Pink Visual to Launch Ad-supported Free Site to Benefit Studios

Lyla Katz

VAN NUYS, Calif. — Pink Visual plans a major launch of an ad-supported free streaming site that is designed to offer adult studios a way to benefit directly from the free viewing of their content.

“In talking to the heads of other adult studios about the state of the market, one of the most frustrating things for them in recent years has been seeing their content generate literally millions of views on free sites that are displaying their content without their permission, and yet they get no direct revenue from all those views,” Pink Visual CEO Allison Vivas said.

“On the site we’re developing, the advertising revenue generated by views of their content is shared directly with the studio. The more their content is viewed, the more the studio earns.”

Coming off a whirlwind tour of the January adult industry trade shows and the successful Pron Party held during CES, Vivas said her company’s plans for 2012 amount to “doing more of the same, only doing it better.”

“We’ve had a strong focus on the mobile market over the last several years and increasing our penetration of that market will continue to be among our top priorities,” Vivas said. “In terms of new wrinkles to our strategy, the primary one is going to be enhancing the interactivity of our products by incorporating more live entertainment, more video gaming and other, similar elements.”, the 2012 winner of the XBIZ Award for Innovative Web/Tech Product of the Year, is a major departure from Pink Visual’s subscription-based model.

Offering content that is sold one scene at a time, PVLocker enables users to store their purchased content in Pink Visual’s server ‘cloud,’ where they can then watch the videos in cross-platform fashion on their PC, smartphone or tablet device.

Another aspect of Pink Visual’s strategy that will remain firmly in place is the studio’s anti-piracy efforts, Vivas said.

“We are going to continue to enforce our intellectual property rights vigorously, including through litigation when necessary,” Vivas said. “It’s not that we are eager to sue anybody, but we aren’t going to hesitate to do so when the situation calls for it.”

Vivas explained that litigation is just one aspect of Pink Visual’s anti-piracy approach, which she described as a “comprehensive effort driven as much by technical innovation as by legal action.”

“We don’t separate our anti-piracy strategy from our overall business strategy,” Vivas said. “Building and launching sites like and is a direct result of our focus on the root causes of widespread piracy, and reflect our belief that if you offer a higher quality experience to consumers, more of them will buy.”

Vivas also emphasized that offering a quality experience to consumers “involves much more than just entertaining them,” adding that the importance of treating customers right is something the adult entertainment industry needs to “fully absorb” in order to improve the state of the industry.

“As an industry, there’s still a lot of room for our public image to improve,” Vivas said. “Of course there’s an unfair stigma attached to what we do, but some of the negative perceptions people have about the adult industry are perceptions that the industry itself has created and encouraged in the past. As an industry we need to work towards to winning respect through ethical and fair practices. Holding each other accountable and respecting each other’s intellectual property rights is part of that, but the bigger part is how we interact with our customers. That’s where we need to earn respect first and foremost, and then a broader respect of society as a whole will follow.”