Pink Visual Leaks 'PV Glasses' Debut

Bob Johnson

LOS ANGELES — While some adult companies are scrambling to figure out how to get adult content onto Google Glass, it looks like Pink Visual has taken the matter into its own hands and is about to release porn-friendly “PV Glasses.”

Information about the headset, described as "3D Virtual Reality video glasses" has been leaked to Business Insider.

“It's a standalone adult movie theater for your face and the marketing material says it will interface with cameras, mobile devices, tablets, and computers to bring a world of potential to your adult entertainment options,” Business Insider reported.

Pink Visual confirmed the story and told XBIZ that its hoping for the website to go live sometime this week or next week.

“Once the site is live, individuals will have the ability to purchase the PV Glasses from there. We will be releasing a product video for PV Glasses as well," a Pink Visual spokesperson said.

She added that the company is not yet sure if the video will be released before the site goes live or if it will be integrated with the site.

The site's available splash page asks, “What if the hottest porn were yours to behold, unnoticed…anytime?”

But PV Glasses may not be just for users viewing porn. Pink Visual hinted about its POV shooting potential in the tech press last year.

And what makes the announcement more compelling is that adult app store MiKandi — that provides Pink Visual’s Android app — has just released a new soft, sexy "Tits & Glass" app for Google Glass (after pulling its first adult content app when Google issued a strict no-porn policy for the headset), that could mean a new ready-made app for Pink Visual's PV Glasses.