Holding Out & Giving In Vol. 3

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Holding Out & Giving In Vol. 3

“Holding Out and Giving In Vol. 3” opens with “The Assistant,” starring Kenna James and Ryan Mclane, who plays a prototypical hardass that doesn’t take shit from anyone he works with. When he wants something done, he barks commands and it becomes reality. The only problem is, more often than not, Mclane doesn’t get the results he wants and he ends up chewing ass much more often than counting cash.

One day, after a particularly harsh phone call, Mclane’s timid secretary Kenna finds the courage to call him the dick that he is to his face and suggests that he’d have more success with his business partners if he treated them with a little more respect. Shocked at Kenna’s brazenness, Mclane decides to hear what she’s got to say in spite of himself.

With nothing to lose, Kenna shows him exactly what it means to appreciate his staff. These two build some serious anticipation here (which is of course the theme of this anthology) as they fondle and kiss each other passionately for nearly 10 minutes before either of their bits get any attention. The way they gaze into each other’s eyes as they silently ask each other if they should continue is incredibly erotic. Even after Mclane hungrily buries his face in Kenna’s pussy, she continues to deny herself the full pleasure of sexual release until the moment he finally penetrates her. The way her pussy creams all over his pulsating cock is evidence of her blissful ecstasy and holy smokes is it hot!

Next is Jane Wilde and Logan Pierce in “Sexy Distraction.” Frustrated with Logan’s insistence on working while they’re on vacation, Jane decides to take matters into her own hands. After stripping out of one outfit completely (showcasing her plump ass in the process) she pulls the “can you help me buckle my bra” card which leads to her leaning into Logan’s arms and rubbing her clit provocatively. Unable to resist Jane’s sexual shenanigans any longer, Logan descends on her pussy with his mouth despite the fact that his parents are downstairs. Jane Wilde is a helluva performer. She always manages to inject a sense of innocence into her sexual performances even when she’s being downright dirty. This is passionate sex at its finest, full of slow strokes and fingers teasing the rest of the body. Jane feels like a woman who has been denied for weeks but her sexual release is more smoldering stream of lava oozing down the mountainside than explosive eruption. Case in point, pay attention to Jane’s face when Logan is pumping her in the downward dog position; her whole body is simmering sexually and it’s great.

With “It Changes Everything,” Silvia Saige is lying in bed with an affectionate Nathan Bronson, yet oddly distracted and non-reciprocal. When Nathan starts kissing down the length of her taught body, she stops him reluctantly, reminding him that they can’t continue carrying on as they have been. Silvia lays out every logical reason they can’t be together: he’s too young, he’s in the middle of college, she’s busy with her career and most important, she’s good friends with his mother. Dejected, Bronson pleads his case for them to continue their tryst and figure the details out along the way, but Silvia says it’s impossible even though she loves him. This admission sends Nathan for a loop and stokes his burning passion. He redoubles his efforts to separate Silvia from her lacy panties, and the older minx is unable to resist him. Silvia Saige is so freaking pretty and she’s an underrated actor. There’s a moment where the camera lingers on her face for quite some time and she just lets her emotional torment flow from her eyes into the world. It’s a great piece of acting and creates a strong mood for the short story being told. When Nathan finally slides himself inside Silvia, she rolls her head back and revels in the pleasure of it all. It’s romantic and sensual and naughty all at the same time.

Keira Croft and Dante Colle next star in “The Little Sister.” Dante (XBIZ Performer of the Year) swings by his buddy’s house to drop off some stuff and is surprised to find his friend’s little sister Keira home alone. After an awkward interaction, Dante moves to leave and Keira seems content to let him do so. However, just as he’s about to step away from the temptation that is his best friend’s sister, she invites him to stay with an unexpected, steamy kiss that melts his resolve. Keira is quite dirty here. She delivers a hungry, somewhat gaggy blowjob with plenty of spit, which is a stark contrast to the other women in the film. Dante responds by slowing things down so he can enjoy every moment inside her, and Keira responds with breathy exclamations of delight. At one point Dante folds Keira completely in half and goes to town on her a little bit which is a wonderful sight to behold. There’s also a very stimulating cowgirl moment that feels just dirty enough to match the taboo of fucking your best friend’s little sister.

This series is always a good watch because of the “trying to resist the sex” dynamic. I think that often makes for a much more passionate scene and the premise allows the performers to really inject emotional context into the encounters. This volume boasts a very strong cast (Silvia, Kenna and Jane? Wow!) and fans of porn would do well to add this Jacky St. James effort to their collection.


When Kenna comes into Ryan's office at the end of the day, she finds her boss totally stressed and tearing into someone. When she calls him out and suddenly shifts their power dynamic, Kenna shows him just how much taking the time to listen can make for a more fulfilling connection.

While on vacation, Jane and Logan have to spend a couple nights at his parents house. Jane encourages him to enjoy his time off by taking a little break from work to focus on her instead.

For Silvia and Nathan, their heartstrings have gotten a little too tangled so last night was supposed to be the last time. They're at different points in their lives and it just can't work...Or can it?

When the self-assured and boldly flirtatious Keira calls Dante out on his awkwardness with her, he's not sure how to handle it. After all, she's hs friend's little sister. What does he have to be nervous about? Unless...he is as attracted to her as she is to him. You never know what will happen when you give in to temptation, so why not just take that chance and see.

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