Friends and Exes

Bellesa Films
Friends and Exes

This Bellesa House production showcases performers shooting together with their former real-life partners.

Brooklyn Gray and Mike Mancini:

Brooklyn Gray and Mike Mancini recount the events that led not only to them becoming a couple, but their breakup as well. We learn some fairly intimate details about Gray’s relationship preferences, and both performers are refreshingly candid about why they didn’t work out as a couple. This leads to Gray revealing some very kinky desires she’s been wanting to experience with Mancini, and Bellesa offers her the perfect opportunity to live out her fantasies. This is an awesome scene. Gray cuffs and blindfolds Mancini, then proceeds to have him sit on her face so she can rim the hell out of him. What a fiery start! Mancini powerfucks Gray once she releases him from his bonds, leaving her a quivering mess on the bed. A kinky blindfolded facial caps the action nicely.

Carmen Caliente and Van Wylde:

Van Wylde and Carmen Caliente discuss the way their relationship began over half a decade ago, with Wylde sharing a vulnerable admission about why he ended things. There’s a tiny element of revenge and/or breakup sex here without the animosity. Caliente gets to show Wylde just how much she’s blossomed since they broke up, and Wylde gets a chance to remind Caliente just how good their sex was back in the day. Caliente has a dynamite body. Her ass undulates like waves crashing onto a beach, and her perky tits have the cutest bounce to them. The doggie that serves as the climax of the scene is unbelievable.

Emma Hix and Ryan Mclane:

There’s a touch of sadness to this scene as Ryan Mclane and Emma Hix talk about how they met. Those who follow the industry will be familiar with the tragedy the two performers speak about. For those who don’t, the long and short of it is Mclane and Hix became close because of the loss of a mutual friend. Time and space pushed them apart, and this scene is their chance to finally reconnect in an intimate and personal way. Mclane is a phenomenal performer, and here, you really get to see him bring a personal passion to sex. The connection between these two is incredibly strong, and it comes through the screen like a marker bleeding through tissue paper. Mclane and Hix are totally engulfed in one another, and everything else in the room just melts away. It’s fantastic.

Kylie Rocket and Scarlit Scandal:

These two are so cute! Longtime friends who are extremely close, Scarlit Scandal and Kylie Rocket talk about how it’s going to be to take their (to this point) platonic relationship to a sexual level. They also talk about the dynamic of fucking each other, while Scarlit’s partner Jake Adams films the action. The action is certainly explosive, with both these aggressive performers really going at each other. They throw each other around pretty good, and their enthusiasm is palpable. Rocket nearly ends Scandal when the latter rides her face, and Scandal returns the favor by engulfing Kylie’s entire pussy in her mouth.

The sex that takes place in the Bellesa House is always great, but the best thing about it is getting that peek behind the curtain. Getting the chance to see how these sexual performers handle sex with people they have a civilian history with is very intriguing.


Bella House is the place where performers have the sex they want with the people they choose.

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