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Adobe Backs Away From Promise to Bring Flash Player to iPhone

Adobe systems appears to have backed away from a promise to develop a Flash-based media player for the Apple iPhone.

Adobe to Develop Flash-Based Media Player For Apple's iPhone

Adobe Systems will develop a Flash-based media player for Apple's iPhone despite Apple CEO Steve Jobs' concern that the software isn't ready for the device.

Report: Gadgets Loaded With Viruses at Chinese Factories

While consumers have long been warned about the dangers of viruses on the Internet and the evils of unexpected email attachments, a new threat has emerged that is harder to defeat: malware preloaded on popular electronic devices straight from their Chinese factories.


iPhone Gets Sexier

It's no secret that Americans are in love with Apple's iPhone, and that love affair may be getting deeper as an increasing number of consumers are using the device as their sex toy of choice.

Stephen Yagielowicz ·

Apple's Growing Security Pains

Some years ago, tech giant IBM ran an ad campaign touting its purportedly "hack-proof" security measures — and subsequently learned the hard way that there simply is no such thing as being "hack proof."

Q. Boyer ·

Apple Introduces New Ultra-Thin Notebook

At the Macworld trade show in San Francisco today, Apple Inc. CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the MacBook Air, an ultra-thin laptop computer that measures less than .2 inches thick at its thinnest point.

iPhone: The Newest Sex Toy

It's no secret that Americans are in love with Apple's iPhone – and that love affair may be getting deeper, as an increasing number of consumers are using the device as their sex toy of choice.


iPhone Redux

In an attempt to gain a fuller appreciation of the breakthrough technology that the iPhone represents, XBIZ World Magazine asked several industry players to weigh in on the iPhone.

XBIZ World Magazine ·

iPhone: More Upside Than Down

Being neither a smart phone enthusiast nor an Apple products buff, I fully expected to be unimpressed by the much-hyped iPhone.

Q Boyer ·

New Mac Virus Targets Porn Surfers

Adult webmasters and consumers of adult entertainment should take note: using a Mac is no guarantee of safety against viruses.

Hustler, Playboy Named in DRM Patent Lawsuit

In an action with potential Acacia-like ramifications for the online adult industry, a Texas-based company called Digital Reg has filed a patent infringement lawsuit naming Hustler, Playboy, LFP Inc. and several major media and technology companies.

New Apple Operating System Hits Stores Oct. 26

Apple's new operating system, Leopard, will hit stores on Oct. 26, four months behind schedule but still in time to improve productivity for adult webmasters and producers who use Macs.

Nokia Positioning to Take a Bite Out of Apple?

With the launch of a new Internet brand that will include an online digital music store, mobile telecommunications giant Nokia appears to be positioning itself for a run at Apple’s share of the digital entertainment and device markets.

SexBankRoll Giving Away Free Apple iPhones

Affiliate network SexBankRoll has launched their "Apple iPhones of August" promotion, as each SexBankRoll affiliate who sends in a minimum of 150 joins between Aug. 1-31 will receive a free Apple iPhone.

Apple Threatens Trademark Suit Over 'iGasm' Ad

Apple Inc. is reportedly displeased with British sex toy retailer Ann Summers over its advertisements for the iGasm vibrator, whose campaign resembles that of Apple's iPod line.

Red Apple Media Relaunches Website

Media Distribution and web hosting company Red Apple Media has relaunched its official web presence.

Red Apple Media Releases New VOD Site

Due to fans’ overwhelming response to its previous gay video-on-demand site, Red Apple Media has launched

Bloomberg Columnist Calls on Apple to Sell Porn

If you’ve got porn on your iPod, you didn’t get it through Apple’s iTunes. But according to Bloomberg columnist Mark Gilbert, the company’s reluctance to distribute porn is a big mistake.

Leap-A Worm Bites Apple

Security experts have discovered a worm trying to munch on Apple’s popular iChat instant messaging program. The worm, called “Leap-A,” is not considered a major threat but marks the first of two recent cases where malicious attacks have targeted the Apple system.

TiVo in iPod Talks With Apple

TiVo announced this week a deal with Apple that will enable shows recorded on the TiVo digital recorder to be transferred directly to a Video iPod.