TransSensual Streets 'Buck Angel Superstar'

TransSensual Streets 'Buck Angel Superstar'
Alejandro Freixes

MONTREAL TransSensual has announced the release of "Buck Angel Superstar."

Directed by Dana Vespoli, the showcase feature is available on DVD now. In addition to Angel, the title stars TS performers Aubrey Kate, Tori Mayes, Chanel Santini and Mandy Mitchell. For cover art and product information about “Buck Angel Superstar,” visit distributor Mile High Media’s website here

“Over the years, Buck Angel has done so much to breakdown barriers both in the adult film world and in our larger society,” said Mile High Media vice president Jon Blitt. “We felt it was important to give him the platform to share more of himself with fans, and having Dana Vespoli at the helm made this a revolutionary showcase feature.”

“Buck Angel Superstar” explores the darker side of fame — the loneliness and isolation that comes from the public only wanting a performer’s persona. Angel tumbles from one superficial encounter to another, as he battles jet lag and work, until he meets Mandy, an escort he hires to keep him company on a trip to Los Angeles. 
Vespoli commented on the groundbreaking film saying, "I had the opportunity to make something unique and original with Buck Angel — something that didn’t follow in the pattern of a typical star showcase or studio title. So I decided to focus on something unique to him. Buck is an icon who transcends his genre. I thought about what it means to be a celebrity, and to represent so much to other people, and the feeling of isolation that comes from being wanted by so many people. 'Buck Angel Superstar' explores those feelings. It was a true pleasure to work with him and the entire cast on this project.”
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