Video: SexShop3D’s ‘How to’ Guides to 3D Printed Silicone Sex Toys

Video: SexShop3D’s ‘How to’ Guides to 3D Printed Silicone Sex Toys
Stephen Yagielowicz

PARIS — SexShop3D has announced its release of a pair of new “how to” video guides to 3D printing custom silicone sex toys.

According to SexShop3D spokesperson Tom Sancelot, although many consumers enjoy the advantages of purchasing 3D models online and printing their own products for a fraction of the cost of purchasing store-bought products, some people wonder if the plastic filaments used in 3D printing are the most appropriate material for making sex toys.

“As the concept of 3D printing our own sex toys at home grows more popular every day, SexShop3D is introducing two methods to make silicone sex toys using a 3D printer,” Sancelot says, explaining that additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, creates objects by laying down successive layers of material with microscopic gaps between layers.

As an online marketplace selling sex toy designs, has shown in the past how to properly finish 3D printed parts — for example, by hand sanding the product to produce a smooth finish and then dipping it in or spraying it with food or medical grade silicone.

Offering more sophisticated alternatives, SexShop3D’s new tutorial videos explain how to 3D print a mold for use in casting skin-safe silicone to make custom dildos, as well as how to 3D print a silicone dildo using a paste extruder.

SexShop3D offers a large selection of print-ready sex toys that anyone can make in the privacy of their own home.

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