet, Apple Pay cannot be lost or stolen. “If you lose your iPhone or iPad you can simply put your device in 'Lost Mode,' suspend Apple Pay, or wipe your device clean. As your credit card information is not stored on your device there are no concerns of anyone reclaiming it from your lost or stolen device.”

Mobius maintained that as more consumers seek alternative payment systems it makes sense that merchants are prepared to accept these methods for a clean and secure transaction.

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