Girlsway Unveils 'The Birlfriend'

Girlsway Unveils 'The Birlfriend'
MONTREAL — Girlsway has announced the release of its latest scene, "The Birlfriend."
Wealthy Mona Wales invites stepdaughter Nina North's new personal trainer "boyfriend" (Aspen Rae) to dinner, discovers "he" is actually a "she," then joins in on the girls' three-way action. The scene is an actual fan's fantasy come-to-life, according to Girlsway producer/director Bree Mills.
"'The Birlfriend' idea is specifically a 'Member's Fantasy,' sourced exclusively from the Girlsway forum," said Mills of the scene. "The stepmother roleplay theme is brought up quite frequently in the members forum, so we thought we'd present a spectacle worthy of their fantasies." 
Wales and Rae each mark their official Girlsway debuts for Mills and production partner Stills by Alan in "The Birlfriend," who remarked, "Mona has shot a lot of scenes for us recently, so it will be interesting to observe her progress and popularity with fans."
Mills and Stills by Alan regularly join fans online at the "Member Forum," according to company reps, to determine what adult film fans want — and don't want — to see in their sex scenes, "doing their best" to visually accommodate the detailed descriptions via their erotic productions.
"We are definitely a fan-driven company," said Mills, who also serves as Gamma Films' head of production. "We are committed to bringing Girlsway fans' fantasies to life as long as they are willing to continue sharing them with us." 
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