Consumed By Desire Vol. 2

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Consumed By Desire Vol. 2

Jacky St. James’s follow-up installment to her 2020 hit boasts a diverse cast while maintaining the dazzling tone of sexual inundation that made the first film a hit.

Cecilia Lion and Seth Gamble (“Thanks for the Ride”):

Gentlemanly Seth Gamble gives the spunky Cecilia Lion a ride home from work because times are tough and she’s resorted to ride shares for transportation. Thankful for Seth’s kind gesture, she invites him in for dinner. The attraction between the two crackles just beneath the surface and eventually Cecilia decides to make her move, which Seth is happy to reciprocate. This scene is well-played by Gamble and the tiny tart Lion.

The way they grin and smirk slyly at each other as they verbally tip-toe around their desire is cute, wholesome and believable. When things finally get physical, it’s a visual treat for the audience. Cecilia’s diminutive frame allows for some fantastic lifts and Seth takes full advantage on more than one occasion.

The standing missionary is very nice and at one point Seth effortlessly hoists Lion up onto his shoulders so he can eat her pussy. The piledriver is kinky yet gentle, and the sensual kiss the couple shares after Seth climaxes all over Cecilia’s pussy provides a heartwarming finish.

Amari Anne and Robby Echo (“The Pact”):

What kind of fresh hell is it when a couple decides not to have sex for a month to prove they’re in the relationship for reasons beyond the physical, only to turn around and watch porn during their celibacy? This is an interesting scenario that succeeds on the strength of Robby Echo’s facial expressions. I mean you can see the anguish that poor guy is in as the delectable Amari Anne tries everything in her feminine arsenal to break his resolve.

These two make a fabulous and sensual pair. I love the way Amari settles into Robby’s thrusts, eyes closed blissfully as he pumps her rhythmically. She looks great in every position, particularly the missionary which sees Robby palm two healthy handfuls of her plump rump. I wish the sound had been a little cleaner at the start though. The dialogue and sounds of sex from the off-screen movie interfered a fair bit with Robby and Amari’s dialogue.

Bella Rolland and Nathan Bronson (“The Last Time”):

No preamble here! Bella is lounging in bed when there’s a knock at her door and in bursts a frenetic Nathan Bronson. The two waste no time devouring each other hungrily and the scene becomes all desperate kisses and clothes doffing. I love Bella Rolland. She’s so pretty, she’s got amazing tits, she boasts a killer ass and she’s a fantastic performer. The way she moves her body makes the audience beg for more and her sexual energy sears the screen.

Speaking of searing, holy cow Bella Rolland is a goddamn sorceress in reverse cowgirl. Seriously I don’t know how she didn’t just finish Nathan off right there. Kudos to that man. He gets his own chance to do some finishing when he mounts Bella and fucks her into several body trembling, eye-rolling and smile-inducing orgasms.

Adira Allure and Van Wylde (“Nice To Meet You Again”):

After waking up in bed together following a night of drunken sex, Adira and Van decide they should give it a go sober to make sure the previous night wasn’t a fluke. My word does Adira have great legs that slink up into a delicious ass! The kissing to start includes a position that showcases Adira in a way that can only be described as celebratory.

Van brings her to the edge early and often with his humping, and she lustfully begs him for more as she rides the waves of ecstasy. There’s lots of cowgirl and doggie in this scene which is great because both positions show off Adira’s scrumptious buttocks.

This is a fine sequel that harbors a good cast and even better sex. It was great to see multiple performers of color shining alongside their industry peers as well. Robby and Amari tell a great story while Seth and Cecelia put on a great show, but Bella and Nathan are the highlights of the film. Their raw aggression and hunger sizzle off the screen.


With Cecilia's car out of commission, her coworker Seth is happy to give her a ride home. As a thank you, she invited him to join her for dinner but the invitation is a little more than innocent. Amari and Robby have gotten back together and this time, they're determined to prove to one another that it's not "just" about the sex. The problem is that their sexual connection is stronger than ever. When Bella sneaks Nathan into her room, the sparks are flying and their hands are all over each other before he gets through the door. She insists it's the last time they're going to do this, but that's quickly drowned out with moans and affirmations and them hurrying to get out of their clothes between frantic kisses. After a wild night of perhaps one too many shots, Adira and Van are a little surprised to be waking up next to each other. Now that they're sober, they figure the best thing to do is have a do-over and this time they'll remember every little detail. From first tastes to second helpings, this collection is a smorgasbord of all-consuming temptation.

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