Couples 2

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Couples 2

This Bellesa House production showcases performers shooting together with their real-life partners. Bellesa House is one of the go-to studios for behind-the-scenes adult content. This series broaches an age-old fan question to their favorite adult performers: What’s it like when you fuck in your personal life?

Eva Alvarez and Damon Dice:

Damon Dice and Eva Alvarez (a stripper) recount how they became a couple, and honestly, it’s kind of a story of fate. They also talk at length about what it takes to be in a relationship within the adult industry. Dice talks about how tough it is to date a civilian from the adult performer perspective, while Alvarez gives the opposite side of that coin. I especially liked the way they made clear the fact that stripping and working in porn are different worlds, because a lot of non-sex workers fail to make that distinction. The best thing about this scene is the way Alvarez and Dice look into each other’s eyes while they’re having sex. You can really see the way they’re sharing in the pleasure of the experience. At no point is this more evident than when Alvarez is riding Dice, faces inches apart, moans of pure ecstasy escaping both their lips.

Kenzie Taylor and Dante Colle:

Dante Colle opens this with a crazy vulnerable admission about his dating life. Both performers talk about the connection they feel with each other, and Kenzie Taylor in particular is both giddy and grounded about how important Colle is to her. After some very heartwarming banter, the two lovers get down to business, and it’s so genuine and beautiful. Colle blows Taylor’s mind with his tongue before engulfing her with his body. She cradles him as he humps her passionately, and you can hear in her voice how intense her pleasure is. The doggie is easily the highlight of the action, but honestly, this whole scene is magical.

Lulu Chu and Kevin:

This scene is absolutely a BTS fan’s dream because of the way it plays out. Kevin recounts how he met her on Twitter, and Lulu Chu talks about what made her reach out to him in an accidental group chat they found themselves in. They eventually began shooting content together, and that led them to Bellesa House. They both admit how nervous they are, and those nerves do manifest in the form of Kevin being unable to maintain his erection. But folks, this scene is not ruined by that. If anything, it’s enhanced by it. Even though Kevin is struggling, Chu stays in the moment — and Kevin pivots to using his mouth and fingers to please her. She melts under his enthusiasm for her body, and it quickly becomes clear that Chu doesn’t need Kevin’s dick inside her to feel utterly connected to him. The post-sex interview is really touching and honest. Fantastic stuff.

Nikki Hearts and Leigh Raven:

Wife and wife Nikki Hearts and Leigh Raven talk about their long history of being booked together, and they recount their path to marriage. It’s a very interesting story, and fans of either are going to love this look into their personal history. Their sex is pretty spectacular. First off, their tattooed bodies writhing together is a striking sight, and I found myself truly enthralled by their physical presence. Second, Raven is impossibly wet from start to finish. I mean, you can hear her sopping wet pussy quivering under Hearts’ hungry fingers and mouth. Third, the way Hearts grinds herself into Raven’s mouth while snatching desperate breaths in between waves of pleasure is unbelievably hot. It’s pretty incredible to watch the love between these two explode into sexual bliss onscreen.

This movie is a fan’s dream. Watching real porn performers have real sex with their real partners? A lot of people live for content like this, and not a lot of performers provide it. Bellesa House establishes themselves once again as the go-to studio for “real” content.


Real People. True Stories. Uncut Sex.

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