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Modelnet Offers WebRTC Cam Tech as Adobe Flash Replacement

Modelnet Software has announced a November 1 release date for its new WebRTC-based video solution, which it calls “a New Age of broadcasting technology for webcam sites.”

Adobe Announces Flash Wind Down

It was an obituary long in the making, as Adobe today announced the end-of-life plan for its once ubiquitous Flash technology.


Will Adobe Animate CC Catch On in a Big Way?

Anyone who knows me can tell you I’m not one for flashy things. I do appreciate them, however, and was reminded of my affinity for flashy things as I made small talk with Alec Helmy in the valet line after the XBIZ Awards show and admired the nice cars.

A.J. Hall ·

Web Browsers Blocking Adobe Flash Due to Security Concerns

As Flash continues its lingering death, its blocking by several popular browsers provides new urgency to marketers seeking alternatives.

Dev Depot: Boosting Coding Productivity with

Promoted as extensible, focused, open and innovative, Brackets ( is a unique new open source code editor for web design and development that is free to use, due to sponsorship by Adobe — and “built with the web for the web,” using technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript — in fact, one could say that the website was built by itself, as it is developed and maintained using this tool.

Stephen Yagielowicz ·

Adobe Pixel Nuggets Liberate Libraries

From Facebook to fan sites, image recognition is becoming a valuable tool for a wide range of users, with many future benefits to come.

Stephen Yagielowicz ·

Using PDF Files for Adult Content Distribution

When you think of PDF files, what comes to mind? For this author, product manuals, industrial whitepapers or legal briefs was my traditional answer; but today my answer is “porn,” or more generally, “enhanced opportunities for marketing digital media content.”

Stephen Yagielowicz ·

Tool Tips: Adobe Creative Cloud

According to Adobe, Creative Cloud ( will deliver a comprehensive array of creative services, including Adobe Creative Suite desktop applications, Adobe Touch Apps, and community features, “that together will radically redefine the content creation process.”

Stephen Yagielowicz ·

Adobe Drops Mobile Flash, Focuses on HTML 5

Adobe this week said it will no longer develop Flash for mobile devices and instead will focus on HTML 5.

Adobe Rolls Out Flash-based Streaming for Apple Devices

Adobe Systems announced this week that media publishers can now stream Flash-based video to iPhones and iPads.

Adobe Flash Builder for PHP

Formerly known as Adobe Flex Builder, Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 ( is an Eclipse-based development tool that according to Adobe, rapidly builds expressive desktop, mobile and web applications with ActionScript and the Open Source Flex framework. It supports intelligent coding and an interactive step-though debugging process, along with visual design tools for developing user interface layouts — delivering natively connected mobile apps and more.

Stephen Yagielowicz ·

Adobe Offering 50% Discount to Switch From Apple's Final Cut Pro

Jumping at the chance to steal away users troubled by Apple’s latest version of its Final Cut Pro X editing software, Adobe is offering a 50 percent discount on its competitive products.

Adobe Releases Photoshop Apps for iPad

Three new Adobe Photoshop apps have been released for the Apple iPad.

Flash Use Declines at Top Sites

Web-page speed guru Steve Souders has found that the top 17,000 Web sites have eased off use of Adobe Systems' Flash Player in the last half year, according to a published report.

Adobe Launches Flash-to-HTML5 Conversion Tool

Adobe Systems has released a free experimental Flash-to-HTML 5 conversion tool that allows users to convert Flash Professional output (FLA files) to HTML5 via a simple drag and drop.


Adobe CS5: New Tools and More Speed

Adobe Creative Suite 5, better known to webmasters and designers as CS5, is the latest evolution in a long line of wildly successful website creation software from Adobe. However, with a cost priced between $1,700 and $2,600 (depending on which version you purchase), many webmasters are left to wonder if it’s really worth upgrading from an earlier version or switching from a less expensive alternative. XBIZ has taken the time to look closely at the new tools included in CS5 and spoken with several of the top designers in the industry to help cut through all the hype.

Stewart Tongue ·

Adobe Warns of Reader, Acrobat Bug

Adobe Systems is warning users about a new vulnerability being exploited in the wild.

Adobe Resumes Development on iPhone Flash Tool

Adobe Systems has resumed development work on a tool called Packager for iPhone that lets developers make native iOS apps of Flash programs.

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab Packs Adobe Flash

Samsung Electronics Co. last week unveiled the Galaxy Tab, powered by the latest build of Android OS and ready to compete with Apple’s iPad

Adobe's Flash to Go 3D

Adobe is planning to release a 3D version of its Flash software, allowing games and videos to be played in 3D online.