Modelnet Offers WebRTC Cam Tech as Adobe Flash Replacement

Modelnet Offers WebRTC Cam Tech as Adobe Flash Replacement

LOS ANGELES — Modelnet Software has announced a November 1 release date for its new WebRTC-based video solution, which it calls “a New Age of broadcasting technology for webcam sites.”

According to the company, Modelnet provides a full-featured solution for establishing a modern webcam business, with its next-generation WebRTC technology delivering a reliable replacement for obsolete Adobe Flash-based system.

Modelnet parent’s CMO Rodion Shotsky says that with iOS 11 now enabling WebRTC in its Safari browser, all browsers support broadcasting and video playback through the new technology, and cites key advantages of WebRTC as including superior video quality; minimum transmission delay between chat participants; support for all mobile devices based on iOS and Android; and broadcasting directly from mobile devices.

“Many desktop and mobile browsers have stopped supporting Adobe Flash in their latest releases. Therefore, the change of the broadcasting technology is partly an inevitable measure,” Shotsky says. “Nevertheless, WebRTC is considerably superior to its predecessor in terms of quality, usability, and providing a greater reach.”

Shotsky says since the release of WebRTC, the Modelnet team began to integrate the new technology into its software.

“Our clients use a network of interconnected sites that models use to broadcast their videos,” Shotsky explains. “The network supported both Adobe Flash + RTMP and WebRTC protocols, and ensuring a smooth transition from [the] Adobe Flash + RTMP bundle to WebRTC was a rather difficult task.”

Shotsky says the new version is currently undergoing Beta-testing.

“We are going to switch our clients to a new way of broadcasting on November 1,” Shotsky concludes. “Our customers look forward to the official release, primarily because of the excellent video quality on mobile devices, while our competitors continue to use Flash.”

Modelnet is a project of that has been developing software for webcam sites since 2001, with customer sites networking to share live video feeds.

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