xHamster Premium Offers Auto-Tweet Tool for Content Producers

xHamster Premium Offers Auto-Tweet Tool for Content Producers

LOS ANGELES — xHamster Premium has announced the release of an auto-tweet tool for content producers.

“Not long ago we implemented an auto-tweet tool that automatically retweets ‘just uploaded’ and ‘just sold’ videos in the Twitter accounts of our content producers,” says Sparky from the xHamster team. “This tool will help get fans updated about new videos and video bestsellers, and will increase sales.”

“It’s so easy, it saves me a lot of time!” exclaims Lady Victoria Valente. “And it offers me the opportunity to make more users aware of my film.”

Mistress Camilla Creampie is another fan of the new service, because when she posts a new video to xHamster Premium, or makes a sale, all of her Twitter followers are immediately informed.

“They have a link to go straight to the video in question,” Camilla confides. “This is especially useful as I can then retweet this post and copy in all of the wonderful people who help to promote me.”

“The fabulous guys at xHamster Premium also add in relevant hashtags to help non-followers see my work,” Camilla concludes. “The individual video retweet tool then allows me to promote any of my videos at any time, simply and easily with one click.”

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