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U.S. Justices Won't Hear DMCA Safe-Harbor Case Waged by Pink Visual

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday denied Pink Visual’s petition to review its copyright infringement lawsuit against adult tube site

Pink Visual Asks U.S. Supreme Court to Decide DMCA Case

The parent company of Pink Visual, once a commanding web platform for original adult content, has filed a petition with the U.S. Supreme Court to review its copyright infringement lawsuit against adult tube site

9th Circuit: 'Safe Harbor' Provision Protects

A federal appeals court yesterday, in a 2-1 decision, affirmed summary judgment in favor of adult tube site, which was sued six years ago for copyright infringement by the parent company of Pink Visual.

Pink Visual, Motherless Argue Infringement Case in Front of 9th Circuit

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals today heard Pink Visual’s appeal over a federal court ruling made in 2013 that granted summary judgment to adult tube site in an infringement case.

Will Adult Biz Embrace 4K Ultra HD Format?

Huccio currently is the only adult website to include 4K Ultra HD movies for paying customers, but at least one other adult company is already preparing to follow suit.

Vivas Discusses 'Making Peace With Porn' With

Pink Visual CEO Allison Vivas spoke with about what inspired her to write a book to help women understand porn.

Pink Visual Settles With Tube Site Operator

Pink Visual and the operators of and have entered into a confidential settlement agreement over copyright claims.


Embracing the Devil

I’m not sure precisely when I lost my mind, as the answer changes quite a bit depending on who I ask. What am sure of is that I’ve lost it … because I’m actually beginning to think that severe government intrusion on, and strict regulation of, the adult entertainment industry might just be the only thing that can save the industry from itself.

Q. Boyer ·

Pink Visual CEO Allison Vivas Pens 'Making Peace With Porn'

Billed as a couple’s guide, Allison Vivas told XBIZ that her new book, “Making Peace With Porn: Adult Entertainment and Your Guy,” was born from personal experience — and personal anxieties.


Live Cams: More of the Same, Only Better

Essentially by definition, the success of any and all manner of online business is tied closely to technological developments, from the earliest protocols that enabled the development of the World Wide Web to the latest application of orbital angular momentum beams in fiber optic technology.

Q. Boyer ·

Live Cams: Relative Calm in a Stormy Market

Since first bursting onto the scene in the late 1990s, adult live cam services have evolved from something of a novelty sideshow tucked into the members area of subscription sites to massive revenue generators that have weathered the storm of piracy, global economic slowdown and shaken consumer confidence far better than the bulk of paysites on the market.

Q. Boyer ·

Lemonade From Lemons

If you frequent adult industry news outlets and/or gossip sites, you don’t have to look far to see the industry’s various black eyes on full display. From confirmed fact to rampant rumor, the news regarding the internal health (literal and figurative) of the adult industry is, generally, not at all positive.

Q. Boyer ·

Pink Visual's PlugInFeeds Adds Arrow Productions, Melting Images/Brutal Bucks

Adult feeds provider, PlugInFeeds (PIF), a division of Pink Visual, has announced the addition of two new products; Arrow Productions and Melting Images/Brutal Bucks.


Mobile: We Deliver Anywhere?

In seeking to exploit the potential of the mobile market for adult entertainment, companies are faced with myriad concerns, including legal issues, third-party content policies like Apple’s ban on adult content in its App Store, geographic variations in device and operating system market penetration, tremendous variations in infrastructure and support for mobile data transfer and the assorted headaches of optimizing billing and transaction processing across a divergent global market. Each of these concerns informs how a company approaches mobile content distribution – or should inform how they how they approach it, at least.

Q. Boyer ·

Through The Looking Glass: Trends in Mobile Technology

Depending on the market analyst providing the prediction, consumer mobile web browsing is predicted to overtake fixed browsing sometime in the next nine to 36 months. While such usage metrics are not adult industry-specific, data collected by adult mobile networks reinforce the point; mobile usage, far from hitting a plateau, continues to increase substantially over time.

Q. Boyer ·

Et Tu, Google? Porn Takes It Up the Glass.

By now, you know the story: following a flurry of tech-sector news articles about potential adult entertainment applications for Google Glass, Google quietly changed their developer policies on a Saturday morning, just two days before Mikandi – unaware of the change in Google’s policy – announced the release of Tits & Glass, its much anticipated (by tech-sector journalists, at least) maiden app for Glass.

Q. Boyer ·

Pink Visual Appeals DMCA Decision in Motherless Case

Pink Visual on Wednesday filed an appeal with the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals over a federal court ruling last month that granted summary judgment to adult tube site


Q&A With Pink Visual's Allison Vivas

Pink Visual CEO Allison Vivas is a true warrior in this wild and wooly industry of adult entertainment that is historically and predominately led by males. Vivas is proud she works in this biz, and she does a great job in running Pink Visual, as well its other divisions, TopBucks, DMCA Force and PluginFeeds.

Rhett Pardon ·

Working for the Man

When I first came to work in the adult industry, right around 16 years ago, the first company I worked for was owned and operated by what you might call a ‘traditional’ porn company owner – meaning that he kept his shirt partially unbuttoned, called his female receptionist “toots” and believed that any man who didn’t find women with watermelon-size fake tits sexually alluring was clearly and inarguably a homosexual.

Q. Boyer ·

Pink Visual Leaks 'PV Glasses' Debut

While some adult companies are scrambling to figure out how to get adult content onto Google Glass, it looks like Pink Visual has taken the matter into its own hands and is about to release porn-friendly “PV Glasses.”