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xHamster Announces Inaugural Awards Winners

xHamster has announced the winners of its first awards.

Serenity Cox Scores 2023 xHamster Award

Serenity Cox has won the 2023 xHamster Award for Lesbian Creator of the Year

European Activist, NGOs Request DSA Reclassification of Top Adult Tube Sites

A group of European NGOs co-signed a letter penned by an Italian digital rights attorney and activist, urging the European Commission to investigate the self-reported data of the top adult sites in order to potentially reclassify them as “Very Large Online Platforms” (VLOPs) for the purposes of enforcing the Digital Services Act (DSA).

Dutch Court Orders xHamster to Get Model Consent for All Amateur Content

An Amsterdam court on Wednesday ordered Cyprus-based tube site xHamster to obtain consent from every Netherlands-based amateur model featured in videos posted on the site, or else remove those videos.

UK Government Reverses Policy, Threatens 'Crackdown' on Pornhub, xHamster

The U.K.’s Conservative government today reversed a longstanding position by vowing to “crack down on porn sites,” and selectively enforce controversial legislation by targeting four high-profile tube sites, including Pornhub and xHamster.

xHamster Affirms Commitment to 'Youth Media Protection' in Germany

xHamster signaled today that it is willing to work with German media authorities towards preventing minors in that country from accessing adult content.

German Regulator Who Shut Down xHamster Unveils New AI Surveillance Tool

The local official crusading for Germany to hide all sexual content behind an age verification wall unveiled this week an AI tool called KIVI, which automatically scans all online content to determine which images are not compliant with the law.

German Regulator Who Shut Down xHamster Describes Own Mission as 'Kafkaesque'

Tobias Schmid, the obscure local bureaucrat who spearheads Germany’s War on Porn and recently led a successful movement to force ISPs to ban xHamster in the country, gave an interview last week in which he admitted he has “no clear answer” on how to make age verification effective and acknowledged his anti-porn crusade is “a bit Kafkaesque.”

xHamster Effectively Blocked in Germany After Government Order

xHamster has been blocked in Germany following a government order to the country’s top internet service providers.

German ISPs Exploring Legal Challenge to Government Order to Block xHamster

Hours after the German government ordered the country’s major internet service providers to block xHamster, one of the ISPs, PŸUR, told a digital rights group that it reserves the right “to have the decision legally reviewed by an independent court with a view to the legal regulations of net neutrality.”

German Government Orders ISPs to Block xHamster

Germany’s Commission for Youth Media Protection decided unanimously on Thursday to impose a network ban on xHamster.

xHamster Releases '2021 Creator Report'

xHamster has released its 2021 Creator Report, including sales data and purchase habit data for over 30,000 customers.

Federal Agency Endorses Campaign by Germany's 'Top Anti-Porn Warrior'

The one-man War on Porn being conducted in Germany by an obscure, conservative local bureaucrat from the North Rhine-Westphalia region has now gone federal, with his attempt to “shut down” all major tube sites over alleged age-verification infractions receiving the blessing of the federal Commission for the Protection of Minors in the Media (Kommission für Jugendmedienschutz or KJM).

Germany's Top Censorship Advocate Moves Forward Against xHamster

Germany’s most vocal proponent of state censorship of adult content, an obscure local bureaucrat named Tobias Schmid who serves as the head of the State Media Authority (LMA) of North Rhine-Westphalia, announced this week he has identified the hosting provider of xHamster in order to continue actions towards blocking the site.

xHamster Surveys Visitors' Political Affiliation, Voting Habits

On the eve of Election Day in the United States, xHamster has released the results of a poll of 6,500 visitors to identify potential connections between their political affiliations and their porn-viewing habits.

FSC, xHamster to Host INSPIRE Workshop on High-Quality Self-Production

Free Speech Coalition (FSC) and xHamster will host “Shooting Like a Studio on an Amateur Budget,” a special INSPIRE workshop for amateurs and performers on Thursday, September 24, at 11 a.m. (PDT).

Driven by Pop Hit, 'WAP' Becomes New Porn Search Trend

The new, sexually charged Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion single — and instant pop culture phenomenon — “WAP”  has already spawned, less than a week after its release, a new search trend on adult tube sites.

Tube Titans: Chronicling Adult's Biggest Traffic Kings

From monoliths like XVideos to Pornhub, tube sites have upended the adult industry ever since they first emerged onto the scene in 2006.

Alex Lecomte to Lead Free Branding Webinar Saturday on xHamster for Pride Weekend

Adult industry marketing specialist Alex Lecomte will lead a personal branding workshop Saturday at 12 p.m. (PDT) to broadcast live on xHamster and Stripchat.

xHamster to Hold 3-Day Fundraiser for Trans, Sex Worker Charities

xHamster has announced a three-day fundraising event for trans and sex worker charities to celebrate the Pride month, from Friday, June 26 to Sunday, June 28.